Where are we heading?

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Current Affairs
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Tonight when I am writing this, I am in a state which I haven’t ever been. Weak by the shoulders that can’t keep my back straight, weak by the muscles that can’t even move my legs to walk fast and weak by the throat that can’t even be audible when I am talking.

I guess, I have lived an ignorant life. Ignorance for what happens around. May be, such situations or reality never touched me, may be because I was such a protected kid surrounded by people who I believe won’t even pronounce those words comfortably. But then, whom to trust? Sweet talkers are turning into devils and exploiting these days. In this world where even fathers have faltered in their dignity, respect and manhood, can I trust anyone around?

I don’t know how but somewhere my conversation with a friend reached to the situation of women in our country. Although I had read in newspapers, seen on TV and was aware of what is happening, the reason for such a mental shock and a physical rigidity on listening to it tonight only makes me realize how insensitive I was. Feeling sad, angry, join in protest wasn’t enough or doesn’t match to what goes around us and even though these incidents aren’t new, a personal account has shattered my state of mind at present.

I was at loss of words, had only Delhi Incident to be mentioned as the most horrendous one, besides Austria’s Joseph Fritzl, who locked her wife and daughters in a dungeon to rape all of them for 17 years or the couple who stayed lanes away in who in pretext of achieving wealth, allowed Tantrik to rape his daughters and exploit them apart from he doing it himself. May be there are countless more which I read, got agitated and eventually forgot over time. There are many of such which aren’t even reported. The Delhi girl died, but some are living such pains and atrocities everyday. Today in those 2 hours of conversation, she upright told me about what happened to her friends, what happens to her, what happens to unprivileged people around her and no one can do anything.

These things aren’t small, it rises from small things like a group of men or couple of them stalking you, following you, trying to bring their bikes near you, laughing or singing behind you to people who would stare in such a way making you feel disgusted about yourself to the ones who daringly comment or vomit filthy words only to insult or dishonor the victim. It doesn’t happen only to women, I agree. It happens to men too, although in relatively less occurrences. If these are tolerable and one may even walk up in the world saying that this world is hopeless and we can’t stop living for it, there shall come more such people who would force themselves and the other ones, that I cannot even think what all could they do.

The unfortunate ones who face this in their tender age have impressions on their lives. Those impressions only make them behave abnormally. What happens then? His/Her classmates will tease him/her for being different? His parents instead of understanding the plight shall keep scolding that child? Nowadays, tuition teachers have even started refusing weaker students. Even if a victim wants to recover and lead a normal life, that person won’t be able to because the children of our society aren’t sensitized or educated enough on this issue, because the relatives aren’t beaten to hell for their acts, because the offenders aren’t punished appropriately that they have fear, because no one cares to take an authority to fight against the warden or caretaker who abuses girls in a hostel or orphanage, because no one cares to investigate on take a bath in the swamp of our slums, because our Police never pays heed to such complains effectively, because no one of us have ever been educated or matured enough.

I don’t know what is going wrong and where it is going wrong. If our country is religious and follows all days properly like not eating non vegetarian on Tuesday or pray namaaz 5 times a day or observe fast on specific days, why none of the saints/priests/monks ever propagate respect, honor? Why do they propagate curfew for women instead? Now from where are these people like Asaram coming? Godmen for over decades and what they have been doing? Where is our conscience?

It has been difficult to type, I should have slept, my heart forced me to write it. While writing, I realize, how helpless I feel. I don’t know if I conveyed what I wanted to, I don’t even know if I had something to convey. There is only one chorus in my mind, “I don’t want to live in this world anymore – forget those tests, forget those realities, but I want to go somewhere, but not such place”. At the age of 21, I get this question, how will I protect my kid if the world is such now? It’s not right, we all are collectively going wrong somewhere. Does each one of us taking a personal oath of raising your son in such a way that he will respect, honor and protect every women around him work? I don’t know what will work, but I want something to. For I don’t know I will ever be comfortable or feel safe or feel relaxed unless my mother, sister, girlfriend, friend, wife or daughter or son be home henceforth.

  1. Yeah agree with you and the fact is all of this starts from smaller things like passing comments, stalking. People oppose when someone stares or comments on their womenfolk but the same people are at ease when they are doing the same to others- “it’s just for fun” thats what they say!

    • Maulik says:

      Exactly ! and honestly, even I admit to have done this sometime in past .. but these are signs that our culture/environment is lacking something important.

      • I too feel there is something wrong in the way everyone is brought up. And look at all the movies and the ads, they show teasing to be cool, a sign of strong male, etc. People are influenced by all that as well.

      • Maulik says:

        I so agree. It will take ages for men to realize that the manhood doesn’t come from oppressing but respecting women !!

  2. Ruchita Pursnani says:

    Those were really nice lines, I’m proud that you even sat down and gave this problem a thought. Well many don’t. They just read get sad and forget about it. Luckily as for me I haven’t gone through any sort of cheap comments on the road.. though staring never stops. Even im disgusted. What can we do !?
    We can’t just start screaming at them on the road just for staring they’re well verswd with comebacks to that!
    Anyway the mere thought of guilt counts.

  3. slytherpride says:

    First of all, thanks for even giving a thought to it. And people who are treated like this at a young age are scarred for their entire life. They end up being insecure and more hurt if someone hurts them. I’ve seen kids call other kids names, without even knowing what it means. They learn from their parents, who do it ‘just for fun!’ Unless every one decides to change, its gonna get even worse!

  4. Divya says:

    I cnt agree more…helpless…dts d word i feel…i feel angry, so disgusted when i come across such an incident…or experience one…n after so many sleepless nyts i think dere’s little i can do….but if all of us do our little part in it..it vil be so done..i cant skip office and go for protest everyday..nobody can..its not that people have forgotten..dey are still angry…bt each of us need to understand what we can do to stop it…we can teach n raise our sons and brothers to grow up to be men who respect woman..we can change our jidgemental outlook on evry girl who wears a deep lipstick nd a short skirt…we can stop blaming the victim even if e dont understand d how’s or why’s….we need to be kind in our approach…in the day to day life….dts our little part…nd from where i see it….if we do that…we can change it…not in one day bt soon…

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