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         “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
― Robert A. HeinleinStranger in a Strange Land

                      FLASHBACKS – Have you ever been in a situation where your beautiful sleep is disturbed by flashbacks which are not like nightmares, but like sweet melody, something which puts a smile on your face, or asks you to whatsapp a friend at 2 a.m. in the morning that let’s meet and celebrate, and that sleepy idiot replies, “for what?” and you say, “For Everything, Everything!!!”

            However, he didn’t reply and I suppose he fell back to sleep. I went to the Kitchen, grabbed an orange, a fruit he loves a lot, and stood near the balcony and replayed the entire beautiful story.

            A story of that chap who was so shy, who used to get bullied by people or made fun of. That chap who thought he was in love with a girl and couldn’t forget her for years whereas that girl kept playing with his emotions whenever she fought with her boyfriend or was bored (basically, using him). That chap who was so gullible, so under-confident, so dependent, so immature. Someone who will booze and fag till he passes out, every time he is sad. Someone who hated his existence, someone who was waiting for THE END.

This was him, up to November, 2011.

          I had a smile while I was in that state of nostalgia, because today when I see him, he is that chap who is so confident, so independent, so ambitious, so matured, someone who knows how to display emotions and what to speak. Someone who can give back to people. Someone who has a lot of girls falling for him and yet he won’t play with their feelings or do anything wrong like taking advantage and all that shit. Someone who is less shy, never gets bullied and in deep love with someone else. To fall in love again, for him, was a possibility far impossible.

This is him, today.

            What caused that change? Its just about 13 months and one will feel proud of having such a friend. One will feel proud that he exists among us. I thought of writing this, as I wanted to Raise a toast to that chap. That chap who is my best friend since 8-9 years now. That chap, for whom I was worried a lot before, and now am hardly in doubts that he won’t able to nail the future’s challenges.

Finished my Orange, and I get two more …

                         So, I was at, how did this change happen, and you know what? It all happened because of love. However Bollywood-ish I may sound, and however fictitious this seems, how people put forth, “In today’s world, no one is genuine, or everything is fake, and so on”, I’d still could see this.

         He met her in December, because of a silly prank played by me and since then this story has continued. Although, it had a huge break in between, but as Shahrukh Khan says, “Aur aakhir mein sab theek ho jaata hai (In the end, everything falls in place)”, the same goes here where here, in the end, this chap celebrates every day of his existence. He has quit smoking and there never goes a day which he doesn’t look forward to live.

A month back, I had told him, I’d like to write a love story of yours and he was delighted. Tonight I could have actually begun to do it for him, but I guess this story has a lot more, and so it would be better if we leave it to time and make that happen later.

    Now, when I finish my third orange, and have also come to a state where my eyes are just not able to keep themselves awake, and that I can’t think of anything else, I could only say one thing — *Cheers Brother* — “It’s amazing to see you happy everyday, It’s superb to see you full of life.”

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”
― Sarah DessenThe Truth About Forever

Ps. Sometimes, you make no sense to people when you write, but still you write because you feel like making sense to the one in your mind.