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One fine day, I came across Blogadda’s new activity which involved them sending me three clues for which I had to guess the product. The activity sounded interesting and so I signed up for it instantly. I had a clue about this being an interesting activity but Blogadda really put me to brainstorm with the way clues kept coming. The activity was to guess the product that has been made to shut Body Odour. So here’s the first clue where I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda. 😀


Does this give you any clue? No .. and the same way, I wondered if there is something like a nose clip that I would get like we have to shut snoring. But here we were certainly talking about body odour and I guess no one would use a nose clip like product.  Though at some places I’d like to but I am sure it would be rude 😛

Then comes the next day where I kept calling home from work to ask if another clue came. It came late evening after I gave up enquiring at home but as I received the box, I opened the box instantly. It tasted a lot like coffee and BAM !! I get a small gunny bag full of Coffee Beans. Oh My God .. WHAT WOULD IT BE NOW? Could it be a deodorant but then I thought, wouldn’t this marketing strategy would be for more strategic product. I started brainstorming over what other things would it be. Would it be a soap in Coffee flavour? I am sure that flavour isn’t released as yet but then again Coffee flavour? The second clue made me foolishly think of the product to be something close to Coffee. I was excited and also pissed that I wasn’t able to guess what would it be.

But hey, let’s not leave the packing aside, second day packing was cute and here you see the image below: 😀


Third day got me angry. I got no parcel and I was already dying to guess what it would be like. Waited whole day for the courier guy to come. I thought maybe I did not get for I wasn’t able to go for the Big Reveal Event on Saturday. I wish I could go for it. I was so excited but sigh, Job people have no choice L

BUT HEY HEY, the next day morning itself I received the third clue and it was a FACE MASK !!


Really? A mask, I think there would be some nose clip for sure. Although absurd, I felt like believing market to come with such stuff. Next day was the meet and I made a mental note to check twitter to know what the big reveal is. I must admit, Blogadda played it really well. So the product was Nivea Deodorizer .. A DEODORIZER? … whoa .. I liked the name though. So let me tell you about the product from the horse’s mouth …


#BanBodyOdour .. like seriously and here’s one tool now. Go take your bottle and spray it on everyone in your railway compartment or crowded bus. Hehe 😀 but honestly, I was really amused with the product. I got this product on Monday evening at my doorstep and let me tell you, it has a really soothing fragrance. Suits my taste of mild fragrance and even lasts reasonably long. So now I have a male product that can beat Body Mists that so many women use :D.

This whole guess the product from the clue, timely sending of clue, day forms to submit your tweets and facebook posts, it was entirely a well managed activity by Blogadda and the entire experience was enchanting. I really feel sad to miss the Saturday event. I wish I could but to conclude, go guys, get this deodorizer. Nivea has come with a much needed, much appreciable product.

Thank You Nivea and Blogadda, you couldn’t be caught by my investigative skills 😀 😀 .. and and and .. before I end, let me show my readers, the Nivea Deodorizer ——>


Yayyy 😀 😀