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And I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep.

                                                                                   —   Kurt Vonnegut

21 .. What an age for a boy ! All of a sudden, he will turn into a Man, responsibilities and expectations will increase, presentation of self will get utmost importance and first step of achieving dreams will touch the feet or be as near to be able to see with naked eye. But don’t you think there is more to this age?

It’s a time when all that you planned for your future gets a reality check. You realize nothing is butter and honey and there is perseverance and hard work required in all. Where you don’t know with whom you are competing and all those lessons of school to study your opponent goes waste because you never come to know who is going to battle you in the race of life. Where you realize that popularity and influence of your fathers, forefathers, uncles and friends of all the three will get you anywhere as easily  as making Maggi. Where you understand being nice and pleasing to everyone is so important and where it is difficult to judge who is talking shit behind your back. All those friends with whom you dreamt of ruling or at least being a celebrity in this world have disappeared soon after your farewell and graduation and inspirational and encouraging stories that you were always exposed to changes to stories of failure.

It’s a time when you realize that what will fetch you the goose that lays golden eggs was nothing but a facade created by people who themselves lie in order to safeguard their image and hide their self-defeating feeling. It’s a time when you realize that you have to sweat as much as your friend who celebrated all 5 years of college life unlike the sincerity that you kept. It’s that time when you realize that your job is not as expected by you and you won’t change your path for betterment for starting from scratch will scare your balls. It’s the time when you scroll through social networking websites, not to socialize but to check how much fun your friends are having. It’s that time when you will constantly compare yourself with your friends or your life with the life of your parents when they were young.

It’s that time when your heart gets broken and you wonder how can someone, whom you love so much do this to you.  It’s a time when you love one girl and then you fall in love with another girl. You feel sick because you are a good guy and you need to be serious on one. It’s a time when you would talk to yourself that you will have a better girl besides you in couple of years than the girl your friend has now and pacify yourself. Then again, you will feel sick of considering girl as a trophy and kicking love to backseat. Then you will get serious on love and go close to someone only to find that the lovee has already got someone in her life and you will fail as a lover once again. It’s that time when you will start looking at relationships in a different manner. One night stands or short hook ups and flings will make you feel tacky and you would seek long term or serious relationships. It’s that time when you will question if the person you have been with for such a long time is really worth it or it’s the time when you wonder if its too late to make a decision of getting done with.  It’s a time when suddenly you will see your age female friends declaring engagements or marriage and wonder how old you have become. It’s that time when you would halt for a second and look at a second year degree student and wonder how different you’ll look and then again sulk on how old you have become because they look as same as you.

It’s a time when your music taste will change. It’s a time when you will get frustrated of your own habit of procrastinating health and wellness of body, actually shape of physique. It’s that time when you will still lose on your promises to study as same as how you used to lose when you were a kid. It’s that time when all the lessons you learnt as a kid will be challenged and every day outside will make you feel that the world is going to dogs. It’s that time when you realize the world is selfish and all those friends you called best friends aren’t really that good and many of them that came and left your life were really good. You realize that someone you thought of it as a bitch is not really a bitch but then no one will do anything because everyone would be stuck in same doldrums as you.

It’s that time when you will laugh and cry in extremes. You will get scared or feel helpless or totally lonely. It’s that time when you will feel like running out of your house and hug that one person which matters most to you but then sleep with wet eyes that the person who is important to you, doesn’t feel the same for you. You question yourself if what you are doing is really worth it. You get more of such questions and have the same conversations with every friend time and again because you are in search of a conclusion which you won’t get because unknowingly everyone is suffering through the same phase.

You worry about the King Size Life, you always dreamt of. You start understanding the value for money and start wondering how would you build the foundation of coming phases of life. It’s that time when change is needed and when a change approaches, it scares you inside out and makes you cling to the past which has already flown away. It’s that time when you keep pondering over and try to clear this mess in your head. It’s the age where you have sudden intense fear of failure. It’s the age where everyday you will leave the house with basket full of expectations only to return home with all expectations unfulfilled followed by your lecture to yourself on ceasing to expect. It’s the age of 21 and somehow, somewhere, everyone of us is going through same emotions at some point or the other.

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“Atulya Mahajan stages a story of two people from small town to a huge country and narrates their story from how they adjust to how they get accomodated”

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AmreekanDesi – Masters of America, is a story of Akhil Arora – a young dorky engineer in Delhi as the author describes it who wants to prove it to the world that he can be on his own and Jaspreet Singh a.k.a Jassi a.k.a Jazz a.k.a Jazzminator who is busy dreaming a life straight out of American Pie and lands in America to find and live his own version of the same soap. It offers the Indian set up where mothers will cry a river for the son going so far coupled with excitement as well as fear for the new life in new world. It also gives an insight of what one feels in a land of unknown yet so many known people and how they adjust to a new surrounding which is so different from what is shown in movies and shows. AmreekanDesi is one book where the author stays to reality and shows that the folks are studying in college which many Indian Authors forget about. So yes, this book all in all is a tale of dream, love, adaptability of our lives, heartbreak, ups and downs and happy ending.

However, this book has let me down. Throughout my patience for reading 310 pages, I was made to long for one exciting or new thing to come up. The author comes up with incidents and reactions that will be prevalent even in the boys who come from small villages to a city like Mumbai. How they get conned, face racism and how they land up in mess, how love gets screwed up and how life goes for a toss because of it and how realization dawns and people improve and everything falls back to place offers nothing new as a story but the same expected things. Although the love story between Akhil and Nandita was sweet and may make you blush at times, especially when Akhil goes to Kolkata to impress Nandita’s parents and story thereafter. But besides those few instances, this book is nothing but a bore.

Go for this book as a light read only if you are new to this hobby otherwise it will only give you a “Waste of Time” feeling at the end. Lastly, I would like to praise Mr. Saurav Das for an amazing cover design which makes anyone want to grab this book and read (did someone say, don’t judge the book by its cover? 😛 )

My Rating:- 2/5

More Details about the book:-

Author: Atulya Mahajan

Price: 199/-

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Random House India (Ebury Press)

ISBN: 978-8-184-00395-6

Meanwhile, have a look at the official trailer from Youtube:-

Behind the Cover:-

Akhil Arora, a young, dorky engineer in Delhi, cant wait to get away from home and prove to his folks that he can be on his own. Meanwhile in a small town in Punjab, Jaspreet Singh, aka Jassi, is busy dreaming of a life straight out of American Pie. As fate would have it, they end up as roommates in Florida. But the two boys are poles apart in their perspectives and expectations of America. While Akhil is fiercely patriotic and hopes to come back to India in a few years, Jassi finds his Indian identity an uncomfortable burden and looks forward to finding an American girl with whom he can live happily ever after.

Laced with funny anecdotes and witty insights, Amreekandesi chronicles the quintessential immigrant experience, highlighting the clash of cultures, the search for identity, and the quest for survival in a foreign land.

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“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.”

—- Neil Gaiman (The Sandman)

Who says, the season of love is monsoon or springs? The real season of love is examination time. That time when you probably are on study leave or are at the end of your college or school and about to go for a study leave. That is the time when you will love almost everything, if you aren’t a reader, you’ll find a sudden urge to read newspaper or novel, if you aren’t an avid Television freak, you would want to sit and watch T.V. endlessly because you just start to love it. You don’t love to sit idle, but you will fall in love with the state of staying idle for hours, love to stare at the walls, at birds, at trains (well, that happens to me because I stay in a track-facing building 😐 ). Its not just about inanimate and inert things but also for people. My past relationships most of the times have developed during examinations of mine or her’s. I fell in true love for someone right before my third year boards, uhmm, not may be true love, that’s harsh, call it true super and pure affection, or something like that (Shit, I miss her so much !!).

Doesn’t that happen to you as well? Not only love in that fashion, but don’t you really develop a strong love for friendship with different people during exam times? I have a friend, with whom, we talk only during exam days. Months go by, we see each other’s statuses (Happy, Sad, Troubled, so on) on Blackberry Messenger but won’t bother. But, Exams and we will be chatting and pacifying all the while. The friendship is such that we seem as closest friends, but then apparently we are nothing but exam-buddies (a specie of fuck-buddies, may be? There they get fucked and be together and here we get fucked and stay together :P)

So, in the midst of my fierce battle with Mumbai Local Commuters, to get into a Borivali Slow Train to go to my “Out-Station Examination Centre” at Gorai from Andheri, I got this passing thought. Don’t you feel the same? Don’t you feel the guitarist who play melodies when you are in love get time for you only when you have exams? Don’t you think, cool breeze that makes your hair fly which happens when you’re in love, is unusual to happen in summer? Don’t you think its some conspiracy by planners of our life to instill when we are genuinely in for studying or seriously want to give one exam without preparing your mind to “Dhapofy”? Don’t you think? Don’t you? Tell me, Do you think? TELL ME !!

This love, this knack of sitting idle all the while staring the wall or pages of your book, renders me to this condition every exam !! Bhagwan, Mujhe Sadbuddhi Do :/ !!

This love, this knack of sitting idle all the while staring at the wall or pages of your book, chatting away endlessly, renders me to this condition every exam !! Bhagwan, Mujhe Sadbuddhi Do :/ !!

Oh ! Paper Update? My Cost Accounting and Auditing Exam beginning wasn’t as dramatic as my Financial Accounting Paper, I was kind off not prepared and had a decent paper, where I did not discuss paper to avoid mood-offs. But hey, I had a ride back home with my friend Abhay with whom I have the best of conversations, and one conversation I had with Shraddha the day before, some real special moments happened before this exam.

Okay, now please bless me for next paper – Management Accounting.

Signing off, slept before blogging, so obviously would try to sit to study. Oh Wait !! FOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD, Where are you? 😀

[Urban Dictionary]

The true usage of the phrase is to claim that  you simply ‘do not know’. However, the phrase is often interpreted as ‘F?@k Nose’, which may cause offense to the listener. This misinterpretation is often replied to using ‘Cunt Face’ which is regarded as the appropriate answer.

‘What time is Adam supposed to be here?’

‘F?@k knows’

‘Only asking .. Cunt Face.’


What do you want from life?

Are you on the right track?

Are you truly happy?

If your answer to these questions is ‘F?@k Knows!’, then this book is for you.

Find the answers to life’s most important questions with the help of uber-successful entrepreneur, Shailendra Singh, Co-founder of Percept and Inceptor of Sunburn, told with sparkling, flavourful and in-your-face humour, This book will advise you on how to:

a. Find yourself (because you’re probably lost. Admit it).

b. Follow your heart (because if you don’t then you’ll die unhappy, you stupid F?@ker).

c. Achieve your goals (You know you want to).

d. Live life like you give a F?@k (because why not?).

Candid and thoughtful, F?@k Knows will show you how to really live life on your own terms, to do what you want to do and not what you have to do just because your father said so!


Author: Shailendra Singh

Genre: Non-Fiction

Price: Rs. 195/-

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Pages: 234

ISBN: 978-81-291-2388-6

Ratings: 4/5

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images


               I started this book without knowing or reading synopsis or description. I thought maybe this would be a story of some guy who is screwed up, and woo-hooo taadaaa, it turned out to be a self help book.

So basically, with an In-your-face humour, Shailendra Singh, the author, keeps you glued to this book how Cartoon Network used to keep 90’s children to TV, and yet brings out that sensitive topic of life. He makes sure by his writing that you don’t get bored by listening to his whinings or advices or examples and shut the book, but let’s you stick around to know more, and himself asks the readers to take 1 to 2 chapters at a time for proper understanding.

Like so many other authors, he brings to us a manual of “How-a-life-is-to-be-lived” with more than 70 chapters touching all the aspects, from love to sex, work to smartness, karma to diet or friendship to health. He gives us a lot of examples of people who are still among us, the failures and success of them and also presents his own life journey. There are some really interesting proverbs and statements like:

Use your mind, don’t let it lose you“,

You make history when you have a passion that inspired you to wake up earlier than everyone else in the morning, keeps you awake late at night and fills every minute in between with its intensity”,

“In 90’s, Product was the king and in 21st Century, Packaging is the God”,

“Everytime you say yes to something useless, you say no to something that is bloody important”,

“When you are born, everybody is laughing and you are crying. When you die, everybody is crying, so you had better be laughing”,

Worrying is like riding a tiger. If you can stay on top of it, you will enjoy the ride. If you get off, the tiger will eat you”. et cetera.

So yes, basically he uses the language we use in our day to day lives and penetrates our mind to shake it and wake up from the deep slumber, or the “Grumpy-face disease”. He uses rash words and also goes to a level of providing number of his friend and ridicules living personality without being diplomatic or politically correct.

          After touching all the parts and topics that bothers a reasonable human being, covering as many aspects that are available, he just asks us for few things:

a. To make a “F?@k it list” – Which actually means, “The Bucket List” and jot down things you would want to do.

b. Ask yourself two main questions, “Who am I?” and “What do I want”?

c. Practice “Chi F?@k” and “Chi F?@k Po” to keep sanctity of your mind and soul.

d. Be happy, stay happy and make people happy.

The best part about the book is, when Shailendra Singh has a conversation with God. So nicely, he describes what happens with everyone of us, and how you keep deferring your dream to live and keep chanting, ‘will do it’ or ‘just do it’ but never reach to a spot where you can say, ‘just done it’. I give this book 4/5 and recommend all of you to read it once.



Beginning: The author mesmerizes you with witty start, also on guiding how to make the maximum benefit out of it, by noting down points on “How to read this book”, followed by funny disclaimer and introduction to himself.

A little later: He makes us recollect the fact that life is short and deferment to everything is not really a great idea. He also comes out with a Math formula on estimate basis to let you know, how less a life you have remaining.

A little more later: Asks us, on how much you want to delay? when will you actually do? Asks us, who are they? they who always intervene in your happiness or ideas and put you down, or pull you down.

A little more later, when you are halfway through: The healing power of “F?@k”, The “Chi F?@k and Chi F?@k po”, Conversation with God (the best part), What goes in, must come out followed by some diet theories.

After finishing halfway, a little more later: Magnifies concepts of true love, happiness, F?@k buddies, Sex, Orgasm, Hard Work and Death.

About to finish: How your body is your temple and what you should do to preserve it, an amazing explanation on Rich/Wealthy and Fit/Healthy followed by some really nice tips

Finishing: F?@k knows if death is not as beautiful as life and F?@k knows why he wrote this book followed by acknowledgements.

With stories about him, and his experiences lingering in almost every chapter, practically proving that what he is saying are not really superficial advises.


“Witty, Funny yet meaningful – A book to make you realize that life can indeed be beautiful and life can really celebrated each day if you follow few simple rules and stay happy.

—– Maulik Doshi, Blogger @


About the Author

Shailendra Singh has B.T.D.T. – Been there. Done that. Some know him as a ‘sports marketing guru’, some as an ‘advertising whizz’ or ‘Bollywood producer’, and many acknowledge him as a shrewd ‘dealmaker’. He’s conceptualized the most famous and long-lasting campaigns for India’s biggest brands, managed and helped adjust the jockstraps for India’s most respected cricketers, and launched the careers and egos of the country’s biggest celebrities. he’s opened a direct line of communication with India’s youth by creating massive music festivals, is emerging as Asia’s largest music promoter, and has produced over sixty Bollywood movies. He has worked on awareness campaigns for HIV/AIDS, cancer and piracy. He enjoys short trots on the beach, any sport that uses a ball, and sugar. This is his first, and hopefully not last, attempt at writing a book.

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Source: Google Images

To The Author

I am really sorry, but after reading your book, out of over-smartness, I watched “The Human Centipede”. It’s SICK !! 😦


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