Snapped !

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Rantings
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I got up early last Sunday morning, trying to tip toe at home so as to not be noticed that I am awake, but only to be caught and reminded of pending work. Sigh ! .. What more can you expect from a boy having his 6 days of the week spent in Chambers of Accountants.

It didn’t go down well, but I had to do it. I checked myself hundred times even after completing all morning chores of having a shower and all that. I knew something is wrong, it was this particular day, where I would least want to have a bad hair day. But obviously, I have this old enmity with Murphy. I HAD a bad hair day already. Tried about half an hour to get my hair presentable and after little resistance, I head out of my house.

Murphy gets back, just when I reached halfway, it started raining heavily, I could have returned back, but had delayed these things enough, headed straight and reached. I entered this place after about 3 years. It felt weird, stomach churned, there were regrets already to not have taken enough the last time. I was minutes away to sign up for a new pack of humiliation. To move towards something, I’ll always be repelled to see. I was made to sit, white cloth dragged and adjusted behind me, I looked ahead, smiled grimly and SNAPPED – MY PASSPORT SIZE PHOTO WAS CLICKED !!


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