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College ke Din – A song composed by Chiranjiv Rajan and Neal Jain for all the NM-ites, sang for the first time on the farewell day – February 23, 2013.




“I was too young to notice,

that the man who gave me a chocolate, was not Santa Clause”


Dear God,

You must be already knowing who I am, and so, may be, I don’t need any introduction. I thought of visiting you, but I never got a chance to move out of my dorm, and the only time I did go out, my masters never left my hand that I could go anywhere else.

I don’t have more time now, I am weak, I am going to die soon. Two weeks back, when I was very weak, and kept having diarrhea, some man in a white coat had come to examine me, he took my blood and left. I clearly remember the time, 3:09pm, when he left, because after that time, I have not got a single morsel of food. However, they gave me water, but that too, was dirty. As if, it was an obligation for them. My master had said, “Saale ko AIDS hai, marne do, ab kuch kaam ka nahi”, when the guard pleaded him to provide me food. He had seen me crying, struggling, licking my sweaty arms to quench my thirst after the jar of dirty water was done.

I am writing to you, precisely because I want to request you to not make me human the next time you plan to send me back to earth. It is very painful to be one. It was painful when they sent me to some dirty people who inserted something back, which pained a lot. It bleed, it had bruises which were though tended nicely by my Master, but before it could heal, some other Man would again practice same on me. I had stitches also, it gave me more pain when I went to excrete my wastes. I asked him to get me something to reduce this pain, but he would apply a cream which burnt and gave double the pain than relief and eventually, I decided to mitigate suffering by not complaining.

As the years went, and I turned an adolescent from a child, more dirty tricks were played on me. They used to ask me to dress on wierd clothes which they provided me, and asked me to dance, by touching their bodies. They used to burn my skin by their cigarette tips and used to laugh when I cried. Some people were more dangerous. They used to hit me, or insert foreign objects in my body and laugh. I used to cry to my Master to not send me to such people, but he always told me, “You are been bought by me, and so, you need to do all this. If you won’t, I won’t earn and you will die hungry”. I was too scared or dumb to realize that hunger was a better death than this. 

I once asked my Master, “where are those people who used to take me to Garden, feed me candies, and send me school? Where are Aai-baba?” and he simply replied, that they only sent me here. I started hating my parents too, until yesterday, when my the guard, of my dorm, told me that a man who worked in my father’s shop, had tried to rape my mother, for which, my father removed him from work, and filed a case. That man pleaded him that he has served him for 15 years and he should be spared, but my dad did not listen and he was imprisoned for 6 years. I was 2 by then and did not remember all this. He told me, that he had offered me a chocolate when I was just out of my school (I clearly remember this incident, it still remains fresh in my memory. How he, offered me chocolate, and next when I woke up, I was on his shoulders wrapped by a thick black shawl. I was too terrified to shout, and didn’t realise who was carrying me. I was then given to some man in white attire and long beard, who had two servants who injected me again. I clearly remember those 15 minutes I spent on someone’s shoulder, for then, my life has been total darkness) and then he told me, how I was sold to Master, and that I am here like many other children, who are kept in separate dorms and are not allowed to meet.

I miss my parents. I don’t know how they must be feeling. Today, I turn 17 years old, as my Guard had wished me in the morning. I don’t even know what is the date. But I am sure, I won’t see tomorrow. And that is the very reason, I asked Guard to give me a pen and a paper, for I wanted to request you to not make a human againI hope letter reaches you, and that Master doesn’t tear it, like he has done to everything that I have written before.

Yours unloved and unnamed.


“Child abuse and flesh trade of children is still prevalent in our country. The entire lives of poor souls who are meant to play goes in suffering, Together we shall fight this evil and award the most harsh punishment to the one involved in this”

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…… (phone call) …..

Mickey: I think, I should go back to studying.

Bummie: But, first tell me why are you upset?

Mickey: I don’t know, I guess .. I forgot 😐

Bummie: mad you are. See you later.

Mickey: Cya. (puts the phone down)


After 1 hour, (message on BBM)*

Bummie: Listen, for the last time, are you alright?

Mickey: Actually, I am worried.

Bummie: For?

Mickey: My friend told me that he is sad, told me about how his work-life is sad, love-life is non existent, studies are jammed, nothing really good happening. Also, the problem is, that these things are my issues too. 😐

Bummie: Someone as sorted and calm as you shouldn’t say this.

Mickey: Okay, I keep myself aside, but at present, my worry is that why are my friends so worried? Why are they so tangled?

Bummie: Why are you worried for them? Are your own problems not enough?  Khud ki pareshaani kam hai? 😦

Mickey: See, its not like that! I love all of you’ll. And you’ll includes them as well as you. If I love, I love and since I love, these things disturbs me, affects me.

Bummie: Love is “CLICHE” baby. Or at least what people think love is. Also, friendship is a different sector. There are different rights in those sector.

Mickey: But I love my friends, their directionless state or illogical behavior or pre-decided excuse to reasonable wrong things troubles me. 😐

Bummie:  Stop focusing on others so much. Sab log sab khud seekhengay (Everyone will learn themselves).

Mickey: I don’t think I should sit like Gandhiji’s monkey. Not that I want to go with a hunter, flog or force people to change. But it bothers me.

Bummie: They won’t change and they won’t care too.

Mickey: But tell me, what is the purpose of life if one doesn’t love? and if one loves, care comes from within and when you care, you worry about every small fallacy, small trouble, small issues and so on . Past issues were more on importance side to recognition and respect. Otherwise, my love is mine and that it doesn’t matter if the one I love, has to love me back.

Bummie: Mickey, why aren’t you changing? I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Mickey: Keep faith Bummie, keep faith.

Bummie: But you will hurt yourself everytime. Besides, faith should be on yourself not others.

Mickey: I’m not a chameleon that I’ll change my colors to protect myself from worldly dangers. I have to be a warrior. I need to fight but I need to live as well. To live whole-heartedly, is to love from within.

Bummie: I think you should stop behaving filmy. Movie se bahar nikal.

Mickey: Look, movies are inspired from human lives or human minds. The purpose of life is not to safeguard yourself and finish the journey but the real purpose lies in loving, making people happy and enjoying the journey.  Getting it?

Bummie: I don’t know what to say. Goodnight.

Mickey: Goodnight. (thinks: So what is important? — To survive the journey or to live the journey?) 😦

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

February 12, 5:20 am:

I get up from my bed, and feel an urge to check my mail. I take my Sis’ Note and log in and come across another Indiblogger Meet. Right away, I open my laptop and get myself registered.

February 13-16 till 2:00 pm:

I go all excited with the Indiblogger Meet, draw up a plan to fool the boss and leave in half day without getting my pay deducted. Tweet tens of bloggers I met in previous meets about me being excited to meet them and that we will have fun. Thinking about getting my damaged hair cut or not so that I can have good pictures in the event (Note: I hate Hair-Cut, not that I enjoy long hair, but I hate going for a Hair-Cut, Pakta hai bohot 😥 )

February 16, 2:05 pm:

Confront boss with a puppy face and well recited excuse and get permission to leave. I run to the station with my constant dripping down low waist jeans (wrong decision and forgetting to wear bealt, lead to such embarrassing moments 😛 ). Reach Bandra Station, fight with a rickshawwallah and reach the venue.


Here I reach, Indiblogger meet by HP #ConnectedMusic

Where? – Otto Infinito (you can have the details about the venue from – – Btw, Its a place worth visiting once !!

When? – February 16, 2013 – 3:00-7:00 pm.

               I reached the venue with an air of excitement and a mood of exultance as the venue as well as weather was quiet pleasant. As soon as I entered, I saw everyone waiting outside the venue. However, drinks were served and everyone were finding their “I-Know-That-Person” with a glass in their hands and chatting away until the doors opened and we were invited in.

              We all were made to sit on different table and were given a White Paper where after initial opening speech which involved voice clearance warm up by the Deadlock Organiser Guy, we had to go and meet every blogger for minimum 30 seconds and get their scribbles and scraps on our paper. Before going, Giveaway of HP Earphones with MIC was given to all the girls who had worn Dupatta and the guys with cool headgear.

My WhiteBoard

My WhiteBoard

So, yes, we kicked off with a funny music being played where we had to meet all the bloggers. It was that time, where I happened to meet few really charming people:-

Vaibhavkumar Rai (@IMRaiSaheb) – Although I know him from before, but still acted as if I met him at the meet :D. One of the most amazing personality, I have ever seen.

Amrita Rana (@AmritaRana) – One of the biggest food-lover, I have come across. Although, I met her in Nokia Indiblogger Meet, but hadn’t spoken much that time. Today, finally did it.

Neha Sharma (@NehaSharmaHere) – Member of Young India Foundation and she came to me as one really sweet girl.

The Nameless One (@deoxy_adi) – Since the first meet I attended, and till today. This Guy has maintained his hair and beard so nicely. 😀

Shanaya Sinner (@Shanaya_Sinner) – La Femme élégante. She moved around with her DSLR capturing Indiblogger moments. I came to know later, that she is a DJ as well. *ooooooooohhh* 😀

Karishma Rawat (@KarishmaRawat) – The pretty lady of the meet.

Fatima and Aditi – Bubbly girls who always seem happy hopping in the meet.

Amit Pithadia (@amitspithadia) – This guy has got really great hobbies. Had heard of him before from Vaibhav and was really nice seeing him out there.

Blogwati G (@BlogwatiG) – The most popular blogger. Had fans everywhere :D.

Priya Adivarekar (@priyaadivarekar) – Had a very awkward conversation with her since I felt, I have seen her a lot of times. Nevertheless, I really want to learn from her on how to design a blog so well :O.

Nelton Dsouza (@NeltonDsouza) – The conductor of the choir (about which you will read in the latter part of the post).

Gargi Salgaonkar (@gargi22_9) – The fashion blogger and a twitter friend after first blogger’s meet- Met her finally :D.

Nirali Naik (@BluBluBling) – She told me about Tamarind Rice :O .. Visit:- for more details 😉

And after meeting many more of such bloggers for couple of seconds, we all came back to our place and I won HP Headphones with Mic for getting more than 40 scribbles. 😀 😀 😀 Woot Woot

Headphones that I won

Then we had this HP and Hungama guys coming around to explain us, what is this HP – ConnectedMusic. It was an hour full of amazement as it was really good. The sound was clear, the search was quicker and comprehensive.

Q. What is HP – Connected Music?

A. HP India along with an association with Hungama launches a ground breaking and seamless service that will give Indian consumers immense choice and access to global and regional digital music and content.

One sad part about this is, It works only on HP products and since I have Dell, I won’t be able to access it 😦

(for people who were not present at the meet – get yourself updated with one of the most innovative product by HP —  Connected Music)

Meanwhile three contests were also announced:

1) Tweet your favourite artist’s name and if that name is in the envelope, they stand to win a HP laptop :O.

2) Tweet about someone you met at the meet with a #BFF hashtag and the sweetest tweet stands to win a HP Laptop too. :O

3) Whoever comes out with the real meaning of Otto Infinito, stands a chance to have a free brunch at Otto Infinito next sunday. WOWWWWW :O :O

It was a real difficult session as your eyes were glued to the innovations displayed by HP Connected Music and your mind brainstorming on how can you win these contests.

 ———— After a gruelling session, we had a break for food. I wish, I had photos of the event. However, my camera sucks and I was too busy eating, tweeting and meeting that I forgot to ask my friend to click. 😐

Food for thought:- Amazing mouth watering red sauce and white sauce pastas and roasted paneer (it had a very difficult name, I couldn’t remember, I am sorry), Thin Crust Pizza, Mint and Pomegranate Lemonade, and few non veg stuffs which I did not bother knowing the name.

Thin Crust Pizza (Image Courtesy: Shanaya’s Blogpost –

Paneer (Image Courtesy: Shanaya's Blogpost -

Paneer (Image Courtesy: Shanaya’s Blogpost –

After food was served and everyone got back to their places, winners were announced for the contest and cheering happened. To mark the end of the event, a last game was announced where people had to make teams from the eight music themes given by them.

4 teams were formed – 13 13 13, Dumchik Dumchik Dumchik, Smack that booty and one in rock genre, I can’t recollect the name.

We had to make teams on our own with like minded people and had to sing a song.

It was really funny seeing 13 13 13 having half the people who attended the event in their team. I belonged to it, and had a choir where we sang Fevicol, Sheila and Munni. It was amazing fun.

We were followed by Dumchik, that Rock theme people and Smack that booty and had a loud cheer in the end.

It was really amazing that the organizers announced 1st runner up as well and dumchik dumchik won HP headphones. After which, to everyone’s amazement, they announced 13 13 13 as winners too and almost half the attendees won HP Headphones too. Long live the Organizers O:) :D.

Indiblogger Meet

Indiblogger Meet

Lastly, a group photograph was clicked. I am sure all the pictures will come up on Indiblogger facebook page and probably, I’ll insert some of them out here later on.

A super day, as we head back home with beautiful memories and some really new friends and twitter followers AND AND AND, A beautiful Indiblogger T-shirt 😉

HP #ConnectedMusic Indiblogger Meet, Love you !!

Indiblogger T-shirt

Indiblogger T-shirt