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“How do you measure your life? By the time you spent or moments you lived?”

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It was the third time that we met and it started raining. The entire admiral did not halt at our unintentional ability to ignite rains but at our luck of coming across travelling rains. Just like previous two encounters, even this time, it rained towards our side but not on us. It poured around us but not on us and it continued for minutes till we thought of going towards the roof and standing in a make-shift shelter that it started pouring over the side we stood. I don’t know why it happens to us, but I am sure, some friendships are magical.

I am two days late in wishing you all, so first thing that I shall do is — WISH YOU’LL A HAPPY FRIENDSHIPS’ DAY !! I am sure everyone celebrated in some or the other way. I met my friend and went for a walk, scheduled to meet people and really not letting those promises go in vain, personalized text message to everyone; wishing and thanking them for their presence in my life and treating each other in office by ordering chilly cheese sandwiches and paneer pizzas from Gowalia Tank Dairy Farm. Also, I would love to know what all you people did and how did you’ll celebrate it.

The title of my blog, “One Life, Million Stories” had portion of justice this year since it was the year of transition. I finished my graduation and came more closer to the exam whose result has many hopes of dear ones, personal ambitions and overall satisfaction of everyone and myself attached to it. This friendship-ical year which started from the Monday right after the first Sunday of August, 2012 till first Saturday of August, 2013 showed a great deal of ups and downs. I have had months of anti-social behaviour, I had days of going away from messengers and social networking websites, I have a new blog now; since then many better net connections as well, I lost a closest friend due to a fight and even though we reconciled, we never stepped back to the relation we used to be in, overall some remained and many vanished and many disappeared in the doldrums of career and academics. This entire year, many stories of this one life came to an end or a halt; many pages torn and many crumpled; the book called life had a difficult year.

However, things have been decent throughout. My personal growth has been gratifying. Let’s hope and expect a beautiful year and me not really writing a post about the weird-ness of the year but happiness of the time. So again, I wish everyone a very Happy Friendships’ Day, make more friends and live more memories, enjoy life and adhere to your responsibilities. Take care. 🙂

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Meanwhile, since 3 days, this song has stuck to my head:- (I am sure, if this song will connect you; you would definitely feel like dancing every time you listen to this track)
Thank you Bappi-Da !!