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Me: “Why? Why had this got to happen to only me? Hadn’t I taken enough care every time?”

She: “My sister went with everyone for bicycle trekking and even she took a lot of care, however, only she fell and hit the rock and fell into coma.”

———– This is what someone close to me replied when I fussed over a sudden severe  stomach infection, I developed after October that ruined 2 months of my life – physically, academically, professionally, financially and mentally.

      Destiny !! Isn’t it something which some people believe with whole heart, some with doubts and rest do not believe it at all. I am someone who believes in it and have heard much since birth that what is meant to happen, shall happen ultimately.

2013 has been a tough year. My new year started with cops busting the new year party (We got conned by the organizers, okay?) within first half hour of 2013 and it never continued to be good till date. Alright, I had my share of lessons, my share of wins and appreciations, my share of personal victory, my share of growth and my share of discovery this year but it was always challenged and somewhere, I failed to achieve what I expected from 2013.

The year commenced itself with a challenge on personal front whose climax fell during my final year board exams. If not only that, my college life came to an end in the first quarter of this year itself. As Aamir Khan rightly said it in his movie Rang De Basanti, “College de gate di ik taraf hum life ko nachate hai aur duji taraf life humko.”
College ended and voila ! 75 to 80% of the friends you made in college have moved away or have gone busy in their lives. You realize the fact that someone whom you need the most is the one you are best without. Some people mysteriously leave and some go abroad or get entangled in further studies. You happen to accidentally speak to someone whom you never spoke in college life, but that is if luck favors you. The hollowness of you being grown up – the 21 age crises sets in (I spoke about it at length in this post – 21-something-crises). By April, I shifted to a lackluster routine of Sleep-Eat-Go Office-Eat-Sleep with occasional hang outs and frequent overtimes at office. And when this routine had a calm ongoing with me having social life mostly through social networking mediums, life threw melons at me and I developed a severe stomach infection followed by hospitalization and bed rest which I am undergoing right now.

There are few things that I learnt this year – some of them are:

  • Exercise or do Yoga. Don’t let the evils of a sedentary lifestyle take over you. Keep healthy diet and drink lots of water. Some things, how much ever tasty or addictive – Avoid or limit the use. Health may get screwed anytime and trust me, Hospitalization – be it in lavish ones like Kokilaben Ambani or Seven Hills – isn’t a nice experience.
  • Rise over individualistic view and adopt the idea of ISR just like companies have to do CSR after Companies Act, 2013. Oh btw, ISR is Individual Social Responsibility. Spread love and spread smiles. I know how it is to make someone happy, it sure gives more happiness than shopping from Forever 21 or having a fridge full of exotic beers, wines, age old scotch or whiskeys. Don’t be a menace to society.
  • Concentrate on what you are doing with your life. Even if no one tells you, there are strings attached to many people. Take care of your parents, they love you and worry for you. The only reason why you face differences is mainly because of generation gap. There was a funny message that I received in the morning – “With each wrong answer that you write in your paper, your honeymoon tends to shift from Mauritius to Matheran”. 😀
  • Don’t get bogged down if a lot of wrong things happen at the same time. May be its a testing period. Someone great had told me this year, “Your life starts only after you plan your entire life up there, select all your difficulties and tests that you want to undergo on earth to rise spiritually. It is only after you submit this to God and confirm the acceptance of challenge, that your life starts on earth. If you fail in the tests, it gets repeated just like how it happens in school. Don’t ever feel your problems won’t ever end because these problems are selected by you and are very much under your capacity and competency. Just keep faith in God, Introspect and bounce back. Once you pass the spiritual test, trust me, such a similar situation will never repeat itself.”
  • Do those things that incline you toward the big questions, and avoid the things that would reduce you and make you trivial.

There is much more actually, I can keep on speaking about it at any hour of the day, I could write a lot on it too but sometimes I need readers and I am told to learn skills of precis writing 😦 . But now comes 2014 in about 24 days. This year is too important in many aspects and I look forward to being a qualified professional after May Exams, probably earn a few more accolades too. Time permitting, back pack and go on for exploring new places – this year my friends and I could only google and plan but never happened to go. Read more books, especially complete Harry Potter, Dan Brown series and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Blog more frequently and possibly join a diploma in creative writing. Think and work over screwed up love life and meet more interesting people, end up at more crazy parties and do some real dhasu stuffs (However, this does not involve gate crashing at weddings Abhas and Harsh 😛 ).

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”
― Alfred Tennyson

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

  1. Only when a person is not satisfied with what he has achieved, shall he progress.

  2. P.S You have banned Abhas and me from every wedding in this city!

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