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“Permits the fare hike with a caveat that autos and taxis will provide good services to passengers”

    —— Mr. Prithviraj Chavan (Chief Minister)


                 And here we have, another fare hike, third within a year. The Auto fares and Taxi fares have inflated from Rs. 12 to Rs. 15 and Rs. 2 in case of taxis. Apparently, this one comes without any fuss. Without any useless hoodlum by the Unions of both the transports, or strike or anything. There is one of this stupid Hakim Committee, who submits a stupid calculation taking in mind rising cost inflation index which does not affect common man at all according to him, which is too evident.

                The most funny thing is, Mr. Prithviraj Chavan says that good services will be provided to passengers and today itself, I was turned down by 7 rickshaw wallahs. The fare hike is at one place, but then who will look into the tampered meters? Half or more than half have not been converted even to electronic meters and then, I already hear people saying, if you put a magnet over electronic meter, the meter runs. The corruption increases at one end, whereas the expenses at other. The Government works for the rich class and the unions get the work done for low class as they will Vote and elect them. What about middle class? The class that works and runs the country?

               How will a middle class man vote, because he won’t get voting card on time, whereas the entire procedure makes him run here and there. Where will middle class common man go and form his own cartel? This is one of the most unorganized group, where will they have unions? Do they have time for that? They have to fill stomach of their family, save money for further expenses. Basically, no one thinks about that class as they are of no benefits. They selflessly or selfishly work. Selflessly as they will work work work, which increases economy of the country. They run businesses which helps the country grow. They pay taxes which leads to development of civic amenities. Selfishly because they do everything just to feed their families. However, all the efforts are in some way or other, made for country’s development. The working class, the common man.

              I am not discriminating or bifurcating classes here. This has been since ages. There are housing projects and innumerable other type of projects for poor, and the rich will bribe and get their work done by the Government. Who suffers in the end, is only the middle class man. The one with no organized cartel or common interest group. The one without time.

              Keeping this aside, who is now going to fight for us? cover us? keep the promise made to us that better services shall be provided? Who will take care that meter tampering doesn’t happen? Who will control further hike in prices of consumables which will also increase since transport costs increased? Who will increase the frequency of buses? Who will increase frequency of trains? Who will facilitate smooth transport? Problem free roads? Risk free traffic? and the answer is NO ONE.

              And again, after a few more days, these rickshawwallahs and taxiwallahs will demand hike. Again, it shall be hiked, and we will suffer. We will suffer because we don’t have time to fight. We won’t fight because the Government mechanism makes the life hell of the one who wants to fight for justice. We won’t fight because if we dare to, the plaintiff’s house will be stoned or put fire to by the defendants. We won’t fight for us, survival is more important than anything else.

I am sure, there are more debates and discussions over how much a poor man suffers, for which I will be emotionally made to lose the opinion of middle class suffering. But as a whole, in a city like Bombay (now, Mumbai), please keep your eyes open for the reality.

—— Some of the BBM Statuses and Twitter tweets I read on hike today ————-

“Soon, Autowallahs will buy a sea facing apartment” —— Ketki Barfiwala 😀

“Hey people who pronounce “ask” as “aks”, with the fare hike, at least they will get it right when they will try to say, “risk mat le, bhaari padega”” – One of the tweet 😀

“Auto Rickshaw fare today is expensive than a stock price of Kingfisher Airline .. Time time ki baat hai mere dost” — Mili Shah’s Broadcast 😀

— Well, most of the tweets abuses everything and everyone involved there. Hahaahhaa 😛

————————————————————————- I wish, Humans had wings 😛 #BhaariMehengai

                                                                                                          — Maulik Doshi