Maybe it’s .. Galoogoo

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Guest Post
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That word, is not a giver of good feelings.

Right now, with this state of mind … I could run away and explore a city. Damn. New York. I just happen to be in immense love with the idea of New York.

Or maybe camp in a forest, barbecue marshmallows but without the gross little insects hoping around .. Please no! ..and with this perfect scene, there would be someone besides me to gaze at. That, sounds real good. But then on second thoughts, I hate a dirty unsettled environment and the feeling of remoteness that comes from being stranded in a forest. forest for me.

I shall just stick to New York and those sparkling buildings.

I saw this scene in one sitcom, okay. Girl sitting on that wood log and the guy besides her, with a tent behind them in a forest I have no idea they had in their little ‘town’.. Anyways, girl is looking at the boy with such intensity and he just gives her that breathtaking romantic smile and roasts the marshmallows. It’s roasting right?

I wonder how it will be, to smile for no reason at a person, the one who knows all your smiles. Really it is. Its so completely beyond me, that how something sounds so hopelessly pathetic and yet ..soo very romantic?

Anyways I think about it..

Maybe there is no such thing like a person knowing all your smiles. Maybe its only a romantic projection I have in my mind..the one I want to believe in.

It’s in there too, in 500 Days of Summer, this cute movie. The hero, Tom, works as a writer at a greeting card company..He writes majorly cards which are on love and courtship, and its about how he loses belief in all the norms revolving around love … and with such doubts, wonders what makes sense and what doesn’t anymore.


The scene goes like this:-


Tom abruptly gets up frustrated from his seat, in his company’s board meeting, where they are discussing new taglines for greeting cards. He has this look in his eyes, of a man who is on the verge of a major breakdown..He looks so possessed, disarmed and shows raw pain of a broken hearted lover.

He says –


“It’s these greeting cards, Sir, these cards, these movies, these pop songs.

They’re responsible for all the lies, the heartache, everything! We’re responsible!

I think we do a bad thing here.

People should be able to say how they feel, how they really feel, without some strangers putting words in their mouths.

The truth.

A card is a nice thought but it shouldn’t do the dirty work for you.

You love someone; tell them yourself, in your own words. Maybe it’s not love at all. Maybe there’s no such thing as love.

Maybe it’s… “galoogoo.”

Yeah I made it up, so what?!  “

Tom gets up and walks to the door.


Scene ends.


It’s true you know, what he says.

They are the reason people have such unrealistic expectations.

I have my perfect unrealistic expectation.. the perfect scene of the girl and boy roasting marshmallows, to have the feeling of knowing each others smiles..only because they fed me that. The sitcoms and the movies and the songs..they put these perfect ideas in my head.

Because love cant be this perfect, na?

———–  Dharana Joshi        

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

  1. chandni punjabi says:

    so true… bdw ur truly an professional blogger tc (:

  2. someone i dont know, liked what i wrote! *happy dancing*
    chalo bhai, now i can die in peace.

  3. Anonymous Blogger says:

    I love this! I too am obsessed with New York and 500 days of summer is cute movie. I look orward to reading more of your posts.

  4. chandni punjabi says:

    hehe dharana ur bestie ryt? dn she’s also a professional blogger..i guess she’s gtin influencd by yu! maulik ur ryt evry1 liked it
    @dharana : yur blog is too gud.. 🙂

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