Posted: September 5, 2013 in Rantings
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She cried from her heart and that sadness had taken a toll on her body. Her eyes were swollen which spoke about how she spent last few days. She missed him and why wouldn’t she? She fought against everyone; not even sparing her own friends; all because she had faith in him. She probably loved him but was far from being obsessed to achieve him. She wanted his happiness and she wanted him around. She wanted her life to be spent with him around her. All the sacrifice and all the love showered and today he isn’t talking to her because his girlfriend asked him to.

I had no clue what to tell her. I myself had gone through this give-it-all-and-get-a-kick-at-the-end phase. I wanted to pacify her; make her smile and get over it. I knew it is tough; I have been suffering in this pain for years but today I had to say something and I couldn’t. All I could do was give her my shoulders to cry and sit besides her; almost about to cry.

It was a mutual sharing of grief. It was the same plight. We both sat there; looking at the shore; imagining the serene sea to be a screen which played our past like a black and white movie. There was no sound around except that of waves hitting the shore, but to us, there was a painful background score.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images


  1. Moxita Parekh says:

    This is Soo good. I wish you could write more.

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