The Renaissance

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

“The other day, I chose to go back to the past chapters,

and everything was changed, everything seemed new, appeared completely different

                       So much has changed from then, 3 years back, I had begun with blogging, merely as an activity of trying to find something about my own self. I thought, if I can speak and chat so well, probably, I can be a good writer too. I was told then, “Maulik, You should write a book, or you should at least blog”, and I am told now too, people and their views haven’t changed as such, but I on the whole can’t even recognize the Maulik who started mezelfmaulik named blog on blogspot which later turned to maulikonpaper.

                         For weeks, I thought about changing my address to something really good, I asked people, googled and did so much, and how, in the end I ended up with the same domain. I guess, one doesn’t really always hold courage to shift everything where he grew. was a nice journey. I had posts where people got bored of length, and I had post which had no matter and then I had posts where I won accolades. Obviously, at the end of this post, I am going to jot down few links of the blogposts which I adore a lot, and are close to me.

                      Initially, when I was travelling back home, I took time off from the novel I was reading, and thought about what will I write in my first post? What shall I say? If I am suppose to rant about how much I have changed in these years, especially in the past one year when I worked and attended college with more than 80% attendance, a tedious journey, but a joyful one, but then, in all the coming posts, I am going to refer to same things, the situation then and the situation now, and the situation about to come. Yet, what shall I write was a question, and you can read, what I ended up with. 😛

                      I promise to be a regular blogger now, there is so much to say, so much to express. I have again, kept the same blog title, as I still believe, we live a million stories in one life, and everything has an end, and this story has not yet ended.

Before, I conclude my Introductory post, I would love to post links of the posts (not in chronological order of course :-D) which has been very close to me from my previous base.

1. – Spice up your exams was one of the most funniest thing I had ever come across. I posted this on my blog in initial days when I was less aware of copyrights. I would bless the person who made it, but I would ask you to have a read. Even today, this makes me laugh a lot.


2. – This is obviously close to me, as this is the first time, a friend of mine wrote a poem for me. Her name is Priyanka Vasant, I call her MiO, as I always was so possessive of her, that I gave her the spanish word for mine, as a nickname (I call her Bum, also, but for no good reason ofcourse).


3. – This will hurt much if you are low, and try to read it.


4. – I would like to post this as my top three blog post. This was my first attempt at writing poem, and I guess, everyone loved it. Never tried, writing a poem again although. This also belongs to top three read blog posts in my stats page.


5. – This has almost over 5,000 views. This is one of the most heart wrenching stories of a girl named Junko Furuta, and her story. When I read it on google, I thought, more people should read and so I compiled information from different places, and put it out here.


6. – This was my part of campaigning for the NGO which my friend has started. Honestly, its not the post that is close to me, but the purpose. I hope, you all contribute to this NGO in every way you can.


7. – This is one post where my budding skills were recognized for the first time. I myself realized I write well. I won 2nd Prize in’s contest. Something, that I will treasure always.


8. – Again, something where I won. I won as a runner up. For anyone who is emerging or discovering himself, in something he is enjoying to do, a feedback help as a confidence booster.


These are 8 of my 68 blog posts in which are more special to me. Although, since I wrote all of them, I feel the same for every post. But, I would like you’ll to read these posts someday.

There is so much more I want to write, and I am sure, I won’t disappoint myself again by being a douchebag.

—— Flying exultantly … Maulik Doshi !!


  1. You Brilliant Man! :*
    Damn good 😀
    P.s- I have read all your 8 blogs posted above. 😛

  2. Maulik says:

    I forgot to add the 9th blog re, the one about Tom. Nevertheless, Thank you 😀 .. You have encouraged me throughout the journey 😀

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    When I visit this web page there’s new issues and enhanced might be capable to study from. Haha I’ve knowledgeable your source code as well quite a few times to master how you are executing issues so we could wear them my web-site. Thanks! I can teach you about approaches to uncomplicated.

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