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One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision

—- Bertrand Russel

Apparently in the year 1999, psychologists Mr. David Dunning and his student Mr. Justin Kruger published a paper donning a theory that came to be known as Dunning-Kruger effect.

This theory speaks about how an incompetent or an ignorant person thinks that he is brilliant but competent or smart person would underestimate himself. It is a kind of deviation in judgement where a skilled person assumes that things they find easy are also easy for others and the unskilled are so incompetent that they can’t recognize their own dumbness. Let’s not be myopic here. This theory applies to everyone as no one is totally perfect or self sufficient and each one of us is incompetent over one thing or the other.

In one of the discussions about the theory, Mr. Dunning explains that incompetent people do not, rather cannot recognize just how incompetent they are. He further explains that, “What’s curious is that, in many cases, incompetence does not leave people disoriented, perplexed, or cautious. Instead, the incompetent are often blessed with an inappropriate confidence, buoyed by something that feels to them like knowledge.” This effect is primarily a situation where a competent suffers from illusory inferiority whereas the incompetent suffer from illusory superiority. We have come towards a time where the ones who feel certainty are idiots whereas those with imagination and understanding are filled with doubts and indecision.

This reminds me of what Charles Darwin said, “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge”. This theory can have many arguments but we cannot rubbish it too. When I read about this theory today and narrated it to my dad, he said, that’s so true, the one without any skill would have nothing to worry and boast incessantly whereas the skilled one is marred with a lot of what ifs and options that makes him all confused and indecisive. The only wisdom here is to know that we know nothing as Socrates says and be aware that there is much of knowledge yet to be known.

As Dunning and Kruger concludes, “The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.”





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When we were kids, it was so simple to retain your batting whenever you got out by complaining the ball to be fast, to be too low or by just taking advantage of owning the bat. If you would get out on the first ball, you would scream that it was a trial ball and start innings back. I wish these virtues were possible to practice in real life too as you grew up.

Sometimes, we behave so foolish that the next moment we feel like deleting those few minutes and get back to life again. Rest of the time would just go in hoping if it were all a bad dream. You will wonder as to where did your sensibilities go and die thinking about several what ifs. I wish we had power to reverse time. I so wish and I am sure you’ll wish for it too.

Anyways, so I ended up typing this random sounding post for I am regretting a particular event of my past since last night. But hey hey .. Have you’ll read Fault in our stars by John Green? I am not going to talk about how I felt about the book but there’s this line which I really really loved;

You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you.

I like my choices, do you like yours? 😉

“Victory is a thousand times sweeter when you’re the underdog.”
Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

I am sure all of you have heard about ICC’s plan to cut down World Cup 2019 to a ten team event. The idea is to make the highest event more competitive among equal sides. As per the new qualifying rules, England, being the host of World Cup 2019 and another 7 teams among 8 top teams in ICC ODI Rankings will get to qualify for the World Cup and rest 6 teams will have to fight for remaining two spots.

Whereas such a formula would be acceptable to many but that would certainly mean that none of the associate nations would get a chance to play the World Cup. Not only it would hurt the terrific performances given by Ireland in past 3 world cups but would also bring back the slow growth for the love of this game in the world. This could prove to be one of the worse mistake ICC could take at a time when Cricket is really growing and reaching many countries in different parts of the world.

I agree on the part that except Ireland and Zimbabwe, other teams were hardly impressive in the last World Cup as far as winning matches is concerned but that’s how you create opportunities and give chances for them to excel. It was this chance that made Sri Lanka what it is now or rather Bangladesh from what they were before. In fact the minnow of 1980s Sri Lanka even won a World Cup whereas the highly revered English team has not won a single on in any format of the Game. Even if the entire arrangement is to take top 8 teams, then strike that and make it top 5 or top 6 teams to qualify. That would give more positions to qualify and higher chances too. As far as Associate nations are considered, I feel they are fighting a wrong battle. Lambasting ICC for diminishing their opportunities by not allowing them to play World Cup is totally a wrong direction. What they should rather be doing is fighting for more international matches. There must mandatorily be minimum 2 matches with every test playing nation every year. If that is not possible at least with the A sides of those countries. More cricket on International front would surely give them more exposure to excel and also create attention from among countries thereby keeping intact the rising popularity rate of this game.

If such delicate arrangements are not handled by ICC, I am sure it will create a dent in the bright future of the Game and also leave a scar in budding stars of tomorrow. Especially the teams like Afghanistan or other African teams who have fought all odds and reached this level. There is much thinking to do before just running behind revenue expansion plans. World over, people still rejoice when Associate Nations put up a good show and that joy is as much as a great performance put by own team. These so-called minnows have given us really good performances since the inception of World Cups, we sure don’t want to cut down on them.

Also, I’d like you to read this post too which I found really nice on the same subject by Hindustan Times.



One fine day, I came across Blogadda’s new activity which involved them sending me three clues for which I had to guess the product. The activity sounded interesting and so I signed up for it instantly. I had a clue about this being an interesting activity but Blogadda really put me to brainstorm with the way clues kept coming. The activity was to guess the product that has been made to shut Body Odour. So here’s the first clue where I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda. 😀


Does this give you any clue? No .. and the same way, I wondered if there is something like a nose clip that I would get like we have to shut snoring. But here we were certainly talking about body odour and I guess no one would use a nose clip like product.  Though at some places I’d like to but I am sure it would be rude 😛

Then comes the next day where I kept calling home from work to ask if another clue came. It came late evening after I gave up enquiring at home but as I received the box, I opened the box instantly. It tasted a lot like coffee and BAM !! I get a small gunny bag full of Coffee Beans. Oh My God .. WHAT WOULD IT BE NOW? Could it be a deodorant but then I thought, wouldn’t this marketing strategy would be for more strategic product. I started brainstorming over what other things would it be. Would it be a soap in Coffee flavour? I am sure that flavour isn’t released as yet but then again Coffee flavour? The second clue made me foolishly think of the product to be something close to Coffee. I was excited and also pissed that I wasn’t able to guess what would it be.

But hey, let’s not leave the packing aside, second day packing was cute and here you see the image below: 😀


Third day got me angry. I got no parcel and I was already dying to guess what it would be like. Waited whole day for the courier guy to come. I thought maybe I did not get for I wasn’t able to go for the Big Reveal Event on Saturday. I wish I could go for it. I was so excited but sigh, Job people have no choice L

BUT HEY HEY, the next day morning itself I received the third clue and it was a FACE MASK !!


Really? A mask, I think there would be some nose clip for sure. Although absurd, I felt like believing market to come with such stuff. Next day was the meet and I made a mental note to check twitter to know what the big reveal is. I must admit, Blogadda played it really well. So the product was Nivea Deodorizer .. A DEODORIZER? … whoa .. I liked the name though. So let me tell you about the product from the horse’s mouth …


#BanBodyOdour .. like seriously and here’s one tool now. Go take your bottle and spray it on everyone in your railway compartment or crowded bus. Hehe 😀 but honestly, I was really amused with the product. I got this product on Monday evening at my doorstep and let me tell you, it has a really soothing fragrance. Suits my taste of mild fragrance and even lasts reasonably long. So now I have a male product that can beat Body Mists that so many women use :D.

This whole guess the product from the clue, timely sending of clue, day forms to submit your tweets and facebook posts, it was entirely a well managed activity by Blogadda and the entire experience was enchanting. I really feel sad to miss the Saturday event. I wish I could but to conclude, go guys, get this deodorizer. Nivea has come with a much needed, much appreciable product.

Thank You Nivea and Blogadda, you couldn’t be caught by my investigative skills 😀 😀 .. and and and .. before I end, let me show my readers, the Nivea Deodorizer ——>


Yayyy 😀 😀