Scope to stand up?

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Current Affairs
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I walked past the station lane, to the road that connected a short cut to my building. I don’t remember watching the road while walking, or realizing if my phone vibrated with several pings or notifications from twitter, facebook, not realizing if I am walking on footpath or on the road, if there is a car honking at me, or did I stamp any dog’s tail.

I was lost in thoughts, I was lost in words. Back then in December, when nation rose to Delhi Gang Rape incident, I had tweeted, wrote a blog, condemned in social discussions and pledged in #SafetyForWomen trend on twitter to stand up for any woman who is getting either discriminated, manhandled or harassed. I felt dissapointed, not only with myself but with everyone around. Wondering if our nation has given us scope to stand up.

I was going to office, and was not surprised to find train reaching on time when I am even late by milliseconds  As I reached, the train was about to leave Platform 7 of Andheri Station. I jumped in a way, Zaheer jumps while delivering the ball, held my earphones in my hand, got my bag on shoulder to avoid it patting my ass and ran. This time, luckily I could manage myself in the last compartment.

I sat near that curved area, which is quiet comfortable also to sit as 4th one can’t manage himself to the seat and saw one old man, sitting right opposite to me asking a man to get up so that a lady can sit. I felt good for the generosity that he showed, leave apart I could have stood up to give her place, but then I did not see her, so I should not unnecessarily feel non chivalrous too. Nicely, I slipped my book from the bag and started reading.

While the train crossed Vile Parle, may be because of the gesture that the old man showed, the lady answered to a random question asked by him. While she was answering questions to the conversation that man entered into, I saw that man moving his hand to that lady’s thigh. Lady must not be older than 27. Married though, I heard that when she was responding to him. The lady tried to put her bag on her lap to avoid it, and he started touching her at other places like elbow, and shoulder. People around me had a slight smirk with silent abuses which you can decipher by the movement of their lips. I observed elsewhere before I could have spoken or asked him to behave but even the lady did not protest anymore. I don’t blame her for being without action, may be she expected any of co-passengers to react. Old man looked weak enough to successfully enact a heart attack sequence shifting trouble to us proving us as perpetrators. I wanted to speak. I wanted to stand up. This was the first time, situation came to me. My blood boiled, I gave him a cold stare which he noticed but he hardly cared. It was Matunga Station then, and the lady left the train saying, my station has come. I did not say a word. She left and then the old man smiled at me and got down at Elphinstone Road.

Throughout the day, I felt guilty and to whoever I narrated this incident, told me that ‘Good, You didn’t react’. Not only guys, but even girls told me to not react and let it go. Everyone said, if the lady didn’t react and after your standing up also she doesn’t go by your side, then you’ll make a fool out of yourself. If that old man acted in any way and something really happens also, you will be questioned. If no one said anything, police will only interrogate you as witness to any pursuing issue. Everyone sighed at the sorry state of affairs of law and order of our country, passiveness of people and helpless feeling. Everyone sweared at such men who are disgrace to our gender, our race.

I still don’t feel good about that incident. I could have raised a voice. I could have stood up. I feel sick about it. But really, is there any scope to stand up? May be I would have known or rather everyone would have known had I stood up.


I feel the same for myself Image Courtesy: Google Images

I feel the same for myself
Image Courtesy: Google Images

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