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Posted: June 21, 2013 in Free Hugs :')
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He kept looking at her. Observed every motion of hers, his eyes not even blinking while his fingers spent their time fidgeting with the stationary lying on the desk. She was quarreling with the office staff while he kept dreaming about the possibility of her being with him, about how it would feel to lie down with her on the grass, to dance with her at the ball, to have a delicious dinner sitting together with their eyes completely fixed to each other.

He realized her turning towards him and in no time he diverted his attention to the peon near the table and started talking to him. He tried to hide what he was doing past few minutes, he yearned to look again but he caught her face towards his side from the side of his eyes and kept himself away from looking at her.

She could not stop herself from dreaming about running and tightly hugging him and to never leave him. She found him looking around and flipping pages of magazines kept at the corner. She was immersed in the fantasy world of him being with her, about her immersed in his arms; She despised the fact that he could not understand what was there between them. She was always an impatient kid and felt amazed at her being so patient with him.

She came back to herself as the lady peon jerked her and asked her to leave and not crowd near the office desk. She called his name and they both left together.

Source: From Dali Franzolini

Source: Dali Franzolini

  1. wsforchrist says:

    I liked the way the feeling was mutual between them–balanced.

  2. Maulik says:

    no .. they just left the place together .. but no one knew what the other felt !! anyways .. thanks wdforchrist .. that makes me learn how to communicate effectively in a story .. I am really thankful 🙂

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