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Hop and Grab, Sing and Dance

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Wishlist
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“Give me wings, give me wheels,

for I shall fly or drive or ride myself

to everyone that matters, hug them and give them a box of chocolate and bouquet of flowers,

for that special reason they create for me, to live each day with a wide smile, with a warm heart”

Source: Google Images

I so feel like running right now, take a cycle, or a motorbike, car or a truck, but go to everyone that matters to me and hug them tightly, and tell them how important they are. How I wish if I could organize a huge party, something to the lines of Project X movie and call everyone. How I wish to go with each and everyone alone, at a nice place, where you may get nice food, or a nice scenario.

Even now, someone of you must be wondering as to why is the need for all this? If it is that important, then BBM-Whatsapp-Message or call them right? BUT NO !! HELL NO !! .. I hate electronic communication now. ALL I NEED IS WINGS or WHEELS, I NEED TO GO, I NEED TO MEET, I NEED TO, I NEED TO, I NEED TO !!