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Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end. 
― Daisaku Ikeda


We human race interpret every particular idea in a way that is beneficial to us, suitable to the needs of our ego and strong enough to hide our fallacies. Talking about Karma, meaning of which is:

1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Now, someone would say, “What goes around, comes around“. Others, especially in the culture I have grown, they say, you pay for every deed that you do for each and every action is recorded. The result of which may come now or tomorrow or next incarnation. Life after Death seems too unreal for the practicality era that our world sets in. Besides, as a child, I always had a question as to why someone so great, so humble and so good a human like King Shivaji of Maratha Dynasty died in his 50’s whereas King Aurangzeb – that cruel emperor of Mughal Dynasty who kills all his brothers and imprisoned his father, who destroyed so many temples and forcefully converted so many people to Islamic faith without their consent, the one who only waged wars and had a great account of bad deeds under his lifetime survived for over 90 years. As a kid, I felt, the concept of Karma is useless. Why should I be punished for something I did in last incarnation, I don’t even know what I was back then and why every bad person enjoy so much life and wealth and good people perish early after a life of struggle and pain?

It took me years to realize that what we see, is not enough and basically nothing. All these concepts have deep meaning and philosophy and it takes a lot of maturity, spiritual awakening, open mind and tolerance to understand the laws of nature. I did pursue this line to feed my curiosity but there was one ideology which gave me comfort. I don’t know how far it is true but I like to stick to this idea of Karma. Honestly, if I am selling an idea, I shouldn’t show a glimpse of self doubt, but readers, I want to know how you interpret this? I don’t want you to follow this blindly. Even if you believe on what I am writing below, do your homework before finding solace over your hundreds and thousands of unanswered questions.

So this idea is inspired from writings of Khorshed Bhavnagri in her book Laws of the Spirit World. I’d love if you read that book (No, I am not endorsing, just suggesting)*. You know, there is a world above us. World having 7 stages called realms, the lowest being the worst and the seventh is where God resides. Since everyone up there knows what is right and what is wrong, the souls never rise spiritually and for them to rise from one realm to another, they have to spend centuries of hardships. This is where, people from Realm 3 and above have an option. If they want to rise quickly, they can descend to earth and test themselves. Earth is like a testing place. Since, on earth, their memory would be erased and there is so much of evil at every stage, it is where a soul can be tested effectively. Naturally, if option is proved to such souls, Compassionate God who treats everyone as equal will never decide his exam. He would ask the soul to decide its own difficulty levels, the karma that the soul wants to be tested or be paid for so that they can pass the tests. Entire life, situation, difficulty levels is designed by themselves and then they descend to earth. All that they select are very much under their capacity to tackle otherwise God won’t approve of it.

And from then, each and every moment, the soul gets tested. If you clear, the situation will never bounce back again and you will rise spiritually. If you fail, just like how it happens in school, you have to repeat the test. Heard of people saying, why does it happen to me again and again, the answer may be that they haven’t yet cleared the test to be upgraded to next level. Always remember, if situation worsens beyond your capacity to tackle, God will always help you out. He stays there, watching you fight your own battle in the testing ground.

If you think of why Good people die early, then probably they cleared tests pretty early or their purpose on earth got solved and so they returned to spirit world which is much more beautiful than earth. If you ask why bad people live forever, then that is because evil souls know how much hardships they have to face in Realm 1 and 2 and that’s the reason, they refuse to leave earth.

Its been a year since I read the book, applied the ideology and felt good. May be this is the most logical interpretation I have ever come across. This was a small part though, the book goes much deeper in making you understand the concept. Inside the book, Khorshed Bhavnagriji has written that she shall be really happy if the readers spread more good in world. I hope, I made her happy tonight.

However, I am open to discussions. I don’t have facts or proofs, but only beliefs. But as they say, faith is what sets the world in motion 🙂 . How do you Interpret Karma?

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Tonight when I am writing this, I am in a state which I haven’t ever been. Weak by the shoulders that can’t keep my back straight, weak by the muscles that can’t even move my legs to walk fast and weak by the throat that can’t even be audible when I am talking.

I guess, I have lived an ignorant life. Ignorance for what happens around. May be, such situations or reality never touched me, may be because I was such a protected kid surrounded by people who I believe won’t even pronounce those words comfortably. But then, whom to trust? Sweet talkers are turning into devils and exploiting these days. In this world where even fathers have faltered in their dignity, respect and manhood, can I trust anyone around?

I don’t know how but somewhere my conversation with a friend reached to the situation of women in our country. Although I had read in newspapers, seen on TV and was aware of what is happening, the reason for such a mental shock and a physical rigidity on listening to it tonight only makes me realize how insensitive I was. Feeling sad, angry, join in protest wasn’t enough or doesn’t match to what goes around us and even though these incidents aren’t new, a personal account has shattered my state of mind at present.

I was at loss of words, had only Delhi Incident to be mentioned as the most horrendous one, besides Austria’s Joseph Fritzl, who locked her wife and daughters in a dungeon to rape all of them for 17 years or the couple who stayed lanes away in who in pretext of achieving wealth, allowed Tantrik to rape his daughters and exploit them apart from he doing it himself. May be there are countless more which I read, got agitated and eventually forgot over time. There are many of such which aren’t even reported. The Delhi girl died, but some are living such pains and atrocities everyday. Today in those 2 hours of conversation, she upright told me about what happened to her friends, what happens to her, what happens to unprivileged people around her and no one can do anything.

These things aren’t small, it rises from small things like a group of men or couple of them stalking you, following you, trying to bring their bikes near you, laughing or singing behind you to people who would stare in such a way making you feel disgusted about yourself to the ones who daringly comment or vomit filthy words only to insult or dishonor the victim. It doesn’t happen only to women, I agree. It happens to men too, although in relatively less occurrences. If these are tolerable and one may even walk up in the world saying that this world is hopeless and we can’t stop living for it, there shall come more such people who would force themselves and the other ones, that I cannot even think what all could they do.

The unfortunate ones who face this in their tender age have impressions on their lives. Those impressions only make them behave abnormally. What happens then? His/Her classmates will tease him/her for being different? His parents instead of understanding the plight shall keep scolding that child? Nowadays, tuition teachers have even started refusing weaker students. Even if a victim wants to recover and lead a normal life, that person won’t be able to because the children of our society aren’t sensitized or educated enough on this issue, because the relatives aren’t beaten to hell for their acts, because the offenders aren’t punished appropriately that they have fear, because no one cares to take an authority to fight against the warden or caretaker who abuses girls in a hostel or orphanage, because no one cares to investigate on take a bath in the swamp of our slums, because our Police never pays heed to such complains effectively, because no one of us have ever been educated or matured enough.

I don’t know what is going wrong and where it is going wrong. If our country is religious and follows all days properly like not eating non vegetarian on Tuesday or pray namaaz 5 times a day or observe fast on specific days, why none of the saints/priests/monks ever propagate respect, honor? Why do they propagate curfew for women instead? Now from where are these people like Asaram coming? Godmen for over decades and what they have been doing? Where is our conscience?

It has been difficult to type, I should have slept, my heart forced me to write it. While writing, I realize, how helpless I feel. I don’t know if I conveyed what I wanted to, I don’t even know if I had something to convey. There is only one chorus in my mind, “I don’t want to live in this world anymore – forget those tests, forget those realities, but I want to go somewhere, but not such place”. At the age of 21, I get this question, how will I protect my kid if the world is such now? It’s not right, we all are collectively going wrong somewhere. Does each one of us taking a personal oath of raising your son in such a way that he will respect, honor and protect every women around him work? I don’t know what will work, but I want something to. For I don’t know I will ever be comfortable or feel safe or feel relaxed unless my mother, sister, girlfriend, friend, wife or daughter or son be home henceforth.

First of all,

HAPPYYY BIRTHDAYYYYY (categorically mentions all the nicknames that has been given to you)*

I am so so so so so sorry .. I have actually postponed the Birthday Blog so much that you’re birthday has only ended. Anyways forgive me, I was busy sleeping – eating – chilling at cafes looking at other people having food – roaming here and there only to crash home late. Aah, so much for a body to feel energy back. Okay, leave that, It’s your blog and for once, I shall stop talking – whining – describing about myself.

Well, there is so much to write for you besides millions of times that I have already said it. You’re a friend who won’t walk behind me, won’t walk in front of me either but always walk besides me. This has been so special for me always, bringing that 32 teeth wide smile every time I have spoken to you; be it those hopeless feeling times of CA-ness or that fed up feeling of being always jinxed. I have told you so many things and you have always absorbed it and then showed the eagerness to hear more of it. I could tell you the silliest thing that I did or the most heart breaking moment I had and you share those joys and sorrows – actually kick the sorrows out of me – but you do be there.

It’s your 21st Birthday and I feel stupid again to not make my point clear in what I want to write. But then there’s a lot of confusion too – the size of it basically scares me .. I have countless times when I really felt so amazing talking to you, there is so much matter :O.

I sure couldn’t bring you a cake, couldn’t send you flowers or gifts and couldn’t meet you too. And although, like I am doing to everyone promising for an organized, non lazy, sorted Maulik who won’t end up in foot in mouth situations in 2014, I’d like to hope and wish something for you. May you have an amazing year ahead, a year full of shopping bags flooding your wardrobe every week; May you carry that beautiful smile which you have and may more lazyness ooze out of you; May we go for my Chocolate cage treat soon and may you pay the rest of the food bill at that restaurant :P, May we both study sincerely and be qualified CA after May exams; May you be a great law consultant or law practitioner in you life and if not that, be the best in what you always have to do; I have a selfish desire too that may you always stay with this fool and bear all whines, rants, cheesiness, cockiness and blunders  like you have been doing till now. 😛

I feel like raising a toast now saying, “To the princess she will always be” 😀

Thank you for everything and wish you a very happy birthday month 😀

Well, uhm ... I'd like to do this someday .. shall contact my stomach infection friend next year for help B-)

Well, uhm … I’d like to do this someday .. shall contact my stomach infection friend next year for help B-)
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I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world

— Rainer Marya Rilke

It rains the hardest on people who deserve the Sun. I had really been disturbed few days back seeing many people around me sacrificing their only love, their only likening, probably the best talent that they have at the stake of securing the future. Well, securing future isn’t wrong but why kill the insides of you for gaining something whose fruits aren’t as sweet as you deserve?

I was touched when I saw this movie, Patiala House, where Akshay Kumar played the role of Pargat Singh Kahlon. In that movie, he quits his dream of becoming an English Cricketer because his father threatens him to end his own life if he plays for Whites. For the love of parents, like all of us do, he quits playing Cricket and doesn’t go further with his selection in England National Cricket Team. He starts handling a shop given to him by his father and leads a sad, lifeless life for 17 years. What he doesn’t leave is practicing Cricket. Although he doesn’t play, he does go and practices at night. It was 17 years after, when he turns 34, life takes turn and he finally gets to play for England National Team and his dream gets fulfilled.

How different are we from Pargat Singh Kahlon? We select Medical, Chartered Accountancy, Engineering and all those high profile professional courses on the insistence of our parents who are sure, just like everyone is, that we will find a midas touch if we do this and be nothing but a pauper or struggler if we chose the field of art or sports. Their fear isn’t wrong, your obedience is not wrong at all; However, where people falter is when they suppress their inner love, their passion, their reason for inner happiness by discontinuing or disregarding or self doubting their abilities, the importance of what they are excelling in and the heights they can reach or the happiness they can always have if they stick to it. It is not possible in this world with so many macro and micro problems leading from poverty to competition to politics to hundreds and thousands of other obstacles to always get deserving reward for what you are best at, to get an opportunity for that, to win a fortune at that but then there isn’t any wisdom in leaving it too. You may never know, tables may just turn and you get an opportunity too just like how Pargat Singh Kahlon did. Okay Okay, now you will tell me that it was just a film but tell me one thing; Aren’t films inspired from real lives?  (Except many South Indian and latest Salman, Akshay, Ajay Devgn movies :\ )*

I just want to tell you, “HOLD ON !!” Don’t let situations take over you, don’t make hasty decisions and don’t ever let go off your love. Stick to it, if life throws you in a different jungle to fend, practice your skills when free just to keep them alive or improve and excel on it on a personal level. If life really had plans for you, sometime – somewhere, you may get an opportunity to live it and if life never had plans for you, you shall just be happy for not letting go off a gift which was given to you by God.  You may not even know if during turbulent times, it is this art which will fetch you food and shelter. Doing what your parents want you to do religiously or doing what comes out as a safest option will do no harm to anybody and keep people around happy too; I am sure, post that obedience you can always justify your devotion of time for things that are close to you. Heard of Michael Jordan saying, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”  

So my dear CA colleague, my Dentist neighbour, my Software Engineer friend, my Law pursuing cousin and so many of you around, I’d really love to open a newspaper one day, get shocked seeing you’ll achieving feats or you holding exhibitions or you holding a concert or you putting an ad for a cooking class or you being another person climbing himalayas or you winning “So you think you can Dance”. This life is a tree full of fruits and these fruits are either to encash and make people happy or spread smiles and make people happy but most important, finding and holding your inner happiness. And lastly – ALWAYS REMEMBER – “It’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes”.

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