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Here again, the nation erupts in a fit of rage to oppose something so inhuman that it causes a gulp in throat and a hole in stomach even by hearing a percent of details of what happened in Delhi, Yes, I am talking about the Gang Rape. Today, right outside my classes, I was asked a question by one of my friend, “Why is this thing hyped so much? Aren’t there many other worse cases of rape to be tended to? Why only this?”. When I came home, my sister tells me about a tweet where an article was published about a women who has been in coma for past 39 years after she was Gang-Raped. I also have a friend who wrote an article yesterday, “Meet the black dot people”, which I personally loved a lot. Everywhere, there is a hue and cry about getting the rapists castrated, hanged, stoned, given to people and so on.

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There has been pooling of ideas too, major discussions and just an hour back, I saw Mr. Shinde announcing safeguard measures that will be taken in order to prevent such acts. Politicians have claimed that this case will be considered as
“Rarest of rare cases” and the rapists will be hanged. But then, I read somewhere that “Rarest of rare cases” is awarded only when the victim dies, which here, won’t be applicable and hence, in the end, nothing will happen.

So how? How will someone curb such menace? How will people make this country a safe place? What according to you is the problem? Isn’t it the attitude?

Yes, It is the attitude. It is the teachings and preachings of the orthodox elderly who when asked about how could you curb such happenings will answer with an intellectual pride that, the girls shall stay indoors after 9.00 pm, wear dupattas and all other crap. It is the same attitude that when a girl would go to complain about rape/molestation, will be given a smirk, or a cheesy/cheap smile to the victim, which will do nothing but make the victim weak and encourage culprits to go for more heinous crimes like this with zest and vigour.

Although, society needs to set examples and fear by awarding harsh and rigorous punishments to such beasts who can’t be termed as MAN, nor as Animals. But, besides additional security, besides punishments, besides death, what is needed is an Attitude Change. At first, every minister, every police officer and every influential men in this country who says, that the reason for rape is Victim, or victim’s dress which was provocative or victim’s behaviour or victim’s act of staying out on streets after 9 pm, needs to be sent to rehab or school or just imprison them as such people are not needed by society. I mean, come on, People who can’t think rationally, or with sense, how are they going to lead us, or protect us or why should we give them power to influence us?

Secondly, every parent needs to make their kids understand, or rather brainwash like how those terrorist groups do in the name of Jihad, that RAPE IS BAD. It should be hammered to their brain, that raping will destroy them, or make them impotent or destroy their genitals or any shit crap, but should be so nicely imbibed that not a single man would ever attempt that. Its a universal truth that a criminal is not by birth, but he grows with his upbringing, and surroundings and situations around. Even schools should make their students learn that Rape is the worse thing on earth. It’s the collective condemn by society which will make difference. What are we doing now? Don’t we blame the victim than the culprit? Don’t we teach “Not to get raped” instead of “Not to rape”. Society is entirely mislead. We need education or at least brain wash. I would also say, Religious Institutions shall make provisions in religion regarding this. India, being religion blinded country, it will help a lot.

Since, all these changes will take time to show effect, in the meanwhile, we can keep awarding punishments like “Complete ban by society” on rapists, Castration which will be the best solution as any man, given a choice between emasculation and death, would chose the latter (this line comes from “Meet the black dot people” post), or rigorous imprisonment for years and heavy fine, Even handing them to society and public beating will suffice. Humiliation to the culprit may help in reducing this problem too.

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To all those people who blame invasion of western culture as a cause for rape, “The mobile phone that you are using is a cause of cancer too my friend, why don’t you live the Indian way, do farming without appliances or meditate on mountains?”. To all those people who are giving moral lectures, “I am sorry Boss, You are no one to teach anyone what to wear, and if you want to teach someone anything, go and teach the men who get seduced so easily that they don’t even think of what they going to do next.”



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      Just about when you feel you have achieved a proper hold over your haphazard, crazy and an unmanageable tedious and stressful life, it will jump out of your clutches, and do some somersault and give you few back and forth kicks on your face and bum leaving every part injured.

     And this situation is just about same when you finally learnt how to handle dual lives of a college going student and an office going article trainee, you realize that there are countable days remaining after which you would be called a graduate and entire world will cling to you with a garland or responsibilities.

   In all these chaotic situations, there is one hot topic, “College Life, from start to end, the best part of it and what will you miss the most?” where you’ll end up talking about it, no matter what, at some point or some day or the other.

   And just now, when I was returning home from office and thought of just having a night walk alone, thinking on the same grounds, I stumbled upon one of the greatest and the most amazing person I have met, befriended, laughed with, been with, sat with, fought with, got angry with, got upset with, and so much and whom I would never ever forget even after my college gets done, CA gets done and probably even life gets done.

    “Mi querida amiga” which means “My Dear Friend” in Spanish  I promised you on whatsapp, I’d tell you something by midnight, and this was it. I know, I am not justified in mentioning only you to make my college life beautiful but I am writing to you, or rather decided to, as you are the most precious thing I have earned in these 5 years.

     From my hundred kicks a day to you, from my borrowing of your pencil and pens, eventually losing it, from my projects being half made by you, from Chocolate Milkshake treat at Bajaj Road, from my sulking because you went with someone else for a Subway, from my getting angry because you let someone else sit besides you in F.Y.Bcom, from my asking you to give proxy attendance, from me giving you my book to write; where you write everything in an upside down page, from my never ending laughs over our jokes and future plans, from my getting freaked out at your crazyness levels, from my scanty phone calls to my few walks with you, from my searching you in canteen or searching you in your class during break and eventually ending up with someone else, from so much to no end, from memories to memories, I have had so much and such amazing time with you.

   I must have told you “I love you” a number of times, meant deeply too, but then even those three words wouldn’t describe how much a great time I had with you. How I always checked which class are you in after I checked mine everytime Class List was put up before start of the year. You are the best, and the most mesmerizing friend I ever have. One of the few girls I have met in our college who can make anyone laugh, can make great friends with anyone, think as dirty as a dog does, act as bitchy as a girl does and yet move around with a halo over your head making everyone feel as if they just met a saint :D.

         Thanks a lot for every great moment you gave me in last three years, I promise to stay besides you, for you and with you for the rest of our lives. Because even if you won’t need me, the truth is, I’d need you, for no specific reasons, but I would.

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****(Boss, I know I am an emotional guy,    You must have found it funny,      but I am sure you must have expected this too 😉 )**** AND YES, HAPPYY BIRTHDAYYY  !!! 😀 😀 😀


That word, is not a giver of good feelings.

Right now, with this state of mind … I could run away and explore a city. Damn. New York. I just happen to be in immense love with the idea of New York.

Or maybe camp in a forest, barbecue marshmallows but without the gross little insects hoping around .. Please no! ..and with this perfect scene, there would be someone besides me to gaze at. That, sounds real good. But then on second thoughts, I hate a dirty unsettled environment and the feeling of remoteness that comes from being stranded in a forest. forest for me.

I shall just stick to New York and those sparkling buildings.

I saw this scene in one sitcom, okay. Girl sitting on that wood log and the guy besides her, with a tent behind them in a forest I have no idea they had in their little ‘town’.. Anyways, girl is looking at the boy with such intensity and he just gives her that breathtaking romantic smile and roasts the marshmallows. It’s roasting right?

I wonder how it will be, to smile for no reason at a person, the one who knows all your smiles. Really it is. Its so completely beyond me, that how something sounds so hopelessly pathetic and yet ..soo very romantic?

Anyways I think about it..

Maybe there is no such thing like a person knowing all your smiles. Maybe its only a romantic projection I have in my mind..the one I want to believe in.

It’s in there too, in 500 Days of Summer, this cute movie. The hero, Tom, works as a writer at a greeting card company..He writes majorly cards which are on love and courtship, and its about how he loses belief in all the norms revolving around love … and with such doubts, wonders what makes sense and what doesn’t anymore.


The scene goes like this:-


Tom abruptly gets up frustrated from his seat, in his company’s board meeting, where they are discussing new taglines for greeting cards. He has this look in his eyes, of a man who is on the verge of a major breakdown..He looks so possessed, disarmed and shows raw pain of a broken hearted lover.

He says –


“It’s these greeting cards, Sir, these cards, these movies, these pop songs.

They’re responsible for all the lies, the heartache, everything! We’re responsible!

I think we do a bad thing here.

People should be able to say how they feel, how they really feel, without some strangers putting words in their mouths.

The truth.

A card is a nice thought but it shouldn’t do the dirty work for you.

You love someone; tell them yourself, in your own words. Maybe it’s not love at all. Maybe there’s no such thing as love.

Maybe it’s… “galoogoo.”

Yeah I made it up, so what?!  “

Tom gets up and walks to the door.


Scene ends.


It’s true you know, what he says.

They are the reason people have such unrealistic expectations.

I have my perfect unrealistic expectation.. the perfect scene of the girl and boy roasting marshmallows, to have the feeling of knowing each others smiles..only because they fed me that. The sitcoms and the movies and the songs..they put these perfect ideas in my head.

Because love cant be this perfect, na?

———–  Dharana Joshi        

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The Broken Glasses

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Today, again someone banged my face, and the lens of my spectacles broke into three halves, two fell in my hands and one somewhere on the tracks or train floor or I don’t know. This has happened for the fourth time in this entire year and trust me, this time, I have lost it, all anger oozing out of my oh-so-calm temper.

Given a chance, I would want to run, run till my breath stops, cry out loud, scream, shout, catch hold of that idiot who lost his balanced may be, and break his skull, have beer standing at the top of cliff and dive into the water underneath. Its an hour since this happened, and I am at the receiving end of every satanic act my mind can think of, to do.

I faintly remember, such a feeling back in 2008. The reason for this feeling is stupid for the people now, and was stupid for the people then. Specks broke this time, and my heart broke that time. I’d be left a bit poorer with this repair and will have my specks back, and I was left poorer of a healthy-ready-to-love heart then and still finding courage to love back .

My friend tells me, I am one big emotional fuck, may be I am, but who won’t be feeling sad of things they are attached for, are broken or shattered? I can see my friend crying as she couldn’t get an entry to Honey Singh Concert and I can see my friend crying for his girlfriend ditched him. I am crying for something that stays with me through out the day broke, and for me material or immaterial, things whichever gives me happiness are the most special.

If today I am to talk to someone regarding these things, I would surely hear things like, “never expect” or “never get attached”. They blame these two things for all the sadness and pain. But if I am to be asked, I’d say, Do expect, because you deserve to expect if you are able to provide. Do get attached, for attachment is the only gift you can give to things and people mattering to you. Don’t be like what I have become, a struggling soul. Always struggling to get that love again, always struggling for everything. If expectations don’t get fulfilled, forgive them, and move forward and if attached one goes or gets destroyed, either let them go or get them repaired.

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Have a nice day !!


Contradict yourself. In order to live, you must remain broken up.”

—– Wyndham Lewis