Mint-O Ultramintz – Product Review

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Product Reviews
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One Pallet, Worth a million freshness !!

       ITC – One of the leading brands in FMCG has two brands in Confectionary Segment; out of which, one is Mint-O. “Mint-O Ultramintz” being the latest addition in this market, is a sugar free extra-strong mint. Media reviews shows encouraging response from the consumer, however, my elaborated response will be found here under:-

Photo Courtesy: Maulik Doshi

Photo Courtesy: Maulik Doshi
Something which made me feel a lot better; is the card I received with the box which said, I would get to try this product before the world does !! *flattered*

From book reviews to product reviews, I have seen senders packing it attractively for a better first impression in the minds of the consumer. If that is a criteria to judge, Mint-O Ultramintz (hereinafter referred to as “Ultramintz”) earns brownie points. An attractive packing with my name imbibed, tied with blue ribbon was sent at my place with two boxes in it (I am sorry for I couldn’t click the picture as I was not home and my parents tore open the cover to find what has come 😛 ). These boxes, resembling jewellery boxes had small box of Ultramintz kept on a black leather cloth. The black tin case of Ultramintz is attractive, stylish with a proper shape and size and a small opening on the right side corner for the pellets to come in your hand. The box costing Rs. 50/- at present offers you 60 pellets which serves enough and gives value for money with the amount of freshness that it carries. (net weight: 12 grams)

However, if skimming is to be ignored and penetration market strategy is to be considered; then with mint products like tic tac which offers a lot more in Rs. 10/-, Ultramintz will fare low against the competitors. If the target market is restricted, since the product tags royalty along, then Ultramintz is surely doing a great job. As far as my colleague and friend’s responses were concerned, they would love to have this product in smaller sizes.

Keeping aside packing which will solely depend upon the strategy of the company; let us come to the taste part of the product. Ultramintz is perfectly suitable for calorie conscious people. Being Sugar-free, it may not pose threat to diabetics too. It is Vegetarian and consists of Sorbitol (INS 420), lubricating agent – magnesium stearate (INS 470) and Sucralose (INS 955) along with natural flavouring substances. It is not recommended for children. It boasts of finest quality menthol and the best peppermint oils from France in a zero sugar mint. The taste of every pellet gives immense freshness and chill to the insides of the mouth. It does make one feel fresh and is one of the best mints I have ever tried.

Meanwhile, have a look:-

Mint-O Ultramintz


Product Ratings:- 4.5/5 [Rating is based on other mint products available in the market]

Consumer Likeability:- 7/10 [Rating is based on average of responses received after I made my colleagues and friends try it]

Price Sensitivity:- High [Response is based on people still opting for mint available at cheap rates or small packs]

Some pictures of the product:- Mint-O Ultramintz

Source: Ultramintz Facebook Page

Source: Ultramintz Facebook Page

Photo Courtesy: Maulik Doshi

Photo Courtesy: Maulik Doshi

Mint-O Ultramintz

Photo Courtesy: Maulik Doshi

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Mint-O Ultramintz Page

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