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Sayonara …

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Free Hugs :')
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ā€œI guess that’s what saying good-bye is always like–like jumping off an edge. The worst part is making the choice to do it. Once you’re in the air, there’s nothing you can do but let go.ā€
ā€• Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall

Just yesterday I broke the ice after a 7 month vacation from Blogging .. To be honest, If I look back at life past one year, It was practically nothing. I returning from Chennai, long hours of work, being alone on assignments, new to a lot of exposures, prolonged sickness that kept going undetected followed by hospitalization, bed rest and 5 months of study schedule coupled with new found deep interest in Indian Polity.

12 months .. fresh from a long gap of vaccum, just when I recovered with everything slowly falling into place, I am going to get another vaccum. Someone who has been one of the closest friend who also shared my professional space is going to leave. Situations like these are tough to deal, both feeling happy as well as sad would get you a huge guilt. I am happy that he is attaining freedom, getting into what he would love to do, stepping to a better life but sad too, not just because he won’t be there now but most of my past is clouded with people too close to me going as much far after a shift from the phase.

Well, anyways, this is life as they say, people come and go. All I trust is, some people would stay, no matter what and I am sure he would too. But even if he wouldn’t, it is better I remember him and smile otherwise it would be better to forget than to remember and feel bad. There isn’t much purpose to why I am writing this, may be I wanted to just speak out. Probably he is on his way to become a Journalist, let’s hope you and I get to see him feature in Corporate Dossiers or CNBCs in a year or two.

Sayonara brother .. Have a great new life from tomorrow .. “SHAM” will never break apart and we 3 will join you soon in conquest of eternal bliss, Amen. šŸ™‚

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Snapped !

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Rantings
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I got up early last Sunday morning, trying to tip toe at home so as to not be noticed that I am awake, but only to be caught and reminded of pending work. Sigh ! .. What more can you expect from a boy having his 6 days of the week spent in Chambers of Accountants.

It didn’t go down well, but I had to do it. I checked myself hundred times even after completing all morning chores of having a shower and all that. I knew something is wrong, it was this particular day, where I would least want to have a bad hair day. But obviously, I have this old enmity with Murphy. I HAD a bad hair day already. Tried about half an hour to get my hair presentable and after little resistance, I head out of my house.

Murphy gets back, just when I reached halfway, it started raining heavily, I could have returned back, but had delayed these things enough, headed straight and reached. I entered this place after about 3 years. It felt weird, stomach churned, there were regrets already to not have taken enough the last time. I was minutes away to sign up for a new pack of humiliation. To move towards something, I’ll always be repelled to see. I was made to sit, white cloth dragged and adjusted behind me, I looked ahead, smiled grimly and SNAPPED – MY PASSPORT SIZE PHOTO WAS CLICKED !!