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“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.”

—- Neil Gaiman (The Sandman)

Who says, the season of love is monsoon or springs? The real season of love is examination time. That time when you probably are on study leave or are at the end of your college or school and about to go for a study leave. That is the time when you will love almost everything, if you aren’t a reader, you’ll find a sudden urge to read newspaper or novel, if you aren’t an avid Television freak, you would want to sit and watch T.V. endlessly because you just start to love it. You don’t love to sit idle, but you will fall in love with the state of staying idle for hours, love to stare at the walls, at birds, at trains (well, that happens to me because I stay in a track-facing building 😐 ). Its not just about inanimate and inert things but also for people. My past relationships most of the times have developed during examinations of mine or her’s. I fell in true love for someone right before my third year boards, uhmm, not may be true love, that’s harsh, call it true super and pure affection, or something like that (Shit, I miss her so much !!).

Doesn’t that happen to you as well? Not only love in that fashion, but don’t you really develop a strong love for friendship with different people during exam times? I have a friend, with whom, we talk only during exam days. Months go by, we see each other’s statuses (Happy, Sad, Troubled, so on) on Blackberry Messenger but won’t bother. But, Exams and we will be chatting and pacifying all the while. The friendship is such that we seem as closest friends, but then apparently we are nothing but exam-buddies (a specie of fuck-buddies, may be? There they get fucked and be together and here we get fucked and stay together :P)

So, in the midst of my fierce battle with Mumbai Local Commuters, to get into a Borivali Slow Train to go to my “Out-Station Examination Centre” at Gorai from Andheri, I got this passing thought. Don’t you feel the same? Don’t you feel the guitarist who play melodies when you are in love get time for you only when you have exams? Don’t you think, cool breeze that makes your hair fly which happens when you’re in love, is unusual to happen in summer? Don’t you think its some conspiracy by planners of our life to instill when we are genuinely in for studying or seriously want to give one exam without preparing your mind to “Dhapofy”? Don’t you think? Don’t you? Tell me, Do you think? TELL ME !!

This love, this knack of sitting idle all the while staring the wall or pages of your book, renders me to this condition every exam !! Bhagwan, Mujhe Sadbuddhi Do :/ !!

This love, this knack of sitting idle all the while staring at the wall or pages of your book, chatting away endlessly, renders me to this condition every exam !! Bhagwan, Mujhe Sadbuddhi Do :/ !!

Oh ! Paper Update? My Cost Accounting and Auditing Exam beginning wasn’t as dramatic as my Financial Accounting Paper, I was kind off not prepared and had a decent paper, where I did not discuss paper to avoid mood-offs. But hey, I had a ride back home with my friend Abhay with whom I have the best of conversations, and one conversation I had with Shraddha the day before, some real special moments happened before this exam.

Okay, now please bless me for next paper – Management Accounting.

Signing off, slept before blogging, so obviously would try to sit to study. Oh Wait !! FOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD, Where are you? 😀


Talking about pre-exam anxiety !! Dude .. I was bored to hear from people, “CA kar raha hai, full toh aajayega”, “Abbey tu toh mast hai na Accounts mein, kya tension?” from friends and my dad nicely coming near me and saying, “What’s the use of studying? You should know accounts by now!” All these statements didn’t really help me because when I opened Ainapure book to study Financial Accounts, everything came to me as latin only.

Anyways, I vaguely remember yesterday night, my whatsapp chat:

11:57am: “Yash yaar, mere lagne waaley hai, 5 chapters left and saaray important hai. I guess jaagna padega.”

about 12:20am: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz .. I am nicely dozing off on my dining table where I usually sit to study.

So I get up at 6:30 am with 2 messages from my 2 different junior college and early senior college infatuations about making her proud and doing well. I remember I am supposed to finish 5 chapters in 2 hours before I left for my Boards Centre which is so far, kind off like an “Out-station Location”. BANG ON !! I started with Internal reconstruction and Capital Reduction and all it did was freak me out. I was told before that this chapter is easy but at 6:45 am in the morning, the last thing I wanted to see is, the illustrations having company names like, “Bad-Luck Limited.”, “Hard-luck Limited.”, “Bad-Day Limited”, “Mistake Limited” and so on. For a guy like me who believes in signs, this was the worst thing to happen !!

I spent few minutes in studying as much as I can, keeping my blackberry on “Phone-Only” mode to avoid that red tempting light which makes you pick up the phone and waste minutes chatting, I shut the book. After my “Exam-Pad – Check, Ruler – Check, 2 Calculators – Check, New Pens – Check, et cetera” activities, I went for a hot water shower. (Take my free tip: Whenever in stress, go for a hot water shower, you will feel bliss and content that nothing else can match). I thought I will develop a nice ghati look for exam, unshaven face, messy hair but when I went in front of mirror, Oh my – I never knew I looked so handsome :D. Nevertheless, this is quiet a routine, I looking super good at home and as I step out, it depreciates 100% making me look crap.

Just like how Indian Government cares a damn about Rape, Adjoining society cared a damn about draught affected people nicely having rain dance yesterday celebrating Holi and wasting water, our Mumbai Railway Local cared a damn about T.Y. Board appearing students. (Wait ! The names of the company in illustrations mentioned above, was that a sign?). Thanks to 5th train which came at 10:05 am, I got in luckily and reached 10 minutes before exam.

So broken, so sweat-drenched, so tired and so annoyed. There is one thing about exam – It makes you abuse a lot. There is one thing about abusive words as well. Those words make you feel light :P.

Besides such a dramatic morning for me and some people whose centre was Sathaye College (Details about it is pasted in the photo posted below), My paper was really nice. (Maybe, illustrations were just pre-exam signs and I had a better day later).

Situation at Sathaye College during Financial Accounting Exam of T Y Bcom Boards - As captured from a friend's status on Blackberry Messenger.Software Courtesy: Screen Grabber

Situation at Sathaye College during Financial Accounting Exam of Boards – As captured from a friend’s status on Blackberry Messenger.
Software Courtesy: Screen Grabber

Today reminds me of the quote by Charlie Chaplin sent in the morning by my friend, Sahil Jobalia (Wait ! This also could be one sign about the forth-coming events).

Life is a tragedy when seen in close – up, but a comedy in long – shot.

Documenting final graduation days

My So-Important Readers, Please pray for my next papers to go well too

Signing off for a nice long nap before I begin studies for the next exam