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And here we are; Just when, we all thought, that only middle east netas, rajas and our Indian babus only have stupid reasons to justify rape that according to them happens only because of a woman’s fault, that she was flirting, or drinking or wearing revealing clothes, here we have Mr. Richard Mourdock, Indiana Republican claiming “Pregnancy after rape is what God Intended”

In one of the debates held recently, Richard Mourdock, candidate for US Senate in Indiana claimed that while rape was itself horrible, pregnancies resulting from it should be accepted by the woman as God’s will.

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This takes a step further and it won’t be long when some of our babu will also claim something on these lines as copying Americans is like a fashion in Asia. Although, I don’t propagate abortion out here, I ask a question, that why shouldn’t a women, be it any, have full rights to her body? Rapists don’t carry condoms along and hence, Pregnancy happens. This certainly doesn’t make it God-Intended. God doesn’t send Rapists to bring life on earth.

One thing which our society clearly teaches is, “Don’t get Raped”, rather than “Don’t Rape”. How wonderful it would be, if every parent nurtures their son in a way that they are themselves repulsed by rape. Why can’t we change the blame from the victim to the perpetrator?

I don’t even voice any opinion like the life should be killed as it is caused by a Rape. Even that decision should be left to the woman who has suffered through a rapist (Sorry, I can’t even call him MAN). Rape itself is anti-life who kills the person from inside and leaves deep scars throughout their lives, in most of the cases rendering her incapable of loving or living happily and independently and then comes Mr. Richard Mourdock who is reported to have said, “I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

As rightly said by Ms. Karuna John of Tehelka, while writing about the same topic and Khaap leaders who always seem to have come with the most stupid decisions of justice and who are the most lively male chauvinists of our Country; “Dear khaap elders, how about demanding that rape be a zero tolerance crime? How about demanding that rapists be given the strictest of punishment? How about demanding that the victim be helped to heal? This might actually make for good publicity. Or would you rather that someone like this American politician Richard Mourdock come over and share his wise views over a hookah at the village square with you? While you are at it, why not invite the Taliban and they will share their bright ideas on women, rape and other things you all seem to be experts at.”

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Meanwhile, let’s wait for the political corrections which Mr. Mourdock will speak out sooner of  later, as I am sure, his folly won’t go well with at least sensible people.

and yes, Mr. Richard – Rape is not God-willed, Please.