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“When we keep parts of ourselves locked away and behind a mask, we only give them more power and control.”

—– Shannon Crane

Off late I have realized, how much ever distinct we humans are from each other, we almost feel the same with the difference being the level of sensitizing it in any given similar situation. However, we are so insecure or scared of being judged that we often self immolate ourselves. I know for the fact that this world is a shitty place and most people derive pleasure in dancing over other’s sorrow thereby not really giving us opportunities to go out there and relieve us, pour our heart out, lighten up.

But where I speak of most people being crooked, I do mean that there are some people who don’t belong to that category too and sometimes, by taking risk, by taking that one step, we can just save ourselves a lot of agony, sorrow and sufferance. We must understand that we all are same and that there shouldn’t be any reason to hide. A little courage is needed but once you find those person you can confine too, never hesitate in leaning forward.

So this takes me to the time where one friend randomly wrote to me about wanting to cry out loud as he was under such a heavy stress. He spoke about not being able to do that for otherwise people would think of himself as weak. I’m sure he lingered on this feeling for quite a lot of time before confining to me. I’m sure he must have felt a bit better but what happened later is that when I went through the same stress and broke down, I was able to recover quickly for I knew, I am not alone here. I am not alone in the struggle and that people are feeling the same. It so happens always is that in the weakest moments, you tend to certify yourself as someone who is a misfit, someone who is incapable and tend to filter out all your struggles and successes till date. By being open, you not only help yourself but even that person during his adversity.

Weeks later, a friend spoke to me about she being fed up and thinking of quitting. I had to do nothing but tell her that I know what she is going through because I went through it too. I did not ask her what she was feeling for whatever I told what I felt few weeks back exactly matched her state too. By the time we came to the end of the phone call, she was rejuvenated, relieved, all set to give a fight again and majorly it was because that she realized she is not alone.

We humans are too dependent for that is how the entire ecosystem is. We ourselves are making world a meaner place and we ourselves are forcing us to isolate ourselves. How much ever technology has bought us closer, it has also created distance between physical beings. We have become bunch of scared souls. We have become pretentious. We need to let off that mask because at the core, we are all the same.

We all want love and approval. We all want to shed our insecurities and we all want to feel free. There’s no reason to hide or shut yourself. Go out there, take a risk, find that person but don’t lock yourself for each of us, deep down, has the same set of fears that you are having.

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