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“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.”

                                                                       РT. S. Eliot

        I had a pretty eventful year in 2011, for which I had initially thought that even 2012 would be the same. I still remember, the first day of 2012, I was ecstatic for the coming year, coming times, coming moments. I was happy and looking forward for the year. I made few resolutions of which, none went successful but then, its the case with everyone. Although I tried a lot.

BUT, yesterday, January 1, 2013, I was so opposite to how I was last year. I was tensed, I felt like there is a war to be fought for next 364 days. I felt as if I am supposed to put myself to task and it will be a long and cumbersome struggle to live each day and yet at the end, stand with victory and pride to have done it.

It’s always pleasant to bid goodbye by hopping through flashback. I wish I had a cameraman always, who would have captured every special moment naturally and every moment bought together and made into a film. Since, I have no one for that, I thought of writing it.


Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images



Apparently this year happens to be a year where I managed college along with work for entire year. That taxing schedule of 5:45am to 9pm everyday and yet keeping in touch with people around, keeping blogging around, keeping novels around and so much. Sometimes, I wonder why am I not able to give time to more people and then I wonder, if I am trying so hard, are my friends doing the same too?

This was a year where I had my best birthday as compared to all the years of my existence. This was a year where I made more amazing friends, had a memorable Goa trip, heard from everyone to stop talking to one person and yet not hearing them and talking to her and in the end being let down again. This was a year where I came with a new blog, attended two blogging meets and for the first time attended an event full of unknown people. This was a year when I saw F1 race at Bandra Kurla Complex, went to Marine Drive half times less than last year, spent nights watching movies and reading more novels and less time on late night phone calls. This was a year when my psychology professor called me “Doormat” for I keep giving chance to people and let people take advantage of it, and this was a year where people still laughed over my friendzoned status. This was a year when for the first time I got a “Get Well Soon Gift” from a friend when I was down with fever, and this was a year when I got funny gifts from friends. This was last year of my college life, although I have 3 months more to live it, and this was a year where I gave away my fitness completely to food and drinks which I did without limit.

So much this year had, and so less I feel when I write. Even after this long paragraph with too much¬†repetition seems like hardly 1% of what actually happened. I still am angry over Delhi Rape Incident and our country’s inability to take a concrete stance. I am also annoyed with what Khap Panchayat does and feel like slapping them. I still laugh over Dented and Painted chant in airplane where Abhijit Mukherjee was travelling and here I am writing about my 2012. Sometimes, you go through a heavy thought process, feel like finishing a book on the quantum of life you lived and when you come near the screen, you forget everything.

Just like I was thinking before, on what the year has in store for me, for the coming days, I still am thinking. I still am also stuck to flashbacks of the past year. I am so stuck up with thoughts on mistakes that I shouldn’t ever commit again, and also thinking about whether I should still be rooted for people who never understood about the human existence of mine. I have made few resolutions this year too, and I am sure, if ever I have a post on 2013, I shall have a chance to tell everyone that I lived up to it.

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me picture which bore words, “That awkward moment when being a good human being is the shittiest thing ever” and at night, I was pinned a testimonial on my Blackberry which had the ending words for me, “God has surely reserved a place in heaven for this guy”. Am I the shittiest thing too? Contradictions everywhere !! let’s hope 2013 gets handled by me in a nice way.

Let’s hope this year to be good for everyone who are under pressure of torture, or are groped with unhappiness or loneliness. Let’s hope this year to be something where everyone should celebrate each moment. Let’s Hope. Let’s Hope :).


Ps. Although, this post seems largely for my outburst than for something worthy to a reader, I atleast have one tip for you’ll for 2013 and that is:-

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Source: Google Images