How you’d wish to have an app that reminds you of the match right before it starts, how you’d wish you have an app that doesn’t drain your data pack and yet give you real time update when on move, busy with work, dreaming or dozing in classrooms, how you’d wish to have an app that also lets you chat with other cricket enthusiasts with emoticons.

We hail from a Cricket crazy nation and at the same time from a slower net speed rate nation too. It is so disappointing when you see your Whatsapp group where your chaps are rejoicing wicket or a great shot and you’re waiting for your browser to load so that you can read what really happened. I hated that I couldn’t keep up with this sport.

But guess what, few days back, I was suggested by windows store to download UC Browser and going through what it had to offer, I felt that our miseries are over for UC Browser has come with a customized all in one Cricket tab which is going to give you all that you want to know about the match at one place. This means, you get live scores, commentaries, news, statistics, interviews, photos and videos all at one place. With its faster browsing coupled with data compression technology, you won’t even have any fear of spending your data pack before the expiry date.

It doesn’t end here, if you’re traveling or having food alone, you can also spend your time chatting with other enthusiasts. It has emoji / emoticon feature to let you have the best interactive expression. Also for people who have no track of time, UC browser provides for reminder option that will notify you even when the app is not running in background. This feature is at present available only for Android OS but other OS wouldn’t have to wait for long too.

Besides the features I mentioned above, you have entertaining features embedded too like Guessing Game, Quotes, Poll, Shop and Moments too. It has embedded link to Twitter that will keep you in action throughout the game. Even if you have missed the match, you will have videos of the highlights and best moments uploaded that you can watch later and be updated with what happened in the sport you love so much. With some partner apps, you can even watch live TV.

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In Windows phone, this app would take only 10 MB of your space. Doesn’t even lag and streams smoothly too. I guess now we won’t have to go for excuses like pee breaks or pretend a call to go out of room just to check the score. We can just keep this app running in background which would load quickly to keep us updated with the live action.

You can also visit their website and know about them or download the software for your phone or computer from

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I believe we have passed through the era where fear could contain us. More often, fear, especially these days, makes us rebel or succumb to a living shell. As they say, “First impression is the last impression”, a child usually remembers the first thing what they see which is the atmosphere of his house, behavior of his parents who are usually the first ones that reaches his soul. I am not a parent yet but now when I have stepped into my adulthood, when challenges of adulthood blaze on me, when life throws lemons at me, I have realized how parenting helped me be calm at the helm of adversity, keep patience when things go wrong and work harder every time I fail rather than quitting because it didn’t happen at the first shot.

I came across this term, “Buddy Parenting” which got me ponder over past, ponder over discussions I’ve had with my friends, ponder over my friends whom I have motivated and pondered over those incidents when I was being motivated. I think for every person, their first set of friends, first source of inspiration is their parents which would also include their siblings. Maximum time of our growing up is shared with them and we, humans, tend to absorb the maximum out of our surroundings. As we grow up, the time spent at home goes reducing with increase in school hours, tuition hours and playing hours. Now, we have technologies which reduce our family time to as much time as take to have shower. While we get entangled in this new phase, the ones who become close to us is our friends. That’s when parenting gets tested. The tender child, who is just developing maturity, has all its trust put on the person with whom he spends his life with. He would start believing what his peers do and debate/discard all that he learnt from his parents. Conflict of roles renders a child to believe that parents, just like any other elder human, is only to respect but not trust. Trust gets associated to friends and you start sharing every personal aspect of your life with them, who are as less matured as you.

This is the time Buddy Parenting becomes important. The very fact of becoming a buddy while the child grows makes him believe/consider you as friend even when he starts making new ones. The trust and bond that he shares with new friends would be of the same nature he shares with you. The parent will still be a go-to friend and he would share everything happening in his life. As the child grows, the influences, the hormones, the understanding and the misunderstanding keeps expanding. Parents often miss out on the date and find their child on a wrong path which leads to scolding/grounding and eventual loss of trust. The child starts hiding and lying and there goes everything in toss. Buddy Parenting is when the parents would be able to correct at the right time.

Today, it reminds me of the time when I wept after coming home after an embarrassing moment of being tongue tied in an elocution, my parents shared their embarrassing stories. Some were cooked up but at that time, it made me laugh and think that I was not alone. It reminds of the time when I did too well and started gloating that they would start discussing over dinner how someone had a big fall after such a giant success that indirectly got me to ground. I don’t think I was ever scolded but was always had them laughing at my follies or simply disapproving what I did, just as our friends always do. We don’t really have buddies shouting at us right? They always indulge in conversations. If I wouldn’t study, they would simply stay awake and work late night indirectly telling me the importance of finishing work on time. Every mistake of mine was countered by an indirect inspiration and not direct conversations about do’s and don’ts and then with them, I’d sit at night and finish my homework. As Robert Brault puts it, “As parents, we guide by our unspoken example. It is only when we’re talking to them that our kids aren’t listening.”

Fear Parenting was always a success in the olden age where a child had a limited access to his world. Today, where we are connected to even a person sitting in Alaska from Mumbai, the very fear gets obsolete. However, I don’t mean that there shouldn’t be any level of authority to be exercised. Parents need to balance the line so that the kid would still stay in control. There’s a difference between functional role and emotional role and one can’t be on a single side. Both the sides got to have proportions. I don’t call for a buddy buddy parenting. What I press on is responsible buddy parenting.



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One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision

—- Bertrand Russel

Apparently in the year 1999, psychologists Mr. David Dunning and his student Mr. Justin Kruger published a paper donning a theory that came to be known as Dunning-Kruger effect.

This theory speaks about how an incompetent or an ignorant person thinks that he is brilliant but competent or smart person would underestimate himself. It is a kind of deviation in judgement where a skilled person assumes that things they find easy are also easy for others and the unskilled are so incompetent that they can’t recognize their own dumbness. Let’s not be myopic here. This theory applies to everyone as no one is totally perfect or self sufficient and each one of us is incompetent over one thing or the other.

In one of the discussions about the theory, Mr. Dunning explains that incompetent people do not, rather cannot recognize just how incompetent they are. He further explains that, “What’s curious is that, in many cases, incompetence does not leave people disoriented, perplexed, or cautious. Instead, the incompetent are often blessed with an inappropriate confidence, buoyed by something that feels to them like knowledge.” This effect is primarily a situation where a competent suffers from illusory inferiority whereas the incompetent suffer from illusory superiority. We have come towards a time where the ones who feel certainty are idiots whereas those with imagination and understanding are filled with doubts and indecision.

This reminds me of what Charles Darwin said, “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge”. This theory can have many arguments but we cannot rubbish it too. When I read about this theory today and narrated it to my dad, he said, that’s so true, the one without any skill would have nothing to worry and boast incessantly whereas the skilled one is marred with a lot of what ifs and options that makes him all confused and indecisive. The only wisdom here is to know that we know nothing as Socrates says and be aware that there is much of knowledge yet to be known.

As Dunning and Kruger concludes, “The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.”




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When we were kids, it was so simple to retain your batting whenever you got out by complaining the ball to be fast, to be too low or by just taking advantage of owning the bat. If you would get out on the first ball, you would scream that it was a trial ball and start innings back. I wish these virtues were possible to practice in real life too as you grew up.

Sometimes, we behave so foolish that the next moment we feel like deleting those few minutes and get back to life again. Rest of the time would just go in hoping if it were all a bad dream. You will wonder as to where did your sensibilities go and die thinking about several what ifs. I wish we had power to reverse time. I so wish and I am sure you’ll wish for it too.

Anyways, so I ended up typing this random sounding post for I am regretting a particular event of my past since last night. But hey hey .. Have you’ll read Fault in our stars by John Green? I am not going to talk about how I felt about the book but there’s this line which I really really loved;

You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you.

I like my choices, do you like yours? 😉