Book Review – A Maverick Heart: Between Love and Life

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Book Reviews
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If you rob too much from one person, it becomes murder. If you steal little by little, it looks like business. Steal a penny from each person, call it service charge and you will be a millionaire. The volume makes a difference.

— Page 313 of the book

Photographed by Maulik Doshi

Photographed by Maulik Doshi 


They say, “Don’t judge the book by its cover”; probably someone would have said looking at this book, “Don’t judge the book by its name”. However, even if you are of any opinions that it would be the same typical *debutant-Indian-Author* type of a book, you would be proven wrong. “A Maverick Heart: Between love and life” is that type of a book with amazing cover page and stupid title. One may not even think of reading synopsis of this book if he comes across this book in any book store.


Judgements apart, as many of budding readers are not sticking to age old baseless prejudice over Indian Authors; or preconceived notions about the type of story or type of language they use; I must say, I am impressed by the way, a debutant engineer turned writer has composed this book. So yes, coming to the book, it is a story about 3 people – Rahul, Neerav and Richita – all of them IITians and how their story unfolds, going back and forth, meeting ups and downs, drowning in cheating or following money and those practical silver linings of wall street life, success and failure, right and wrongs, corruptions and manipulations and so on. 3 Characters, 3 different stories, however, strings attached to each other.

  • Rahul:- Charming, Intelligent and a person that was sure to make big bucks. He achieved scholarship even before his final results and was sure to have a bright future. However, the need to do right things and postpone something for a while changes his life and he loses his friends, love and a year. The impact makes him someone, who fights alone with the world but this guy will never complain, never hold grudge and move forward, opposing every practicality and live with emotions.
  • Neerav:- The carefree lad, who goes to USA and works hard to build something, sell it off and make a lot of money. In one of the random moments, he gets indulged in conversation with the bar owner and together with her opens a business that hits wall street and makes him one of the youngest millionaire in USA.
  • Richita:- Rahul’s love of life, has a past which makes her go under the shell, eventually gets married to a rich american snob whose main aim is to build money, go up the ladder, ignore life, only to make so much money that he can retire at 40 and live a good life. She goes through troubled marriage, separates, meets Neerav and helps him in growth of his company and becomes one of the youngest millionare in USA as well.

The way all those 3 stories has been carved is beautiful and one never loses the flow of what is happening. Although, the book is far stretched and many parts could have been edited for the reader to not get lost. The book is unnecessarily long but the author makes it a point to express his intentions. Language used is simple but powerful. Philosophies are deep and not borrowed.

The rating that I would give to this book is 3.5/5



Details of the book

Author:- Ravindra Shukla

Genre:- Fiction/Drama

Price:- Rs. 195/- or $ 8.

Publisher:- Frog Books

ISBN:- 978-93-82473-00-8

Pages: 383


From the back of the Cover

Resonance –
We often use the term, “frequency matching” in our daily life to define compatibility. Our frequency does not match, we do not get along? We are not in sync? We are not on the same page etc?
When people of similar frequencies (wavelengths or within the same range) come together – output is not a simple sum of individual work,but exponential. In science we term this phenomenon as resonance. Output at this stage is beyond any logical limit.
Three young kids, with different family backgrounds and outlook meet during their graduation days at IIT-Bombay campus and become closefriends. Although, individually they are in sync, but the same is not true for their interaction with the world. How will their relation withstand the conflict of family and society pressure?
How do their character shape out, as they traverse from an educational environment through the corporate world to the realm of the social-political world? Inspired by the real events across the globe from the lastdecade, Ravindra Shukla brings you the characters based story – struggle and triumphs of a young generation and their relevance in the current socio-eco-political era.


About the Author

Ravindra Shukla is a graduate of IIT-Bombay. He works for IBM in emerging technology and business analytics in IT software technology. His professional experience includes working with consulting firms – PWC and IBM in USA for 15+ years. He is a member of the Film Writers Association, Mumbai. His interest includes – writing fiction, literature and movie scripts apart from sports, movie and travelling across the globe.

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