To survive the journey? – or – To live the journey?

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Free Hugs :')
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…… (phone call) …..

Mickey: I think, I should go back to studying.

Bummie: But, first tell me why are you upset?

Mickey: I don’t know, I guess .. I forgot 😐

Bummie: mad you are. See you later.

Mickey: Cya. (puts the phone down)


After 1 hour, (message on BBM)*

Bummie: Listen, for the last time, are you alright?

Mickey: Actually, I am worried.

Bummie: For?

Mickey: My friend told me that he is sad, told me about how his work-life is sad, love-life is non existent, studies are jammed, nothing really good happening. Also, the problem is, that these things are my issues too. 😐

Bummie: Someone as sorted and calm as you shouldn’t say this.

Mickey: Okay, I keep myself aside, but at present, my worry is that why are my friends so worried? Why are they so tangled?

Bummie: Why are you worried for them? Are your own problems not enough?  Khud ki pareshaani kam hai? 😦

Mickey: See, its not like that! I love all of you’ll. And you’ll includes them as well as you. If I love, I love and since I love, these things disturbs me, affects me.

Bummie: Love is “CLICHE” baby. Or at least what people think love is. Also, friendship is a different sector. There are different rights in those sector.

Mickey: But I love my friends, their directionless state or illogical behavior or pre-decided excuse to reasonable wrong things troubles me. 😐

Bummie:  Stop focusing on others so much. Sab log sab khud seekhengay (Everyone will learn themselves).

Mickey: I don’t think I should sit like Gandhiji’s monkey. Not that I want to go with a hunter, flog or force people to change. But it bothers me.

Bummie: They won’t change and they won’t care too.

Mickey: But tell me, what is the purpose of life if one doesn’t love? and if one loves, care comes from within and when you care, you worry about every small fallacy, small trouble, small issues and so on . Past issues were more on importance side to recognition and respect. Otherwise, my love is mine and that it doesn’t matter if the one I love, has to love me back.

Bummie: Mickey, why aren’t you changing? I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Mickey: Keep faith Bummie, keep faith.

Bummie: But you will hurt yourself everytime. Besides, faith should be on yourself not others.

Mickey: I’m not a chameleon that I’ll change my colors to protect myself from worldly dangers. I have to be a warrior. I need to fight but I need to live as well. To live whole-heartedly, is to love from within.

Bummie: I think you should stop behaving filmy. Movie se bahar nikal.

Mickey: Look, movies are inspired from human lives or human minds. The purpose of life is not to safeguard yourself and finish the journey but the real purpose lies in loving, making people happy and enjoying the journey.  Getting it?

Bummie: I don’t know what to say. Goodnight.

Mickey: Goodnight. (thinks: So what is important? — To survive the journey or to live the journey?) 😦

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images


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