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‚ÄúIt is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.‚Ä̬†
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†‚Äē¬†Jiddu Krishnamurti

¬†In one of the incidents narrated by my father, he told me about his distant cousin whose both the Kidneys had failed. When he was taken for operation, he saw all the dissecting instruments kept on the table of the Operation Theatre. Looking at the sharp objects and so many instruments just prior to operation, he developed a high fear in fright and Doctors had to abandon operation for that. In a week, he died as operation couldn’t be conducted because of his fever not receding down at any cost.

         Recently, when my father was operated for a blockage in one of the biggest hospitals of Mumbai after a failed operation in an average hospital. He gave me a distinction between both the hospitals and their healthcare. While the previous Hospital had a decent Operation Theatre, in spite of heavy charges, they also had Cockroaches roaming inside his twin sharing patient room. He told me how a medicine was prescribed to him and when his body did not accept it for Diabetes or other problems, they checked then and changed and again a new dost started causing him extreme heat in body and aches in joints.

In the new hospital, where a huge surgery was performed for he was told that the previous hospital just relied on Sonography and operated whereas such blocks require many other tests like Uroflowmetry, RGU X-Ray, etc, he was so mesmerized with Operation Theatre. He did not even see a single instrument in his entire 5 hour operation out of which 4 hours he was sedated with Anesthesia. He told me about his first day, when junior doctors came, took a sample of his blood and tested in Test-Tubes. When my dad asked him about what they were doing, they said, they are testing if a particular medicine is allergic to you or not. He was so impressed. He just knew by then that he is going to be fit and fine soon. The rooms were clean, Sanitizers were provided to him, he surely had a luxurious stay at almost the same cost of previous hospital. Today, after 5-6 months of misery, he is fine and ready to resume his routine.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†This is what Modern Health Care is all about. How it gives hope to a certain patient who is already wary of his own disease, pains and fears. Modern Healthcare touches life surely as they not only care about a patient’s well being in medical operation terms but also at aesthetic and comfort levels. In the first story, the poor guy died our of fear rising from dissection instruments, whereas when my Dad was admitted in a better hospital, he saw none of the instruments till the day of his discharge when he was handed over the bill of Operation Theatre which consisted a list of instruments used. Where one of the hospital, though average, but renowned with decent interiors had Cockroaches moving in the room, in the next hospital, not even a fly was visible anywhere. Where in first hospital he was told what issues he had, he wasn’t exactly explained the problem and only the tests whose technology was available within Hospital Premises were considered, whereas in the next hospital, he was asked to go elsewhere and get the tests done too, along with Doctors explaining him through Audio Visual, Drawings and Models as to what problems he had and what causes it. He was shocked when he consulted Doctor of this hospital because he had no clear picture of what problem exactly was when he was in previous hospital. The Doctors also conducted different surgeries giving him more pain and injected him different medicines to finally come to the one which suited him while the next hospital only injected him with apt medicine after thorough research using his blood samples.

The Charges were almost same for both the hospitals, whereas one hospital escalated charges by trying new medicines every now and then for their previous try went in vain, I am not even talking about agony what my dad felt at such an irresponsible practice which could have endangered his life, also because of the many days that he had to stay there as recovery took time. Charges were more for the effective, successful operation in the next hospital, but did not escalate unnecessarily as medicines were apt, and also the stay was brief.

At present when, everyday is challenged with a new deformity or disease, Modern HealthCare is very important to adapt, for it not only enhances internal health but also boosts overall health of a patient.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

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This post, although exclusive for Apollo Hospital’s Contest listed with Indiblogger on “How Modern HealthCare touch lives”, is a true account of what happened with two people mentioned in the post.




“I was too young to notice,

that the man who gave me a chocolate, was not Santa Clause”


Dear God,

You must be already knowing who I am, and so, may be, I don’t need any introduction. I thought of visiting you, but I never got a chance to move out of my dorm, and the only time I did go out, my masters never left my hand that I could go anywhere else.

I don’t have more time now, I am weak, I am going to die soon. Two weeks back, when I was very weak, and kept having¬†diarrhea, some man in a white coat had come to examine me, he took my blood and left. I clearly remember the time, 3:09pm, when he left, because after that time, I have not got a single morsel of food. However, they gave me water, but that too, was dirty. As if, it was an obligation for them. My master had said,¬†“Saale ko AIDS hai, marne do, ab kuch kaam ka nahi”,¬†when the guard pleaded him to provide me food. He had seen me crying, struggling, licking my sweaty arms to quench my thirst after the jar of dirty water was done.

I am writing to you, precisely because I want to request you to not make me human the next time you plan to send me back to earth. It is very painful to be one. It was painful when they sent me to some dirty people who inserted something back, which pained a lot. It bleed, it had bruises which were though tended nicely by my Master, but before it could heal, some other Man would again practice same on me. I had stitches also, it gave me more pain when I went to excrete my wastes. I asked him to get me something to reduce this pain, but he would apply a cream which burnt and gave double the pain than relief and eventually, I decided to mitigate suffering by not complaining.

As the years went, and I turned an adolescent from a child, more dirty tricks were played on me. They used to ask me to dress on wierd clothes which they provided me, and asked me to dance, by touching their bodies.¬†They used to burn my skin by their cigarette tips and used to laugh when I cried. Some people were more dangerous. They used to hit me, or insert foreign objects in my body and laugh. I used to cry to my Master to not send me to such people, but he always told me, “You are been bought by me, and so, you need to do all this. If you won’t, I won’t earn and you will die hungry”. I was too scared or dumb to realize that hunger was a better death than this.¬†

I once asked my Master,¬†“where are those people who used to take me to Garden, feed me candies, and send me school? Where are Aai-baba?”¬†and he simply replied, that they only sent me here. I started hating my parents too, until yesterday, when my the guard, of my dorm, told me that a man who worked in my father’s shop, had tried to rape my mother, for which, my father removed him from work, and filed a case. That man pleaded him that he has served him for 15 years and he should be spared, but my dad did not listen and he was imprisoned for 6 years. I was 2 by then and did not remember all this. He told me, that he had offered me a chocolate when I was just out of my school¬†(I clearly remember this incident, it still remains fresh in my memory. How he, offered me chocolate, and next when I woke up, I was on his shoulders wrapped by a thick black shawl. I was too terrified to shout, and didn’t realise who was carrying me. I was then given to some man in white attire and long beard, who had two servants who injected me again. I clearly remember those 15 minutes I spent on someone’s shoulder, for then, my life has been total darkness)¬†and then he told me, how I was sold to Master, and that I am here like many other children, who are kept in separate dorms and are not allowed to meet.

I miss my parents. I don’t know how they must be feeling. Today, I turn 17 years old, as my Guard had wished me in the morning. I don’t even know what is the date. But I am sure, I won’t see tomorrow. And that is the very reason, I asked Guard to give me a pen and a paper, for I wanted to request you to not make a human again.¬†I hope letter reaches you, and that Master doesn’t tear it, like he has done to everything that I have written before.

Yours unloved and unnamed.


“Child abuse and flesh trade of children is still prevalent in our country. The entire lives of poor souls who are meant to play goes in suffering, Together we shall fight this evil and award the most harsh punishment to the one involved in this”

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