Companionship over Relationship

Posted: July 30, 2015 in What do you think?
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While trying to get sleep, I hopped into Twitter at 2 am when I indulged in a conversation with a friend over Companionship and Relationship. I would surely paste down the conversation down but before that, I would like to know what do you think over these two terms? Do you feel they are the same? Do you feel they have a difference and if yes, what is it? What would you prefer?

I would love to see all of you commenting over it to give me more perceptions towards it. So let me start with what I believe this to be. Companionship is somewhat like a romantic-platonic-friendship model. Not necessarily involving lust, maybe having no iota of sex in it contrary to popular belief of it being nothing but Friends with Benefits. My understanding doesn’t concur to this fact. Companionship in a precise description would be a romantic friendly relationship without any commitment, full of freedom, however, beholding strong sense of trust and understanding. Full freedom wouldn’t mean you have such relationships with so many people but you having liberty to try, explore, experience anything in your life without being answerable or accountable.

Whereas relationships would include being answerable, being committed, being accountable. Relationships would give a sense of security which companionship lacks. Companionship sounds the most suitable for people who are drowned into studies, work, family commitments and barely have time to keep up with relationships. Relationships are more expected or imagined to be like fairy tales. Companionship is based on deep understanding between two individuals.

This is something that I understand it to be or I prefer it to be like and I would really like to know what do you’ll think about this concept and here I paste down my entire conversation of that night. 😀

  1. You make me wanna get back to twitter! Make me wanna get aboard more ‘ships’ and explore the world around them 🙂

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