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Posted: July 18, 2015 in Rantings
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The Confucian myth that challenged Taoist sage in Chinese mythology spoke of collective within the nature and saw culture as order. Jade Emperor maintained the harmony and the Emperor of the Forbidden city had to simply mimic him ritually for the order. This was practical here and now worldview. Chinese people abhor disorder.

Coming to India, the mythology was totally different. Indian mythology understands that everything changes and nothing lasts forever, not even death. Indian mythology speaks of infinity and impermanence. In this scenario, there was always a tension in India between different truths. Myth is a subjective truth, your truth and my truth, not truth.

We, Indians, are so used to disorder. From our own personal work ethics to Governmental agencies, from our academics to the services we have around, nothing is ever in order. Even in mythology, different truths trying to establish themselves did bring disorder. We are so used to it that when things go in order, we either get surprised or start complaining with vague arguments like, before bringing this in order, improve that and etc, forgetting that everything has to begin somewhere and such things won’t happen overnight.

What makes me talk about this topic is relating to what I have experienced lately. Last two weeks, for my work, I had to travel to Fort. It really amused me how the entire crowd mobilizes itself, walks in a mob as the Signal indicates green light for people to cross the road who would then use Zebra Crossing. Everyone would ensemble at the end of the footpath, stand till signal gives permission and walk the other side. In one of the days, I went to Indiabulls Finance Centre to meet a friend and I saw a similar case where people would move in a line, move in one mob, walking from one end to the other. Maybe such small things happen a lot of times in our routine and we conveniently ignore but eventually in my two weeks stint, I did happen to notice this marvel. It felt like I have traveled to a different country altogether.

What happened to me later was when I would see signal blaring green for the cars to move and see few people yet, trying to cross, it would give me a fit of rage, as much as it gave the drivers who would honk louder than usual. Also, those few people who would just not stand on footpath and take away half the road almost blocking a sizable road for the cars to move freely and at most of the places, especially Station roads, people would consider the entire road as footpath (definitely not talking about locations where footpaths are taken over by hawkers) are no less idiots. Even if the cars would honk, they would still walk ignoring the noise but would just not start walking on the footpath.

But anyways, I liked this feeling of seeing things in order. A very small thing but some day if you go walking from Churchgate Station to D.N. Road or Horniman Circle or nearby areas, try noticing this simple marvel. I am sure you will feel good about it.




“Victory is a thousand times sweeter when you’re the underdog.”
Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

I am sure all of you have heard about ICC’s plan to cut down World Cup 2019 to a ten team event. The idea is to make the highest event more competitive among equal sides. As per the new qualifying rules, England, being the host of World Cup 2019 and another 7 teams among 8 top teams in ICC ODI Rankings will get to qualify for the World Cup and rest 6 teams will have to fight for remaining two spots.

Whereas such a formula would be acceptable to many but that would certainly mean that none of the associate nations would get a chance to play the World Cup. Not only it would hurt the terrific performances given by Ireland in past 3 world cups but would also bring back the slow growth for the love of this game in the world. This could prove to be one of the worse mistake ICC could take at a time when Cricket is really growing and reaching many countries in different parts of the world.

I agree on the part that except Ireland and Zimbabwe, other teams were hardly impressive in the last World Cup as far as winning matches is concerned but that’s how you create opportunities and give chances for them to excel. It was this chance that made Sri Lanka what it is now or rather Bangladesh from what they were before. In fact the minnow of 1980s Sri Lanka even won a World Cup whereas the highly revered English team has not won a single on in any format of the Game. Even if the entire arrangement is to take top 8 teams, then strike that and make it top 5 or top 6 teams to qualify. That would give more positions to qualify and higher chances too. As far as Associate nations are considered, I feel they are fighting a wrong battle. Lambasting ICC for diminishing their opportunities by not allowing them to play World Cup is totally a wrong direction. What they should rather be doing is fighting for more international matches. There must mandatorily be minimum 2 matches with every test playing nation every year. If that is not possible at least with the A sides of those countries. More cricket on International front would surely give them more exposure to excel and also create attention from among countries thereby keeping intact the rising popularity rate of this game.

If such delicate arrangements are not handled by ICC, I am sure it will create a dent in the bright future of the Game and also leave a scar in budding stars of tomorrow. Especially the teams like Afghanistan or other African teams who have fought all odds and reached this level. There is much thinking to do before just running behind revenue expansion plans. World over, people still rejoice when Associate Nations put up a good show and that joy is as much as a great performance put by own team. These so-called minnows have given us really good performances since the inception of World Cups, we sure don’t want to cut down on them.

Also, I’d like you to read this post too which I found really nice on the same subject by Hindustan Times.



Snapped !

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Rantings
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I got up early last Sunday morning, trying to tip toe at home so as to not be noticed that I am awake, but only to be caught and reminded of pending work. Sigh ! .. What more can you expect from a boy having his 6 days of the week spent in Chambers of Accountants.

It didn’t go down well, but I had to do it. I checked myself hundred times even after completing all morning chores of having a shower and all that. I knew something is wrong, it was this particular day, where I would least want to have a bad hair day. But obviously, I have this old enmity with Murphy. I HAD a bad hair day already. Tried about half an hour to get my hair presentable and after little resistance, I head out of my house.

Murphy gets back, just when I reached halfway, it started raining heavily, I could have returned back, but had delayed these things enough, headed straight and reached. I entered this place after about 3 years. It felt weird, stomach churned, there were regrets already to not have taken enough the last time. I was minutes away to sign up for a new pack of humiliation. To move towards something, I’ll always be repelled to see. I was made to sit, white cloth dragged and adjusted behind me, I looked ahead, smiled grimly and SNAPPED – MY PASSPORT SIZE PHOTO WAS CLICKED !!

And I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep.

                                                                                   —   Kurt Vonnegut

21 .. What an age for a boy ! All of a sudden, he will turn into a Man, responsibilities and expectations will increase, presentation of self will get utmost importance and first step of achieving dreams will touch the feet or be as near to be able to see with naked eye. But don’t you think there is more to this age?

It’s a time when all that you planned for your future gets a reality check. You realize nothing is butter and honey and there is perseverance and hard work required in all. Where you don’t know with whom you are competing and all those lessons of school to study your opponent goes waste because you never come to know who is going to battle you in the race of life. Where you realize that popularity and influence of your fathers, forefathers, uncles and friends of all the three will get you anywhere as easily  as making Maggi. Where you understand being nice and pleasing to everyone is so important and where it is difficult to judge who is talking shit behind your back. All those friends with whom you dreamt of ruling or at least being a celebrity in this world have disappeared soon after your farewell and graduation and inspirational and encouraging stories that you were always exposed to changes to stories of failure.

It’s a time when you realize that what will fetch you the goose that lays golden eggs was nothing but a facade created by people who themselves lie in order to safeguard their image and hide their self-defeating feeling. It’s a time when you realize that you have to sweat as much as your friend who celebrated all 5 years of college life unlike the sincerity that you kept. It’s that time when you realize that your job is not as expected by you and you won’t change your path for betterment for starting from scratch will scare your balls. It’s the time when you scroll through social networking websites, not to socialize but to check how much fun your friends are having. It’s that time when you will constantly compare yourself with your friends or your life with the life of your parents when they were young.

It’s that time when your heart gets broken and you wonder how can someone, whom you love so much do this to you.  It’s a time when you love one girl and then you fall in love with another girl. You feel sick because you are a good guy and you need to be serious on one. It’s a time when you would talk to yourself that you will have a better girl besides you in couple of years than the girl your friend has now and pacify yourself. Then again, you will feel sick of considering girl as a trophy and kicking love to backseat. Then you will get serious on love and go close to someone only to find that the lovee has already got someone in her life and you will fail as a lover once again. It’s that time when you will start looking at relationships in a different manner. One night stands or short hook ups and flings will make you feel tacky and you would seek long term or serious relationships. It’s that time when you will question if the person you have been with for such a long time is really worth it or it’s the time when you wonder if its too late to make a decision of getting done with.  It’s a time when suddenly you will see your age female friends declaring engagements or marriage and wonder how old you have become. It’s that time when you would halt for a second and look at a second year degree student and wonder how different you’ll look and then again sulk on how old you have become because they look as same as you.

It’s a time when your music taste will change. It’s a time when you will get frustrated of your own habit of procrastinating health and wellness of body, actually shape of physique. It’s that time when you will still lose on your promises to study as same as how you used to lose when you were a kid. It’s that time when all the lessons you learnt as a kid will be challenged and every day outside will make you feel that the world is going to dogs. It’s that time when you realize the world is selfish and all those friends you called best friends aren’t really that good and many of them that came and left your life were really good. You realize that someone you thought of it as a bitch is not really a bitch but then no one will do anything because everyone would be stuck in same doldrums as you.

It’s that time when you will laugh and cry in extremes. You will get scared or feel helpless or totally lonely. It’s that time when you will feel like running out of your house and hug that one person which matters most to you but then sleep with wet eyes that the person who is important to you, doesn’t feel the same for you. You question yourself if what you are doing is really worth it. You get more of such questions and have the same conversations with every friend time and again because you are in search of a conclusion which you won’t get because unknowingly everyone is suffering through the same phase.

You worry about the King Size Life, you always dreamt of. You start understanding the value for money and start wondering how would you build the foundation of coming phases of life. It’s that time when change is needed and when a change approaches, it scares you inside out and makes you cling to the past which has already flown away. It’s that time when you keep pondering over and try to clear this mess in your head. It’s the age where you have sudden intense fear of failure. It’s the age where everyday you will leave the house with basket full of expectations only to return home with all expectations unfulfilled followed by your lecture to yourself on ceasing to expect. It’s the age of 21 and somehow, somewhere, everyone of us is going through same emotions at some point or the other.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images