It is a gift, indeed !

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Free Hugs :')
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Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another

— Ambrose Bierce

That day when I went to college after months to collect my marksheet, I met an old friend of mine with whom I have spent maximum hours on phone in junior college. She is one of the most creative person I have met and has bagged national accolades. When I asked her about what is she doing lately, she told me about the professional course she is pursuing and is kind of stuck in it giving re-attempts.

I remember in my junior college days, how people imagined her as someone who would ace in arts and today after years, I see her stuck out here. It wasn’t a new thing for her to hear when I asked her, “Why on earth are you wasting your years running behind things you haven’t taken birth for?” to which she replied her parents want her to and that if this time she won’t make it, she would pursue L.L.B.

I recollected my friend, Abhay Maheshwari’s frustrated move when he raises his hands and bangs on his forehead shouting, “What a disaster !” and chuckled. Why does it happen that people fail to recognize what is there in themselves what others find easy to make out. Although she knows that she aces in arts but then why would parents ignore the fact that she is better in it, actually much better than the ones who are famous already. Now when I see her or talk to her, I feel bad for her and I feel all the more to show how disturbed I feel to look at her doing things so opposite to what she should do, to where she excels.

But then obviously, as we all know, how easy it is for us to give advice to others from outside and we only know how difficult it is to deal when the situation is facing us. I remember myself also giving up my engineering dreams and pursued commerce when I never imagined myself in a role of consultant or service provider in future and had always thought of myself as a creator, as an inventor or repairer or builder. I remember how it was to give up dreams but I always reminded myself that life has turns and sometimes the decisions which you think are wrong, are in fact the best decisions for you. I started taking interest in commerce soon and have reached at the verge of final CA, all exams in the interim cleared at first go.

There are only two ways when you are stopped by with decisions. Either to follow what your heart says and abide by it and enjoy or do what your obligation or responsibilities ask you to, develop interest and/or move forward to get a hand of it. There are no extra chances in life or abundance opportunities. This life is a gift and one may never know what other day will bring in for you and hence it is really necessary to buck up and take charge of lives. We have to make most of our lives, to make proper utilization of the gift we got and to never feel regret for the regret is the most horrifying thing in this world. As the tagline of Research in Motion – Blackberry goes, “Do what you love, Love what you do” — Our approach should be in the same way.

If there comes a time when you know that what you are meant to do surpasses what you ought to do, tackle the dilemma either by balancing, deferring or doing what you are meant to do for that would be done with the best quality and perfection. Our aim in life is to reach a point where when you lie down on your bed, each night should be such that you sleep with full contentment and satisfaction.

If you are reading this and felt that you have lost the time then forget that feeling and start afresh RIGHT NOW. Take charge of your life, make a bucket list, call a friend, go out, join a club, become a member of art societies, get a book, book a ticket for holidays or  do anything that you always wanted to. Move beyond the phase where regrets rest to a phase where joy overflows. Live your life, Live your gift and if you ever fail, get up again and start afresh just like how a spider would start combing its web again if it breaks without feeling disappointed or upset or without giving up.

Do it now and see your self thanking you for it.

Source: Paulo Coelho Images from Google Images

Source: Paulo Coelho Images from Google Images

  1. My Say says:

    my thought on this is simple .. its better to fail, time and again, doing what you love doing than being a super -man of a trade you never wanted to do! As it surely shows .. if you can be the best in what you dislike .. you can reach infinity if you do what you like.
    Since childhood we are forced to get into studies .. coz of career and why all that because we can earn more and more money .. hence in India, people dont really know what they are good at and behave like a cattle crowd..
    Its not easy to sustain you dreams .. or even let them develop in India .. We need to earn bread for us and family and the moment you step into making money .. it squeezes away all your time , letting your passion die..
    In India everyone needs assurance … paise ayenge na ???
    What I am doing personally took me hell loads of efforts to do.. collect money out of jobs so that I could sustain my and my family expenses till the time I am working on something I like .. if I fail .. within a stipulated time .. i will have to go back to jobs !! Thats the reality but yes .. at least when I die .. even unsuccessful .. i would be content .. I gave it a try ! 🙂

    • Maulik says:

      Exactly and if I am not wrong; you have even changed cities. You have a story, you lived it and made it interesting and not just dragged it. I am proud of you and for doing what you love, a Bro-Salute (:

      • My Say says:

        Blushing ! 🙂 Maulik, my brother,thanks a ton for those words of appreciation … indeed cities .. priorities .. and a little more .. 🙂
        I heard somewhere – when u gotta go.. you gotta go !! 😀

  2. Robert Plant had once said, ‘Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there’s still time to change the road you’re on.’

  3. chandni punjabi says:

    true that..amazing blog!

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