Wise Enough To Be Foolish – Book Review

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Book Reviews
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In a tale of her own life, Gauri Jayaram will make you smile, feel loved, want to travel, laugh, feel sad and sometimes angry. A book that would be less of reading but being around the author”

Wise enough to be foolish – is a true story of Gauri Jayaram which is, although published in print, that needs to be read but at no point of time you will feel like you are reading it for the book is written in such a way as if she herself is narrating it in front of us. Starting from the Cover. which has a half portrait of a girl holding a worn out suitcase with title written in beautiful font making it so attractive that you would want to try it out and know this girl’s story. Title is well considered; keeping in mind that previous prospective title of the book was “Finding Love”; however, I feel the current title is way better than the previous one.

Coming to the plot of the book; Gauri makes sure that you get each and every detail of her life starting from her birth as a Fauji Kid to have been grown up as a mid-sibling and corresponding rivalry. How she grows up in school, meeting different types of people and having a story with them. Even though the book is set in yesteryears of 1980s and 1990s, it makes you come across taboo issues like losing virginity, preference of son over daughter, live-in relationships etcetera. It further takes you to how her life takes turns when she becomes one of the toppers in not only academics but also in sports; making her parents proud and travelling to Bombay for her graduation. Although plot shifts itself to Bombay, it keeps coming back and forth and also makes you swim across her tale in Bombay where she meets amazing people, falls in love, almost gets engaged, drifts apart and falls in love again after ending up in a secret marriage that lasts with a heartbreak and again finding love for a happy ending. And when you go through every phase of her life; she will make you smile, feel good, think about and go through every emotion in a way as if it is happening to you.

A tale of an independent woman who makes her life worthwhile and makes you learn many things such as to follow your dreams, do what you want to do and not follow what others want you to; even if those “others” are your parents, persevere and never get bogged down by life’s ups and downs.

Personal Recommendation:- I would love if each and everyone reading this review goes and grabs their copy for this book is amazing beyond praises. A light read, seamless story which can be finished at one go and which would have a “feel superb” effect on you for days. Funny and witty, charming and beautiful, thrilling and unpredictable – that’s how one can describe it one shot. Every character in her story is described in such a sharp way that you can actually create mental image of everyone. One thing I bet is, you won’t get spared in falling in love with Gauri after reading this book.

Meanwhile have a look at this – 

Ratings: 5/5 — Loved every bit of it.

More details:-

Publisher: Jaico Books

Price: Rs. 225/-

ISBN-13: 978-81-8495-456-2

Some of the beautiful things about the book said in public:- 

“A charming, unputdownable read of an empowered Indian Woman – one that both men and women should read” – Milind Soman, model and actor.

“The mind of any girl is an unsolvable mystery. Gauri lets men into that maze” – Omar Qureshi – author and editor in chief, Zoom TV

“Like watching a movie….incredibly ballsy.. scarily honest”. – Abhinay Deo, film director, Delhi Belly.

About the book (at the back of the cover):-

Wise Enough to Be Foolish is a fictionalized memoir that traces the journey of an Indian girl’s life, with all its challenges and delightful surprises, as she blossoms from an insecure child into a confident young woman. This roller-coaster ride of adventure, laughter and heartache, as she balances her love life with her struggle for independence, will keep you guessing – What rules will she break next? How far will she go to find herself?

About the Author:-

Gauri Jayaram

Mother of two girls, ameteur athlete, part time writer, management school drop out, traveler, entrepreneur, in  full time employment with the world’s largest escorted touring company and woman behind The Active Holiday  Company, Gauri Jayaram is a little bit of many things and still not satisfied! she frequently combines her love  for long distance running with rock music.

For more about the book, visit http://wiseenoughtobefoolish.com

Also, part of Sales proceeds from the price of this book support Pinkathon’s Chairy – Women’s Cancer      Initiative. To Learn more about Pinkathon please visit http://pinkathon.in



This book review is a part of Book Review Programme by Jaico Books


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