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That beautiful smile …

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Lecture is on …

Me: I will concentrate, I will concentrate, I will concentrate (looks around before looking at board and finds that girl behind with the most beautiful smile again), No No No, Don’t look back, I will concentrate, I will concentrate ..

Mind: But listen, look at her, may be she won’t smile again afterwards, oh forget the reasons, just look back (and getting successful in making my head turn to that side)

Me: No No No, she may notice me and think I am staring. Let it be. Look ahead, I any ways don’t understand this chapter.

Mind: I know chapter is more important, and that you need to concentrate but imagine you are stranded with her in a lift, and she has a smile ..

Me: WAAITTTT .. Why would she smile when we are stranded in a lift? WAITTT .. The scene itself sounds cheap.

Mind: ok, sorry sorry. Imagine everyone is absent and only you and her come. You both talk and she laughs and enjoys.

Me: hmmm .. That is nice. Her smile :’) … One minute, No !! .. How can 198 people be absent? Don’t bug me, and let me concentrate on the chapter.

Mind: I know chapter is more important. I won’t disturb you now.

(10 seconds later, something professor says and class laughs)

Mind: LOOK BACK LOOK BACK .. She is laughing !!

Me: Arrghh, Stop it, let me do this sum.

Mind: It will take just a second, look back, how can you miss such a beautiful sight?

Me: Okay, last time (looks back, and wastes minutes before realizing that others may realize where my eyes are). NOW, I saw, let me concentrate.

Mind: Nice no? So cute she looks. So beautiful her smile is.

Me: Yessss, trust me .. I am surely going to talk to her in the break.

Mind: That dimple on her face, that mesmerizing thing .. wow

Me: Yes. I am so in love with it .. All those people sitting besides her must be so lucky !!

Mind: She surely has the best smile. So imagine, you and her going to Comedy Store.


Mind: But, …


Mind: But, she has …

Me: YES YES YES .. Her Smile .. Last time, I will look back and then concentrate, okay?

Mind: Yes, okay

(after 1 minute of her admiring her expressions which are so lovely)

Me: I will concentrate, I will concentrate (History repeats itself :-P)



And here we are; Just when, we all thought, that only middle east netas, rajas and our Indian babus only have stupid reasons to justify rape that according to them happens only because of a woman’s fault, that she was flirting, or drinking or wearing revealing clothes, here we have Mr. Richard Mourdock, Indiana Republican claiming “Pregnancy after rape is what God Intended”

In one of the debates held recently, Richard Mourdock, candidate for US Senate in Indiana claimed that while rape was itself horrible, pregnancies resulting from it should be accepted by the woman as God’s will.

Source: Google Images

This takes a step further and it won’t be long when some of our babu will also claim something on these lines as copying Americans is like a fashion in Asia. Although, I don’t propagate abortion out here, I ask a question, that why shouldn’t a women, be it any, have full rights to her body? Rapists don’t carry condoms along and hence, Pregnancy happens. This certainly doesn’t make it God-Intended. God doesn’t send Rapists to bring life on earth.

One thing which our society clearly teaches is, “Don’t get Raped”, rather than “Don’t Rape”. How wonderful it would be, if every parent nurtures their son in a way that they are themselves repulsed by rape. Why can’t we change the blame from the victim to the perpetrator?

I don’t even voice any opinion like the life should be killed as it is caused by a Rape. Even that decision should be left to the woman who has suffered through a rapist (Sorry, I can’t even call him MAN). Rape itself is anti-life who kills the person from inside and leaves deep scars throughout their lives, in most of the cases rendering her incapable of loving or living happily and independently and then comes Mr. Richard Mourdock who is reported to have said, “I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

As rightly said by Ms. Karuna John of Tehelka, while writing about the same topic and Khaap leaders who always seem to have come with the most stupid decisions of justice and who are the most lively male chauvinists of our Country; “Dear khaap elders, how about demanding that rape be a zero tolerance crime? How about demanding that rapists be given the strictest of punishment? How about demanding that the victim be helped to heal? This might actually make for good publicity. Or would you rather that someone like this American politician Richard Mourdock come over and share his wise views over a hookah at the village square with you? While you are at it, why not invite the Taliban and they will share their bright ideas on women, rape and other things you all seem to be experts at.”

Source: Google Images

Meanwhile, let’s wait for the political corrections which Mr. Mourdock will speak out sooner of  later, as I am sure, his folly won’t go well with at least sensible people.

and yes, Mr. Richard – Rape is not God-willed, Please.


“Mayada – Daughter of Iraq

One woman’s survival under Saddam Hussein”

This is apparently my first book review in spite of having read over 20 books since I developed this hobby, and found out how much I love reading books.

Mayada, written by Jean Sasson has come to me after I have read two of the Princess Series books by the same author; Princess and Daughters of Arabia (Yet to find Desert Royal in the rental stores where I am a regular customer now). 

Daughter of Iraq

Source: Google Images

Jean Sasson, the author of this book who has spent major part of her life in middle east had met Mayada Al-askari, Grand daughter of the father of Arab Nationalism Sati Al-husri, when she was seeking for a translator. They became good friends and kept in touch even after Jean Sasson left Iraq until one day, when she was no where in contact and had disappeared somewhere.

Mayada – Daughter of Iraq is a real story of a woman’s survival in Baladiyat Prison’s Cell 52 who was arrested on a false charge of printing leaflets against the Government of Saddam Hussein. The book is an account of her imprisonment, the feeling of being separated from her children where her children did not even know that her mother has been arrested, the fear of death, the torture, the screams, the shouts, the plight, and every thing that she experienced, saw, and lived during her tenure at Prison.

It also describes about the relationships her family shared with Saddam Hussein and other people at power in Iraq when she was young. It narrates about the great men in her family who are famous in the history of Arabia. It then describes about the stories of other brave and innocent Shadow-women in the cell 52, her friendship with Samara in the cell and about the torture, about the false charges, about the vague imprisonment which happened on mere suspicion and ruined everybody’s life. It narrates about the corruption where the prison wardens will harass family and take huge ransom for release or lowering the punishment and so on.

I would not recommend this book to people with weak heart as the story is too difficult to digest. I have seen tears rolling down the eyes of so many people who have read this book. Besides, I would recommend this book too as we all should know, what Mayada dared to bring forward to the world; the terror which every innocent Iraqi went through in 35 years of Ba’ath’s regime. These women should never be forgotten and we should always keep their memories alive, and to curb every atrocities happening anywhere around to the women, be it by a political maniac or someone in your neighbourhood.

In Broummana, Lebanon. Sati Al-Husri, his daughter, Salwa; and his two granddaughters Mayada and Abdiya. (Source: Google Images)

Courtesy: Youtube

Movie: Mujhse Dosti Karoge