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Posted: July 18, 2015 in Rantings
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The Confucian myth that challenged Taoist sage in Chinese mythology spoke of collective within the nature and saw culture as order. Jade Emperor maintained the harmony and the Emperor of the Forbidden city had to simply mimic him ritually for the order. This was practical here and now worldview. Chinese people abhor disorder.

Coming to India, the mythology was totally different. Indian mythology understands that everything changes and nothing lasts forever, not even death. Indian mythology speaks of infinity and impermanence. In this scenario, there was always a tension in India between different truths. Myth is a subjective truth, your truth and my truth, not truth.

We, Indians, are so used to disorder. From our own personal work ethics to Governmental agencies, from our academics to the services we have around, nothing is ever in order. Even in mythology, different truths trying to establish themselves did bring disorder. We are so used to it that when things go in order, we either get surprised or start complaining with vague arguments like, before bringing this in order, improve that and etc, forgetting that everything has to begin somewhere and such things won’t happen overnight.

What makes me talk about this topic is relating to what I have experienced lately. Last two weeks, for my work, I had to travel to Fort. It really amused me how the entire crowd mobilizes itself, walks in a mob as the Signal indicates green light for people to cross the road who would then use Zebra Crossing. Everyone would ensemble at the end of the footpath, stand till signal gives permission and walk the other side. In one of the days, I went to Indiabulls Finance Centre to meet a friend and I saw a similar case where people would move in a line, move in one mob, walking from one end to the other. Maybe such small things happen a lot of times in our routine and we conveniently ignore but eventually in my two weeks stint, I did happen to notice this marvel. It felt like I have traveled to a different country altogether.

What happened to me later was when I would see signal blaring green for the cars to move and see few people yet, trying to cross, it would give me a fit of rage, as much as it gave the drivers who would honk louder than usual. Also, those few people who would just not stand on footpath and take away half the road almost blocking a sizable road for the cars to move freely and at most of the places, especially Station roads, people would consider the entire road as footpath (definitely not talking about locations where footpaths are taken over by hawkers) are no less idiots. Even if the cars would honk, they would still walk ignoring the noise but would just not start walking on the footpath.

But anyways, I liked this feeling of seeing things in order. A very small thing but some day if you go walking from Churchgate Station to D.N. Road or Horniman Circle or nearby areas, try noticing this simple marvel. I am sure you will feel good about it.