Do Good

Neev – Every Child has a Dream

“They say money can’t buy you everything in life,
and today, I learn the truth and wisdom in their words,
for few people who are born with limited means, need much more than green rectangular papers,
some love, some education, some belonging-ness and some affection,
Love conquers the world, and today,
I feel blessed to have a friend who is trying to spread love, and do something which we forget to, in our ignorant lifestyles.
So what, if we don’t have time and we have ambitions to fulfill,
there is someone who is striving as hard, but in vain for they have no opportunities or means,
They aspire, and they wish, with a hope, they finish up a journey of life.
A helping hand, a feeling soul,
is enough to bring change in life of the ones who wish to have a life
Make the change, Be the change,
or else,
Support the Change”
Please contribute a bit, to the ones in need —
                                                  For further details,
Neev’s official website:
Neev’s Twitter Handle:!/Neev_2011

In order to get in touch with the founder, Ms. Priyanka Vasant – Contact her at

Neev – An initiative by Ms. Priyanka Vasant

  1. Thank you for being together with us on this book/s journey so far. It has been an honour. We have moved & have a new home now. Request you to kindly visit & follow us via email or RSS feeds (the links are available at the bottom of the page)

    Hope to see you amidst The Tales in the Pensieve, Again. 🙂

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