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How you’d wish to have an app that reminds you of the match right before it starts, how you’d wish you have an app that doesn’t drain your data pack and yet give you real time update when on move, busy with work, dreaming or dozing in classrooms, how you’d wish to have an app that also lets you chat with other cricket enthusiasts with emoticons.

We hail from a Cricket crazy nation and at the same time from a slower net speed rate nation too. It is so disappointing when you see your Whatsapp group where your chaps are rejoicing wicket or a great shot and you’re waiting for your browser to load so that you can read what really happened. I hated that I couldn’t keep up with this sport.

But guess what, few days back, I was suggested by windows store to download UC Browser and going through what it had to offer, I felt that our miseries are over for UC Browser has come with a customized all in one Cricket tab which is going to give you all that you want to know about the match at one place. This means, you get live scores, commentaries, news, statistics, interviews, photos and videos all at one place. With its faster browsing coupled with data compression technology, you won’t even have any fear of spending your data pack before the expiry date.

It doesn’t end here, if you’re traveling or having food alone, you can also spend your time chatting with other enthusiasts. It has emoji / emoticon feature to let you have the best interactive expression. Also for people who have no track of time, UC browser provides for reminder option that will notify you even when the app is not running in background. This feature is at present available only for Android OS but other OS wouldn’t have to wait for long too.

Besides the features I mentioned above, you have entertaining features embedded too like Guessing Game, Quotes, Poll, Shop and Moments too. It has embedded link to Twitter that will keep you in action throughout the game. Even if you have missed the match, you will have videos of the highlights and best moments uploaded that you can watch later and be updated with what happened in the sport you love so much. With some partner apps, you can even watch live TV.

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In Windows phone, this app would take only 10 MB of your space. Doesn’t even lag and streams smoothly too. I guess now we won’t have to go for excuses like pee breaks or pretend a call to go out of room just to check the score. We can just keep this app running in background which would load quickly to keep us updated with the live action.

You can also visit their website and know about them or download the software for your phone or computer from

Also watch UC Cricket Ad whose campaign is lead by Yuvraj Singh:


“Victory is a thousand times sweeter when you’re the underdog.”
Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty

I am sure all of you have heard about ICC’s plan to cut down World Cup 2019 to a ten team event. The idea is to make the highest event more competitive among equal sides. As per the new qualifying rules, England, being the host of World Cup 2019 and another 7 teams among 8 top teams in ICC ODI Rankings will get to qualify for the World Cup and rest 6 teams will have to fight for remaining two spots.

Whereas such a formula would be acceptable to many but that would certainly mean that none of the associate nations would get a chance to play the World Cup. Not only it would hurt the terrific performances given by Ireland in past 3 world cups but would also bring back the slow growth for the love of this game in the world. This could prove to be one of the worse mistake ICC could take at a time when Cricket is really growing and reaching many countries in different parts of the world.

I agree on the part that except Ireland and Zimbabwe, other teams were hardly impressive in the last World Cup as far as winning matches is concerned but that’s how you create opportunities and give chances for them to excel. It was this chance that made Sri Lanka what it is now or rather Bangladesh from what they were before. In fact the minnow of 1980s Sri Lanka even won a World Cup whereas the highly revered English team has not won a single on in any format of the Game. Even if the entire arrangement is to take top 8 teams, then strike that and make it top 5 or top 6 teams to qualify. That would give more positions to qualify and higher chances too. As far as Associate nations are considered, I feel they are fighting a wrong battle. Lambasting ICC for diminishing their opportunities by not allowing them to play World Cup is totally a wrong direction. What they should rather be doing is fighting for more international matches. There must mandatorily be minimum 2 matches with every test playing nation every year. If that is not possible at least with the A sides of those countries. More cricket on International front would surely give them more exposure to excel and also create attention from among countries thereby keeping intact the rising popularity rate of this game.

If such delicate arrangements are not handled by ICC, I am sure it will create a dent in the bright future of the Game and also leave a scar in budding stars of tomorrow. Especially the teams like Afghanistan or other African teams who have fought all odds and reached this level. There is much thinking to do before just running behind revenue expansion plans. World over, people still rejoice when Associate Nations put up a good show and that joy is as much as a great performance put by own team. These so-called minnows have given us really good performances since the inception of World Cups, we sure don’t want to cut down on them.

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