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Jayanand Ukey has scribbled a story which could come to a reader as a short film where two couple who are in deep love gets separated because of a global issue defeating their plans and future and how in an unexpected way, find their way back through each other to live life happily ever after.

              I received this book from Author and cover page really seemed a nice read, the author should really be thankful to Pinaki De for that, not that the book turned out to be a big bore but 198 pages with big fonts was no less than a short read, also can be compared to a long blog post. Whereas the story describes itself a heartwarming tale of love, loss and determination, it comes as a tale where a college love affair which was to be revealed to parents after they are settled with a job comes out to the girl’s parents before they even began their professional journey.

              The story runs as the acceptance by both the parents doesn’t go through much of an hassle when a global financial recession hits them where their offer letter gets revoked. In the time when both the to-be-groom (Girish) and to-be-bride (Prajakta) is without a job, the story revolves around will a father love her daughter to be married to an unemployed man who has no certainty of job as recovery of Stock Market Crash would take a lot of time? Will the girl’s father again consider his best friend’s son who stays in Shimla to wed his daughter as he had always planned when she grew up? How will Girish and Prajakta sail through these turbulent times to again come together? The entire story is way over fiction, too much of a bollywood masala types where the ending goes hushed up and unrealistic. The conversations are forced, not something that will keep you gripped. Parents who are showed to stay in Mumbai use tactics like hiring bodyguards for their daughter to not meet Girish, confiscating cell phone and Internet Dongle;  all of that which doesn’t go well with audience today that anyone would like to ask Mr. Ukey, “What world are we in?”

              It will come to anyone as a debutant work and won’t go well with anyone who is already into a reading hobby. The book is in genre of romance, however, not a single moment will make you blush when they are together or feel the pain when they are separated. I finished the book in one round trip of Churchgate to Andheri getting myself a record to finish a book in 95 minutes. All in one, Its a short story full of drama and expected events without any literary merit.



ISBN – 978-81-8046-085-2

Price – Rs. 175/-

Published by – Alchemy Publishers

My Ratings – 1.5/5

TAGS – A global ordeal —- A couple in distress —- The struggle to keep afloat —- Prudent thinking in tumultuous times.

You can find more about the book and author at Jayanand Ukey’s website.

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