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Illustration Courtesy: Dharana Joshi

Illustration by Dharana Joshi (I probably am the upside down one)* πŸ˜›

They never said it would be easy, they only said it will be worth it !!

— Said by someone special in the morning

A hollow gap gets created — A gap that can be filled by no one and even though life moves on and eventually things start moving the way it did just like how a power restoration after a power cut renders machine to start again and work the same way, one cannot get rid of the imprints they leave after their departure.

Yesterday one of them left and then I heard about the other one leaving in a month. Last year within few months, I saw so many exits – be it for better prospects or personal obligations, to devote time to study or health issues, it always gave a strong blow to emotions. Some day if I sit and think about whom would I miss more after a phase gets over, just like School or College or Work; the first thing that always swifts across me is my work place, the place where I work as a trainee.

“Sab apne hai yaar” — “Su karya che maanas” —- “You neeeeed it !!!!!!!!!” —– “She is made” — “behrriiii” — “Gadeeb aadmi” — “kya baat kar rahe ho, mazaak toh nai kar rahe?” — “Kool Kool, Okay Okay, Maddening bro, Superb Superb” — “Chamchi, tu uski hi side le” — “The vrruuuuuvurururururururru, err .. Can you repeat slowly?” — “Tharki saala” — “Chal Marine Drive chalte hai” — “Jaoo na”Β and so many dialogues will haunt me the day I exit this firm .. At midnight, all I could recollect were these but I am sure, I will have many more dialogues coming down as comments from the ones to whom this post belongs, also if I wish I could put videos of the most epic laughters ever found in the world πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

And although, I shall have my exit only after winter of 2014, which is also a probability, I thought of getting up from the bed and giving a thankful bhaashan and a Panda Hug to everyone who has made most of the hours spent by me in past two years of my first corporate work-life. This also takes me back to my pre-articleship days when everyone told me how snobbish everyone would be in a town office or how much politics will be played or how sad CA people are and you have to just pass through this phase for 3 years, it reminds me of those times when I came for an interview and joined the firm thinking that I have to survive here, with all fear in mind to not fall prey to politics or being taken advantage of. I am so glad I haven’t landed up in a wrong organisation.

And that’s why today, in fact right now, when I am down with 2 glasses of Mango Milkshake, I would want to give a tight panda hug – the one that is so tight that makes anyone choke sort of πŸ˜› – to everyone, to everyone for what they mean to me, be it a brief moment shared i.e. with seniors like Guru of Gurus – Β Sir Wilfred Chettiar πŸ˜€ and the smart and calm Yuvraj Gharat or the sweet and teddy-like Amit Pithadia whom I keep meeting at Blogger Meets now or not so brief moment but amazing moments and time spent with great seniors like the Angelic and the great man Mitanshu Jain or the always laughing and making others laugh Amit Mallavat and Rohan Pathak :P, the one whom I always sat and irritated – Sweta Sanghavi or the glowy, silent or talkative and forever “feeling cold” sisters – Shubhalaxmi Bambarkar and Mayuri Rahate, One liner cracker, poet and Superwoman – Anisha Parikh and Yasmin Khan who laughs on sad jokes and shows a straight face on proper or better jokes where everyone would feel like laughing πŸ˜› – the most charismatic Vaibhavkumar Rai and the fast speaker but slow eater Tasneem Mukadam or the forever chirpy Khushboo Ruia. To tech-savvy and -get-any-gadget-and-get-it-repaired- guy Jigar Dhanani or the philosophe, idealistic, opinionated but too talkative Haresh Kanuga πŸ˜€ , to the guy knowing the best hindi – Ajay Jha to jolly good fellow twin brothers Sagar and Sahil, to our very own PCG Rocks MAHNN Brijesh Kothari and if seniors are done; to my clan of co-articles comprising of the Seedha Saadha Raj Raychura and Mr. Smart – Ruchit Kothari. πŸ˜€

A tighter hug to 3 people with whom I have spent the best days on and off Office hours – Harsh Kundnani (Writer, finance guy, foodie and moody), Abhas Lohani (foodie, happy go lucky chap and the most chilled out guy I have ever met) and Shriniwas Shakli (He is one Chalta-firta Google – Need more description?) :D. A hug also to the ones who left, leaving a deep scar, making my half the year of third year college travel from college to office – alone – Mayur Dedhia (the cutest guy with the best laughter) and Payal Panchani (the cutest girl with the best laughter) 😦 and Bhavya Vora with whom I had some weird and stressful stays at Pune and Vidhi Trivedi who stayed back as my college friend more than office friend, Divya Sahu – whom I called Daffy for she was just like Baby Loony toons – Daffy !! πŸ˜€

A Panda Hug to the Man with a Plan – Aakash Doshi, the serious guy who has a completely different personality of his own – Amey Loke, the Faaaaccckk Dude, Crazzyyy and fastest eater – Somil Shah, to Siddhesh whose fridge has the best breakfast ever πŸ˜› and the man with Zombie walk and Zombie laugh (You can see Go Goa Gone movie to catch him on screen) πŸ˜› To BP – Bhavya Patwa who is amazing to talk to and Amod Jain with whom I have the crazziest of time – be it Audit or staying at office or hogging food, to Brijesh Amlani who comes to office whenever he is bored from leave πŸ˜› to the silent, Sata Savitra looking Prateek Gandhi who is completely different if given a chance to speak, to the cutest baby – Mustufa Dhankot, looking at whom, anyone would feel like adopting him πŸ˜› to Prakaaaasshh Triklani – our Pakya who carries the best stressed up poses. To Tushar Kothari Β – The man with action, the man with high aims; to Aakanksha Bohra – our very own ranter, cribber and case-taker who also has the most neat tuition notes I have ever seen πŸ˜› , to Diksha Kishnani- A surprise package (Can’t describe in few words type girl) but one of the best friend I have in Office, Nikita Nevgi who will sing away her words and Khushbu Shah who will laugh away her words πŸ˜› Also to the newbies with whom I haven’t spent much time – The Tech Savvy Shreeda Chandarana or the girl with a very pretty, cute & innocent face – Niyati Parekh, to my Recess Cartoon Lover Brother – Karan Somaiya with whom I have the best conversation that lands us to memory lanes of legendary cartoons, to the ones whom I have met once or twice but haven’t known much about – Disha, Liezel Fernandes, Ravi Bopara-Shastri-Rampaul-Shankar-Kishan-Shriniwasan, Sagar Chaurasya, Sumer More and Henal Shah πŸ˜€

Β Alright, if in case anything sounded offensive, don’t report to bosses or something, it is just that I am bad at short descripions of people πŸ˜›Β 

but I hope you’ll got the feel πŸ˜‰

Thanks a lot everybody for never letting this tedious profession and hectic work life seem boring.

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images