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Whether I talk about love marriages or arranged, it’s a question to think if all those factors are present in that relation which will be a driving force to make that relation work.  By driving force, I mean to say if there is a chemistry and compatibility between them, if there is respect, trust and commitment in the relationship, if both the partners are willing to shoulder post-marriage responsibilities and above all if there is ‘love’ that’s binding the two together and not ‘an external force’ or ‘lust’!
Marriages are made in heaven but they aren’t as beautiful as heaven. Things do fall apart and turn bitter and marriages do break, be it love or arrange! But who is to be blamed for this? The marriage? No, not at all! It’s the absence of the ‘Driving force’ that I call.
When I compare the two types of marriage, I would firmly declare that arranged marriages, in our country usually happen within a short span of time and thus leaving very little time for the couple to know and understand each other. And unfortunately, by the time they really begin to know each other, understand each other’s pros and cons, good and bad habits and strength and weaknesses, they have already tied the knot! Such is the case where everything in a marriage gets messed up as before they could understand what they could expect from their soul mates, they blindly took a vow to be with each other for life.
On the other hand, a plus point that I see in a love marriage is that, in today’s fragmented India, one of the remedies to unite it is ‘National Integration’ at home! As arranged marriages are fixed by our elders, they tend to find a mate within their own religion, caste or sub-caste.  While love being blind, not being able to see the barriers of religion, caste or creed, binds not only two people but also their culture, their religion and their traditions. Not only does the couple have respect and tolerance for each other’s religion but also their kids would develop tolerance, faith and respect for both. Their infants would benefit of being bi-lingual and twin-cultured. These kind of marriages are one of the strongest hopes to make our country one and besides love marriage brings cohesion in the family and provides better environment for the growth of children.
In a country like India, where freedom exists just for namesake, love marriages would give the youth to exercise their right of ‘freedom of choice’ and I believe one knows their wants and desires the best. I also feel that love marriage helps the parents from escaping the guilt if they fail to choose a right mate for their children.
For all these reasons, I side love marriages more than arranged, but at the same time, I also believe that marriage is a decision that changes your entire life and therefore one needs to put in serious thinking and make a sane decision while choosing their mate.
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