Couch concerns

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

A post worth a read !! — Some insights over Casting Couch issues.

Bollywood Journalist

pip-on-the-red-couch-photoshoppedWhen I wrote my last blog there was an uproar from a section of my readers who insisted the casting couch indeed exists in Bollywood.

Yes it does!

The rebuttals prompted me to issue a clarification with the earlier blog as an update to tell you that the casting couch doesn’t exist in A-grade Bollywood films – the films that everybody wants to be a part of.

Roughly any film that has a mounting cost of Rs 10 crores (the cost of shooting and post-production minus the actors’ fees and publicity budget) come under this bracket. Basically, all the Bollywood big releases come under this bracket and sadly, there is no way that you can get into these films through the casting couch route. But now that’s a different story.

Today we will talk about the casting couch that actually exists in Bollywood. All my dear readers, who have pointed out to…

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