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There is nothing more appalling than to be guided in the wrong direction

— Maulik Doshi




So rightly said, We bring technology to life for you – the tagline of Reliance Digital Store which has now opened at various places in the country giving a cut throat competition to famous Technology and Gadget Stores like Chroma, Vijay Sales, Soni Moni and Alfa. In the City of Mumbai itself, there are more than 14 stores spread out in every zone so as to give access to anyone who feels the thirst to quench itself with a new technology or replace with a better one.

Last Sunday I happen to visit one of the store at Infinity 2, also at the recommendation of,  with an intention at the back of my mind to purchase a new Nokia Lumia 720 accompanying a friend, Harsh Kundnani who apparently was looking out for a laptop to buy. Although we did not get a Goodie Bag as promised by Indiblogger but we did have a very useful, knowledgeable and a nice experience going there. Since I am asked about experience, I’d state it under few categories which I feel would be helpful for a layman:-


  • Store Location:-

Reliance Digital is located on the second floor of Infinity 2, a place which has amazing shops besides it along with a fabulous food court offering a lot of cuisines. It is not even difficult to reach Infinity 2 if you are travelling by any public transport as the traffic does not clog as much as it does near Infinity 1. If you are visiting this particular store, keep yourself free for few more hours as after hopping out of the store, you might want to hop in at different apparel stores or just relax at food court and pamper your stomach.


  • Store Ambience:-

The store is huge with Book Store and Music Store adjoining the last zone of the store. It has different sections for different categories of Gadgets but not different brands. The advantage which you will get from this is that whenever you are checking out a particular phone of a particular brand, you may not have to go to a different section for comparison between two phones or more of different brands. All the smartphones of the same price bracket are displayed with a working model together. You may use there, compare with different brand of phone kept besides it and get a proper information.


  • Store Hospitality:-

From the Manager of the store to the executives to sales persons to the guard who handles your bag and stands at the entry; you will find everyone with a smile which will make you feel good. They are courteous and gentle in their approach, the way they conversate and the way they put forth their helping hand when you seem in doubt. It is not difficult to find anyone being occupied as someone or the other will be right besides you, all ready to get bothered and get your doubts cleared. Even if they know you are not going to buy, it will not deter them to act pricey in front of you. They will behave the same way, they would do to a purchasing customer.


  • Store’s Information Hub:-

Every personnel that you will find in the store is aware of all the information that you may seek for the devices they look for. In case you happen to ask a wrong person; you won’t find him giving you a wrong information but you will definitely see him seeking the right person for you at earliest or get you engrossed in other things while he gets the appropriate help for you.

Also, they will provide you with a proper theses of the details of any gadget you need to know. This makes you sure that the staff at the store is well informed, well trained and well aware.


  • Store Collection:-

You will not only find phones worth 45k but also the ones worth 1k or less. Not only phones, but also Laptops, Cameras, PlayStations, Home and Kithcen Appliances and Home Theatres and all types of gadgets. This gives you a wide range of variety in different price to chose from. They accept all kinds of cards and that only makes you want to buy everything at that moment itself.


  • Overall Experience:-

Overall experience at Reliance Digital, Infinity 2 was amazing. I finally could find a proper differentiation between Nokia Lumia 720 and Nokia Lumia 820 which helped me in my purchase decision. I was very comfortable with the service that they provided and would definitely recommend this shop to be tried out before making any purchase. If not purchase, this store is definitely to give you a good rendezvous to the gadget or accessory you always yearned for.


You can find more information about Reliance Digital Stores at their website

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger’s “Reliance Digital – Happiness in Store” Experience