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You are, or you aren’t; Someone who believes in Mythology or Religion, Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik brings for everyone, a follower or a non follower, a logic – a connection – a wisdom that connects every aspect of Indian Mythic beliefs to every aspect of Management of Business in his book, ‘Business Sutra – A very Indian approach to Management’

          If you get to read this book, consider yourself as a lucky chap, and if you understand what he means to say in it, consider yourself as someone who would never feel destroyed in turbulent times, rather sail through it in a positive, happy way. Devdutt Pattanaik in his book, has penned a reasoning, that connects every aspect of Bhagvad Puran, KathasaritSagar, Mahabharata, Ramayan, Jain and Buddhist beliefs and many such mythological stories that we kept hearing since our childhood to the present Business framework. With explanations of events in different mythological stories, he has given a present Business-like situation and has explained and elaborated an approach required for doing or managing Business.

        The most attractive part of this book are the illustrations that Mr. Pattanaik has drawn explaining what he wrote making the noble, hard truth, easy to comprehend and digest. It is a sort of book, knowledge, that takes time to sink and will need a re-read for better comprehension. One would have always thought of all mythological stories teaching us ways to lead life, here, in this book, it has taught us Business Management.

      He divides the book in 3 major parts – First being Introduction, followed by Goal to Gaze where he differentiates Western, Chinese and Indian beliefs so as to give an apt base for the readers to get the hang of what is about to come. However, prediction would do no good as each page will give you a thrill, a nudge, a shake as a different ideology will strike you. Third part is the main part of Business Sutra. Also, at the end he provides us with Vocabulary that gives its business meaning as well as the proper mythological meaning. He also provides us with Index and a very catchy title, “How to reject this book” and writes certain arguments.

     I request the readers to go slow with the book and take in every text as a subject of critical review. There was a point where I was so marvelled with the greatness of it, that I developed a blank state of mind, in fear of how to review such an awesome piece of work. He nicely explains beliefs-logic, cyclical-linear, subjective-objective, feeling-fact, power-material, thought-thing, intangible-tangible, opinion-data, synthesis-analysis and context-rules with the help of character sketch and analysis of Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Tirthankar, Buddha, Vikramaditya, Avatars of Vishnu like Ram & Krishna, Indra, Pandavas and Duryodhan, Asuras like Ravan, Godesses like Lakshmi, Durga, Gauri and Saraswati and has given us a foresight and also sowed a seed in our mind to halt and analyse where we can get better, or what is already going wrong that needs to be corrected.

Business Sutra, however gets classified in 5 main contexts – 1) Kama’s Vision Statement 2) Drishti which talks about observing objective reality 3) Divya-Drishti which talks about observing subjective reality 4) Darshan which involves observing the subject and finally Yama’s Balance Sheet, Yama being the meticulous record-keeper, God of Accounting and God of Death. All these context involve assistance in widening one’s Gaze over Goal. The book is full of quotes which, I wish could write here for making you read. Also the illustrations are awesome and worth a sight. One of the best quotes I found in this book is,

There is nothing write or wrong in this world. There is only cause and consequences. That is why accountability and responsibility matter.”

There were two more, “What ultimately matters is what a person is and not what a person has” which got many retweets on my Twitter and one which I have published in the page “Statements” above.

      One thing about this book is that whatever I write, will be less as this will form and be considered as one of the best I have ever read. I would request you to not consider more reviews, rather get this book on rent or purchase it and read.

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About the book

Title: A very Indian approach to Management “Business Sutra” by Devdutt Pattanaik

ISBN: 978-81-923280-7-2

Genre: Business

Publisher: Aleph Book Company

Price: Rs. 695/-

My Ratings: 5/5

Image link provided by Blogadda

Image link provided by Blogadda

Brilliantly argued, original and thoroughly accessible, Business Sutra presents a radical and nuanced approach to management, business and leadership in a diverse, fast-changing and increasingly polarized world.


About the Author

Author of Business Sutra - Devdutt Pattanaik

Author of Business Sutra – Devdutt Pattanaik

Devdutt Pattanaik has written over twenty-five books and 400 articles on Indian Mythology for everyone from adults to children. Since 2007, he has seen explaining the relationship between mythology and management through his column in the Economic Times; the talk he gave at the TED India Conference in 2009, and the show Business Sutra which ran successfully on CNBC-TV 18 in 2010, besides numerous other lectures at Indian Universities and management institutes. Trained to be a Doctor, he spent 15 years in the healthcare (Apollo Health Street) and pharmaceutical (Sanofi Aventis) industries and worked briefly with Ernst and Young as a business adviser before he turned his passion into a vocation and joined the think tank of the Future Group as Chief Belief Officer.

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