Happy Birthday Happiness Vending Machine

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Free Hugs :')
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First of all,

HAPPYYY BIRTHDAYYYYY (categorically mentions all the nicknames that has been given to you)*

I am so so so so so sorry .. I have actually postponed the Birthday Blog so much that you’re birthday has only ended. Anyways forgive me, I was busy sleeping – eating – chilling at cafes looking at other people having food – roaming here and there only to crash home late. Aah, so much for a body to feel energy back. Okay, leave that, It’s your blog and for once, I shall stop talking – whining – describing about myself.

Well, there is so much to write for you besides millions of times that I have already said it. You’re a friend who won’t walk behind me, won’t walk in front of me either but always walk besides me. This has been so special for me always, bringing that 32 teeth wide smile every time I have spoken to you; be it those hopeless feeling times of CA-ness or that fed up feeling of being always jinxed. I have told you so many things and you have always absorbed it and then showed the eagerness to hear more of it. I could tell you the silliest thing that I did or the most heart breaking moment I had and you share those joys and sorrows – actually kick the sorrows out of me – but you do be there.

It’s your 21st Birthday and I feel stupid again to not make my point clear in what I want to write. But then there’s a lot of confusion too – the size of it basically scares me .. I have countless times when I really felt so amazing talking to you, there is so much matter :O.

I sure couldn’t bring you a cake, couldn’t send you flowers or gifts and couldn’t meet you too. And although, like I am doing to everyone promising for an organized, non lazy, sorted Maulik who won’t end up in foot in mouth situations in 2014, I’d like to hope and wish something for you. May you have an amazing year ahead, a year full of shopping bags flooding your wardrobe every week; May you carry that beautiful smile which you have and may more lazyness ooze out of you; May we go for my Chocolate cage treat soon and may you pay the rest of the food bill at that restaurant :P, May we both study sincerely and be qualified CA after May exams; May you be a great law consultant or law practitioner in you life and if not that, be the best in what you always have to do; I have a selfish desire too that may you always stay with this fool and bear all whines, rants, cheesiness, cockiness and blunders  like you have been doing till now. 😛

I feel like raising a toast now saying, “To the princess she will always be” 😀

Thank you for everything and wish you a very happy birthday month 😀

Well, uhm ... I'd like to do this someday .. shall contact my stomach infection friend next year for help B-)

Well, uhm … I’d like to do this someday .. shall contact my stomach infection friend next year for help B-)
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