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The fate of your life is your choice and no one else gets a vote.

— Maulik Doshi

         Winston Churchill had once said, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” – Democracy – Something which we always learnt as “Government of the people, for the people and by the people”. However, if we go through the statistics in India about voting, you will hardly see our Democracy sufficing the third condition – ‘by the people’, for if you see the percentage of voting turnover, it will put you to shame if you ever stuck to what you always had an image of yourself in your mind, ‘of a responsible citizen’.

      We always get a national holiday when a day is to be decided for Vote. Whereas in some areas of India, goons will rule the poll booth and threaten people if they vote against their leader and in some areas where Gunda-Raj (Mafioso Rule) is not there, affluent – educated and those people who are mentally competent to select a better leader will go for vacations with family or party at home. These apparently are the sad state of affairs and it is not really the rulers who are at fault for being corrupt, it is the fault of citizens for being so irresponsible.

     Past 10 years have been full of Scams – from Telgi’s Stamp Paper Scam to UP military land Scam, Wheat Scam to Adarsh Housing Scam, Commonwealth Scam to ISRO Scam, 2G Spectrum Scam to the current IPL Match Fixing Scandal Fiasco, we have always cursed the Government. When there were issues about MIG planes having outdated machinery to when 26/11 – the most horrendous terrorist attack on Financial Capital of Mumbai happened and Police force had no good quality bullet proof jackets or proper ammunition, to december, 2012 – Delhi Rape incident and Government’s evident inability to take action, what every citizen of India has done is – Either Crib about Government, walk and protest on roads with friends and flags and black bands and hoardings, write hate blog posts and give hate speeches and tweets and when in 2014, there shall come a time to Vote, people will again start planning a trip or a party. Everyone in this country will adore Tata Tea’s ‘Jaago re’ initiative but no one would stand up and get their Election Card processed.

   What I mean to say is, this is what “WARNING SIGNS” are !! This could probably be the reason why Emma Goldman had once said, “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” It is a situation where your body is not functioning well and you are terribly unwell. You will crib about it, cry in pain, won’t sleep in distress but won’t go to the Doctor. Why don’t we vote? Why do we ignore that each scam, each inability of Government, each unattended issue and each trouble that is faced by Citizen of India is a result of our laziness? Our inability of not doing proper research before voting? our problem of not going to Vote and let the goons dominate the unprivileged sections to vote in their favour only to extend their rule and their rights to trouble every good citizen?

    One of the flyers during US presidential elections read, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain – Get Out, Go Vote, Be Heard !!”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Take notice of these warning signs, you mister and Vote if you are above 18 years of age after thorough research and buy yourself an effective leader. Effective and nice leader is no myth or fiction, you have seen great leaders in world. The problem with India is INDIANS themselves. Some of the top reasons on why should you vote if above texts did not convince you:-

  • Voting is a way to speak your mind and let your voice be heard! Your vote is your voice. When we vote, we are actually telling elected officials and lawmakers how we feel about education, public safety, social security, health care, and other important issues.
  • One voice, one vote really does count! Remember: there is power in numbers, and when we vote and get our family members to
    vote, we can truly make a difference. If you don’t vote for what you believe in, others will and you may not like the outcome.
  • Our children are depending on us to represent their voices too! Because our children can’t vote, we have to do it for them. That’s how we make our concerns about schools, safety, housing, and other issues heard. When we vote, we are looking out for our kids, and their futures.
  • Voting changes communities! Do you ever wonder why one neighborhood gets passed over for things it needs, while another seems to get it all? One big reason is voting. When we vote, we can get results that we can actually see.
  • Vote to effect change! It was through elections that we voted in officials who were champions for civil rights. Voting is our chance to make a difference in our own lives and within the world.
  • Believe it or not, voting is a way of honoring our history! As long as our country has existed, there have been people who didn’t  want us to vote. There were several freedom fighters that stood up for the right to vote. Well, those times may seem ancient, but there are still people today who don’t want us to vote. It’s now our turn to stand up and vote to preserve the honor of those who went before us.
  • Last but not least, because it gives you credibility! Often times, we voice our concerns to elected officials, but if we aren’t voting, our concerns may not matter at all to them. Voting can actually give you the credibility to make your concerns a top priority for legislators.

So the moral of the story is … GO VOTE for INDIA GENERAL ELECTIONS, 2014

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My Healthy Speak Blog


I walked past the station lane, to the road that connected a short cut to my building. I don’t remember watching the road while walking, or realizing if my phone vibrated with several pings or notifications from twitter, facebook, not realizing if I am walking on footpath or on the road, if there is a car honking at me, or did I stamp any dog’s tail.

I was lost in thoughts, I was lost in words. Back then in December, when nation rose to Delhi Gang Rape incident, I had tweeted, wrote a blog, condemned in social discussions and pledged in #SafetyForWomen trend on twitter to stand up for any woman who is getting either discriminated, manhandled or harassed. I felt dissapointed, not only with myself but with everyone around. Wondering if our nation has given us scope to stand up.

I was going to office, and was not surprised to find train reaching on time when I am even late by milliseconds  As I reached, the train was about to leave Platform 7 of Andheri Station. I jumped in a way, Zaheer jumps while delivering the ball, held my earphones in my hand, got my bag on shoulder to avoid it patting my ass and ran. This time, luckily I could manage myself in the last compartment.

I sat near that curved area, which is quiet comfortable also to sit as 4th one can’t manage himself to the seat and saw one old man, sitting right opposite to me asking a man to get up so that a lady can sit. I felt good for the generosity that he showed, leave apart I could have stood up to give her place, but then I did not see her, so I should not unnecessarily feel non chivalrous too. Nicely, I slipped my book from the bag and started reading.

While the train crossed Vile Parle, may be because of the gesture that the old man showed, the lady answered to a random question asked by him. While she was answering questions to the conversation that man entered into, I saw that man moving his hand to that lady’s thigh. Lady must not be older than 27. Married though, I heard that when she was responding to him. The lady tried to put her bag on her lap to avoid it, and he started touching her at other places like elbow, and shoulder. People around me had a slight smirk with silent abuses which you can decipher by the movement of their lips. I observed elsewhere before I could have spoken or asked him to behave but even the lady did not protest anymore. I don’t blame her for being without action, may be she expected any of co-passengers to react. Old man looked weak enough to successfully enact a heart attack sequence shifting trouble to us proving us as perpetrators. I wanted to speak. I wanted to stand up. This was the first time, situation came to me. My blood boiled, I gave him a cold stare which he noticed but he hardly cared. It was Matunga Station then, and the lady left the train saying, my station has come. I did not say a word. She left and then the old man smiled at me and got down at Elphinstone Road.

Throughout the day, I felt guilty and to whoever I narrated this incident, told me that ‘Good, You didn’t react’. Not only guys, but even girls told me to not react and let it go. Everyone said, if the lady didn’t react and after your standing up also she doesn’t go by your side, then you’ll make a fool out of yourself. If that old man acted in any way and something really happens also, you will be questioned. If no one said anything, police will only interrogate you as witness to any pursuing issue. Everyone sighed at the sorry state of affairs of law and order of our country, passiveness of people and helpless feeling. Everyone sweared at such men who are disgrace to our gender, our race.

I still don’t feel good about that incident. I could have raised a voice. I could have stood up. I feel sick about it. But really, is there any scope to stand up? May be I would have known or rather everyone would have known had I stood up.


I feel the same for myself Image Courtesy: Google Images

I feel the same for myself
Image Courtesy: Google Images

Here again, the nation erupts in a fit of rage to oppose something so inhuman that it causes a gulp in throat and a hole in stomach even by hearing a percent of details of what happened in Delhi, Yes, I am talking about the Gang Rape. Today, right outside my classes, I was asked a question by one of my friend, “Why is this thing hyped so much? Aren’t there many other worse cases of rape to be tended to? Why only this?”. When I came home, my sister tells me about a tweet where an article was published about a women who has been in coma for past 39 years after she was Gang-Raped. I also have a friend who wrote an article yesterday, “Meet the black dot people”, which I personally loved a lot. Everywhere, there is a hue and cry about getting the rapists castrated, hanged, stoned, given to people and so on.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

There has been pooling of ideas too, major discussions and just an hour back, I saw Mr. Shinde announcing safeguard measures that will be taken in order to prevent such acts. Politicians have claimed that this case will be considered as
“Rarest of rare cases” and the rapists will be hanged. But then, I read somewhere that “Rarest of rare cases” is awarded only when the victim dies, which here, won’t be applicable and hence, in the end, nothing will happen.

So how? How will someone curb such menace? How will people make this country a safe place? What according to you is the problem? Isn’t it the attitude?

Yes, It is the attitude. It is the teachings and preachings of the orthodox elderly who when asked about how could you curb such happenings will answer with an intellectual pride that, the girls shall stay indoors after 9.00 pm, wear dupattas and all other crap. It is the same attitude that when a girl would go to complain about rape/molestation, will be given a smirk, or a cheesy/cheap smile to the victim, which will do nothing but make the victim weak and encourage culprits to go for more heinous crimes like this with zest and vigour.

Although, society needs to set examples and fear by awarding harsh and rigorous punishments to such beasts who can’t be termed as MAN, nor as Animals. But, besides additional security, besides punishments, besides death, what is needed is an Attitude Change. At first, every minister, every police officer and every influential men in this country who says, that the reason for rape is Victim, or victim’s dress which was provocative or victim’s behaviour or victim’s act of staying out on streets after 9 pm, needs to be sent to rehab or school or just imprison them as such people are not needed by society. I mean, come on, People who can’t think rationally, or with sense, how are they going to lead us, or protect us or why should we give them power to influence us?

Secondly, every parent needs to make their kids understand, or rather brainwash like how those terrorist groups do in the name of Jihad, that RAPE IS BAD. It should be hammered to their brain, that raping will destroy them, or make them impotent or destroy their genitals or any shit crap, but should be so nicely imbibed that not a single man would ever attempt that. Its a universal truth that a criminal is not by birth, but he grows with his upbringing, and surroundings and situations around. Even schools should make their students learn that Rape is the worse thing on earth. It’s the collective condemn by society which will make difference. What are we doing now? Don’t we blame the victim than the culprit? Don’t we teach “Not to get raped” instead of “Not to rape”. Society is entirely mislead. We need education or at least brain wash. I would also say, Religious Institutions shall make provisions in religion regarding this. India, being religion blinded country, it will help a lot.

Since, all these changes will take time to show effect, in the meanwhile, we can keep awarding punishments like “Complete ban by society” on rapists, Castration which will be the best solution as any man, given a choice between emasculation and death, would chose the latter (this line comes from “Meet the black dot people” post), or rigorous imprisonment for years and heavy fine, Even handing them to society and public beating will suffice. Humiliation to the culprit may help in reducing this problem too.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

To all those people who blame invasion of western culture as a cause for rape, “The mobile phone that you are using is a cause of cancer too my friend, why don’t you live the Indian way, do farming without appliances or meditate on mountains?”. To all those people who are giving moral lectures, “I am sorry Boss, You are no one to teach anyone what to wear, and if you want to teach someone anything, go and teach the men who get seduced so easily that they don’t even think of what they going to do next.”


“Meet the John Grisham of Banking” – The Wall Street Journal

I have no clue, why has he been compared with John Grisham? However, this is my first Ravi Subramanian’s novel and I am fairly disappointed. The plot of the story revolves around three situations:

1) At Angola – A Covert CIA agent is about to exchange weapons for Blood Diamonds.

2) At Kerala – An elderly man will do whatever it takes to fulfil a promise made to a dying son.

3) At Mumbai – An International bank is stunned by the mysterious deaths of its key employees.

The Synopsis goes like — Bankers build their careers on trust, or so everyone thinks, till a series of murders threaten to destroy the reputation that the Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2) has built over the years. Who is behind these killings, and what is their motive? When Karan Panjabi, press reporter and ex-banker, digs deeper, he realizes that he has stumbled upon a global conspiracy with far reaching ramifications a secret that could not only destroy the bank but also cast a shadow on the entire nation. With only thirty-six hours at his disposal, he must fight the clock and trust no one if he is to stay alive and uncover the truth.

If I am to not write a review and just rate in the scale of 1-10, I shall rate it 4/10.

The book keeps hopping between three stories, however, not giving much of description to the one of Angola and giving extra emphasis on Mumbai Story. The Story about Kerala, where an elderly man named Krishna Menon, goes on with his Gandhian Principles fighting like Anna Hazare to prevent Nuclear Power Plant coming to life in his area, majorly for the benefit of people as the world had since then, witnessed the dangerous disaster that happened in Fukushima, Japan.

Besides, the major plot, about The Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2), is stuffed with so many characters that if one picks up the book after half a day, he will get confused as to who is who. All the characters, though stuffed in one story as the story will need it, are not explained or properly described. The Story becomes a dragger and bore you to death in the middle until two murders happen in quick succession and the suspense picks up.

The Start, however will attract you and so will the cover page and soon you will find yourself yawning unless the protagonist Karan Panjabi, the ex-banker at GB2 and presently an employee at Times Of India takes the role. The solving of the case will keep you with the book as all suspense stories do and may be you will end up liking the book.

If I am to write about the language, I’d prefer Anirban Bose of “Bombay Rains Bombay Girls” fame or Chetan Bhagat or even Tushar Raheja of “Anything for you ma’am” to be more appropriate when using Hindi Lingos and slangs. If I am to talk about a specific character, I won’t say much, thus keeping in line with the book’s agenda of not describing any character above a certain minimal limit. However, the character of Zinaida Gomes will let many wonder as to how she must be.

As far as recommendation is concerned, I had received this book as a part of Book Review Program by But if you are to read this book, I’d suggest a try as the reviews on Internet about this book is quiet appreciated. As far as my personal opinion is considered, you shouldn’t go for this book unless you are a beginner in this hobby of reading.

I would also like to share with you a picture on Money Laundering which will help you understand the concept too:

One thing which I did like about the book is, the character of Raymond Saldanah and Karan Panjabi. When Raymond was summoned for the adverse Audit Report of Bandra Cluster of GB2, and was asked to withdraw, it did match up with the real life happenings.

I won’t demean this book and say one should just not go for it, however, I am sure, if you are a regular at it, don’t need to go for it.

All the best.

Thank You 😀


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