Mi Querida Amiga

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Free Hugs :')
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      Just about when you feel you have achieved a proper hold over your haphazard, crazy and an unmanageable tedious and stressful life, it will jump out of your clutches, and do some somersault and give you few back and forth kicks on your face and bum leaving every part injured.

     And this situation is just about same when you finally learnt how to handle dual lives of a college going student and an office going article trainee, you realize that there are countable days remaining after which you would be called a graduate and entire world will cling to you with a garland or responsibilities.

   In all these chaotic situations, there is one hot topic, “College Life, from start to end, the best part of it and what will you miss the most?” where you’ll end up talking about it, no matter what, at some point or some day or the other.

   And just now, when I was returning home from office and thought of just having a night walk alone, thinking on the same grounds, I stumbled upon one of the greatest and the most amazing person I have met, befriended, laughed with, been with, sat with, fought with, got angry with, got upset with, and so much and whom I would never ever forget even after my college gets done, CA gets done and probably even life gets done.

    “Mi querida amiga” which means “My Dear Friend” in Spanish  I promised you on whatsapp, I’d tell you something by midnight, and this was it. I know, I am not justified in mentioning only you to make my college life beautiful but I am writing to you, or rather decided to, as you are the most precious thing I have earned in these 5 years.

     From my hundred kicks a day to you, from my borrowing of your pencil and pens, eventually losing it, from my projects being half made by you, from Chocolate Milkshake treat at Bajaj Road, from my sulking because you went with someone else for a Subway, from my getting angry because you let someone else sit besides you in F.Y.Bcom, from my asking you to give proxy attendance, from me giving you my book to write; where you write everything in an upside down page, from my never ending laughs over our jokes and future plans, from my getting freaked out at your crazyness levels, from my scanty phone calls to my few walks with you, from my searching you in canteen or searching you in your class during break and eventually ending up with someone else, from so much to no end, from memories to memories, I have had so much and such amazing time with you.

   I must have told you “I love you” a number of times, meant deeply too, but then even those three words wouldn’t describe how much a great time I had with you. How I always checked which class are you in after I checked mine everytime Class List was put up before start of the year. You are the best, and the most mesmerizing friend I ever have. One of the few girls I have met in our college who can make anyone laugh, can make great friends with anyone, think as dirty as a dog does, act as bitchy as a girl does and yet move around with a halo over your head making everyone feel as if they just met a saint :D.

         Thanks a lot for every great moment you gave me in last three years, I promise to stay besides you, for you and with you for the rest of our lives. Because even if you won’t need me, the truth is, I’d need you, for no specific reasons, but I would.

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****(Boss, I know I am an emotional guy,    You must have found it funny,      but I am sure you must have expected this too 😉 )**** AND YES, HAPPYY BIRTHDAYYY  !!! 😀 😀 😀
  1. Awww this was really sweet… 🙂

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