The Writer’s Block

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Last week, when I nearly spent major part of my thoughts on what name should my blog be on, what domain should I select this time, and how will I design it? Okay, to be honest, I had initially thought, I will put on my designer cap, research on google and make this blog, one of the most beautiful, something which will invoke lust in the eyes of the reader but then, in the end, I managed to adopt the already created template.

So, coming back to the point, at that moment, I had so many things to blog on, I kept getting topics every now and then, even with matter, but since I was working, I made a mental note that I will start writing on it, as soon as blog is made.

And then, its this week, when I made the blog. Everytime, I sat to write on the subjects, I felt like writing, I won’t get any matter in my mind. Someone great has said, “Words will flow on its own, when you will hold the pen to write”, but then, even that ain’t happening. Now, I pass my time thinking what am I supposed to write.

This feeling, apparently stays for ages which people call as Writer’s block. I hate this writer’s block. I hate this thing about me to have so much to write, with all matter in mind at places where I can’t note it down, and then, forgetting it all when I sit to write.


  1. I like the way U describe ur feelings, I go through the same when i sit to write nothing comes in my mind otherwise like this the words keep on flowing.

    • Maulik says:

      Exactly, and that is one reason I have come to WordPress. They have mobile application too, unlike blogspot. I hope, I start being regular now through mobile blogging 😀

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