The Broken Glasses

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Rantings
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Today, again someone banged my face, and the lens of my spectacles broke into three halves, two fell in my hands and one somewhere on the tracks or train floor or I don’t know. This has happened for the fourth time in this entire year and trust me, this time, I have lost it, all anger oozing out of my oh-so-calm temper.

Given a chance, I would want to run, run till my breath stops, cry out loud, scream, shout, catch hold of that idiot who lost his balanced may be, and break his skull, have beer standing at the top of cliff and dive into the water underneath. Its an hour since this happened, and I am at the receiving end of every satanic act my mind can think of, to do.

I faintly remember, such a feeling back in 2008. The reason for this feeling is stupid for the people now, and was stupid for the people then. Specks broke this time, and my heart broke that time. I’d be left a bit poorer with this repair and will have my specks back, and I was left poorer of a healthy-ready-to-love heart then and still finding courage to love back .

My friend tells me, I am one big emotional fuck, may be I am, but who won’t be feeling sad of things they are attached for, are broken or shattered? I can see my friend crying as she couldn’t get an entry to Honey Singh Concert and I can see my friend crying for his girlfriend ditched him. I am crying for something that stays with me through out the day broke, and for me material or immaterial, things whichever gives me happiness are the most special.

If today I am to talk to someone regarding these things, I would surely hear things like, “never expect” or “never get attached”. They blame these two things for all the sadness and pain. But if I am to be asked, I’d say, Do expect, because you deserve to expect if you are able to provide. Do get attached, for attachment is the only gift you can give to things and people mattering to you. Don’t be like what I have become, a struggling soul. Always struggling to get that love again, always struggling for everything. If expectations don’t get fulfilled, forgive them, and move forward and if attached one goes or gets destroyed, either let them go or get them repaired.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Have a nice day !!


Contradict yourself. In order to live, you must remain broken up.”

—– Wyndham Lewis

  1. chandni punjabi says:

    Hmm Speechless Mr.Doshi !

  2. It’s human to expect and get attached, you just can’t not do that.

    I’m sorry for what happened and I hope you feel better(not by breaking his skull, though.) 😛

  3. chandni punjabi says:

    welcum tc! wear lenses na maulikk..

  4. yash says:

    due well written mann.. kudos

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